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The Ultimate List of Video Streaming Gaming Websites

game streaming siteVideo game streaming websites have undoubtedly become one of the fastest emerging industries in the world. Games like Dota2, League of Legends, Mobile Legends, Call of Duty, and any game you could think of has an online stream. It involves online watchers, streamers, gamers, game creators, and many more people who do it for a living. As a binge-watcher for online games or whenever you keep track of a team or a player does online game streaming, these video game streaming websites will help you with that. Furthermore, this addiction to games doesn't create a negative impact but makes you earn big money. You can actually do a stream and make it a profession. Today, I will help you list down the best of the best video game streaming sites to keep track of everything in regards to your video game streaming needs.

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Twitch is one of the best video game streaming websites made initially for live streaming. It functions as a dedicated gaming website where you can live stream gameplay, chat and message other users, announce products, and follow your favorite streamer or broadcaster for free. This website is the best video game streaming website. You can start your streaming career because it caters to all of the games you could ever play. Moreover, famous players from different games and regions use Twitch as their gaming community. From here, you can watch Live gameplay of Dota 2, LoL, CS GO, and a lot more. On the other hand, subscribing to a channel requires a membership fee of $4.99 monthly. Also, you can start your online streaming and earn money on your own. Twitch is a free commentary website where everything is live and online, meaning you should be ready with gaming violence and rude commentary. I think almost all websites are, right? You can use a Twitch clip downloader to save Twitch game videos for watching offline.

twitch interface

YouTube Gaming

Youtube is the most popular and dominating video streaming website for all kinds of content, including gaming. If you are an aspiring streamer who wants to start a game streaming career, Youtube Gaming is the best video game website you can depend on. Youtube has a gaming tab wherein it shows all live streaming, live gaming so that watchers and followers can search for a game they want or keep track of their idolized streamer. Furthermore, suppose we are talking about the interface. In that case, Youtube Gaming has a simplified interface making it easy to use and provides a faster watching process. Kids at any age use Youtube's interface and watch videos with their everyday lives; what more does a game streamer do. On the other hand, Youtube Gaming is free to use regarding the price, making it a classic and open application.

youtubegaming interface

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming, the same as Youtube Gaming, contains many contents, and gaming became a significant contributor. Facebook Gaming is best for beginners who want to start their streaming career. The process is straightforward. The first is to create a page with your friends on Facebook and the game community on Facebook. Second, install Streamlabs or any other software that will be for video recording. Lastly, you can start streaming the action live as you play the game. At the same time, you can engage with the audience, your friends, and fellow gamers. Also, you can monetize your views or you can earn money through "star sending". The watcher will give you stars and then you can collect them and turn them into cash. This website has the most significant population of watchers and followers, making it perfect for newbie streamers. The price is free. The tool is easy to use. It is indeed an ideal platform for a gamer who wants to start a career in the game streaming industry.

facebookgaming interface

Gosu gamers

"Gosu" is a Korean term used to refer to a highly skilled person or a leader. With that being said, this next website that we are reviewing is basically has something to do with esports. Gosu gamers website is a platform wherein it focuses on pro gaming streams. This website includes Teams of different nationalities, tournaments, matches, rankings, and many more. Also, it comes with pro games such as Dota2, League of Legends, CS GO, Overwatch, Starcraft 2, and more. If you are a person who loves to keep track of esports pro gaming tournaments and matches, this is the perfect website for you. Moreover, the Gosu gamers platform provides hot Esport news, updating your favorite teams and players. Watch and create game streams with a different level with the Gosu gamers website.

gosugamers interface


Dlive is one of the best video game websites you can use for streaming your games or follow your favorite streamers. DLive is a video game website that contains a straightforward interface. The Homepage of the website shows all of the games that are included on the website, then you can enter that room and watch live streams. Furthermore, you can use your Streaming account with Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch to sign in to Dlive as it supports those platforms. To add, there is a point system that Dlive offers. Lemon points are passed onto another, which equals 0.012 USD, making you earn money. The more lemons your watchers give, the more money you earn. Yes, Dlive doesn't have many watchers for now, but statistics are formulated, and the watcher population grows more each day. You can start your streams with Dlive and grow with it.

dlive interface


Bigo Live is a free app that lets users make vlogs and Livestream their game activities. Like other video streaming websites, Bigo Live live streamers receive live commentary from other users. The app users can also earn up to $1000 a month by doing tasks or targets on time. For example, you have a specific number of viewers to hit, then you achieved it, then it will be turned into money. If you are a famous streamer, the followers can send you virtual gifts to encash and make them money. Bigo Live is one of the lists because it is a video streaming website that quickly and simply provides the basic features. With its easy-to-use interface, It's effortless to navigate and offers a wide range of live game streams such as Dota2, LoL, Valorant, etc. Furthermore, Bigo Live gives you as well updates of the latest showbiz news through regions and countries. It is a complete setup perfect for people who want to showcase their talents and earn money at the same time. Check the best Bigo screen recorder to record Bigo Live video.

bigolive interface

InstaGib TV

InstaGib TV is a video game streaming website that is independent and doesn't need an installation of special streaming software. Also, gamers can record their videos and HD quality stream on the platform. The website offers a VIP account and plays without limits for $25 USD. The website also contains different popular games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, etc. You can start your career here as well in becoming a game streamer. Furthermore, InstaGib TV, like any other video game website, lets you earn a large amount of money once you become famous. Just like Twitch, it offers an interactive live chat window to talk with the viewers and fans.

instagibtv interface

Dailymotion Games

Dailymotion Games is a gaming video streaming site that lets gamers watch and make live and recorded videos. Like Youtube Gaming, Dailymotion Gaming is a part of the website Dailymotion that contains many different contents. From toddlers' videos to adult content. Dailymotion gaming captures and finds game content from all over the world. This website is perfect for gamers who want to be famous and make money while enjoying their favorite games. There are about 3 million users every month that watch the site—making it perfect for beginners. Dailymotion Games will surely help you with your video streaming needs, either watch or play.

dailymotiongames interface

All of the video gaming streaming websites included on the list are the best of the best websites you can use to watch, follow, and create your own streaming page. You can choose any of these websites that will match your needs.

Twitch YouTube Gaming Facebook Gaming Gosu gamers
Need to sign up to watch No No No No
In app purchases No No No No
User-Friendly Yes Yes Yes Yes
Games catered Dota2, LoL, CSGo, COD, AmongUS, and more. Dota2, LoL, CSGo, COD, AmongUS, and more. Dota2, LoL, CSGo, COD, AmongUS, and more. Dota2, LoL, CSGo, COD, AmongUS, and more.
Dlive BigoLive InstaGib TV Dailymotion Gaming
Need to sign up to watch Yes Yes Yes Yes
In app purchases No Yes Yes Yes
User-Friendly Yes Yes No No
Games catered Dota2, LoL, CSGo, COD, AmongUS, and more. Dota2, LoL, CSGo, COD, AmongUS, and more. Dota2, LoL, CSGo, COD, AmongUS, and more. Dota2, LoL, CSGo, COD, AmongUS, and more.
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