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The Best 10 HD Screen Recorder for Windows and Mac

feature hd screen recorderMost TikTokers, Gamers, YouTubers, and Broadcasters all want accessible multimedia processing tools to make their page famous and to have more followers on their social media accounts. It's either they need video recording, live streaming, webcam, screenshot integration, and of course, a better and useful screen recorder if you want to create a high-quality video. However, not all screen recorders that you can find online are good and working properly. Fortunately, we tested the best HD screen recorders that you may use. Continue reading this article to reveal the effective screen recorders you can use on your Windows and Mac computers.

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Best 5 HD Screen Recorder for Windows

Many screen records are on the Internet; most of them are trial and online. This section will show you some of the screen recorders that you may use on your Windows.

1. AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

Our first HD screen recorder for Windows is Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium. It is one of the best tools for digital users looking for HD screen capture the screen and webcam. This software is best for making video tutorials, presentations, and a lot more. Besides, it is suitable for recording live streams on the web, recording webinars, skype videos, video calls, and more. Aside from that, it has a task schedule option wherein you can schedule your task anytime you want. Plus, it can record your computer screen for up to 4K quality if available.

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2. Bandicam

Next on our list is Bandicam. It is an HD video capture software developed by Bandisoft. It enables you to record and capture your display screen for up to 4K quality if available. Also, it can record a particular area of your desktop screen and via webcam. Aside from that, it lets you record gameplays for up to 120 frames per second without compromising anything. It is because it uses high compression software. Moreover, it consists of various file formats, such as PNG, JPG, and BMP. However, there is no Mac version for Bandicam. If you like Bandicam similar software for Mac, you can refer to Bandicam Mac alternative.


3. Camtasia

Camtasia is a well-known professional recording software because it provides a powerful editor to edit your screen recording video. This HD video recorder lets you create different kinds of videos, such as tutorials, presentations, and a lot more via screencast. Besides, you can record the screen in HD quality along with audio without affecting its quality. Moreover, this tool has no limitations when recording the screen. That means you can register as long as you want. Plus, it has a user-friendly interface wherein its UI controls are understandable. In addition to that, this screen recorder also available on a mobile device like Android.


4. Camstudio

Another tool that you can use to record HD videos on Windows is Camstudio. It is one of the famous screen recorders that help you record all the activities on your desktop screen, regardless of watching movies, playing games, video conferences, and more. With the use of Camstudio, you can do all of these without the need of others. Besides, this tool adds anti-aliased and high-quality to your screen recordings in seconds, along with the unique video annotation feature.


5. LiteCam HD

An additional tool that helps you capture your Windows video screen is LiteCam HD. This screen recorder allows you to record your screen and even live streaming while keeping the video's original HD quality. It is also best to do video tutorials because it can also record your mouse and cursor activity. And for your convenience, it also lets you select the region of your recording, such as capturing only a specific window or area or record in full-screen mode.

hd screen recorder litecam mac

Best 5 HD Screen Recorder for Mac

It isn't easy to find an HD quality screen recorder for Mac since most of them are for Windows and Mobile devices. No worries, this time, we will show you some of the useful HD screen recorders for Mac computers.

1. Movavi

One of the Best HD Screen Recorders for Mac that you can use is Movavi. It can record your Mac screen activities, including Skype chats with friends, program tutorials, and many more. You can also capture an HD screen activity then save it into different file formats such as MOV, MP4, MKV, MP3, GIF, and more. Besides, you can record any online video regardless of when it's playing, just set the timer and schedule your Mac computer to shut down after it finishes recording.



  • Its free version offers access to complete features.

  • There is a watermark on its output for free version.

2. Acethinker Online Screen Recorder

Another excellent Mac HD screen recorder that you can use online is Acethinker Online Screen Recorder. It is a web-based screen recorder that consists of versatile features to record your Mac screen computer activities. One of the best things about this tool is that it enables you to record videos as long as you want without worrying about the recording time limit. Aside from that, this online screen recorder offers different kinds of videos with HD quality for up to 4K if available.



  • It has annotation tools perfect for giving recording Mac screen for tutorial or for putting notes.
  • You can instantly share your screen records on YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, and Dorpbox.

  • Though it can be high definition screen recorder, the video output format it offers is MP4 alone.

3. OBS studio

To help you record HD videos in just one click, use OBS studio. It is a screen recorder like Bandicam but stuffed with great features such as cropping and trimming videos. You can record your computer screen activities and the sound from your computer or microphone for up to 1080p resolution through OBS studio. Furthermore, it allows you to record broadcasting, podcasting, tutorial videos, and live streaming videos without any limitations.



  • In addition to that, it has useful features to choose from, such as smooth transitions, chat addition, filters, and more.

  • Its interface is too technical which is confusing for not tech-savvy users.

4. Quicktime

Quicktime is a built-in screen recorder for Mac computers wherein it enables you to record all the activities on your Mac screen computer and the audio. Plus, it allows you to play movies or any local videos on Mac and record them without affecting their original quality. Besides, it lets you record gameplay on your Mac screen, and it provides you with up to 1080p quality video. Aside from recording gameplay, you can also record tons of videos like video tutorials, live streams, and more.



  • It has a user-friendly interface.

  • Since this is a media player by default, it has a limited editing and recording features.

5. VLC Player

We all know that VLC is one of the best multimedia players. Meanwhile, if you think it is just about playing video and previewing images, this tool also serves as a free HD screen recorder you can consider if you are still looking for a more convenient recorder especially if you already have this app installed on your Mac PC.


  • It is also good as an HD game recorder for gameplay and recording live streaming.

  • It’s not that a powerful tool as a recorder unlike with the other recording tools mentioned.

hd screen recorder vlc mac

FAQs of HD Screen Recorder

How Do I Record My Screen in HD?

You can always use the best HD screen recorders available on the Internet, like AceThinker Screen Gabber Premium. This app lets you record your screen in HD up to 4K and gives you options to edit it during the recording with its annotation tools. This 4K screen recorder is easy to use and install, perfect for capturing a live stream, gameplay, webinar, and more.

How Do I Record My Screen in 1080p?

You can have your output in 1080P by using AceThinker Screen Gabber Premium. This easy to install recorder can record your screen up to 1080P output, which you can upload instantly on Youtube or Google Drive.

What is HD Video Recording?

HD video recording is a media file that captures over 480 vertical scan lines. Also, an output having a high-definition quality is perfect for large-screen viewing because of its clarity and sharpness. Additionally, this kind of video is best for editing and converting it to another format, unlike the standard video resolution.

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