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A Complete Info and Steps about FBX Game Recorder

feature fbx game recorder It might be an excellent way to record and share your games with your buddies. People consume a lot of time sharing videos online, so users would consider ways to include videos in their games. This software is available for those who enjoy playing video games that satisfy their wants and gaming habits entirely. An extremely user-friendly screen recorder known as FBX is a well-liked tool that is best suited for recording computer gameplays out of all the fantastic playtime screen recorders readily available online. The FBX game recorder will be a helpful tool for players who want to share a video of a memorable scene from their most recent video game with a friend who doesn't have a connection to it. Read this article's highlighted details to learn about gameplay recorders like FBX.

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Why is the FBX Game Recorder so Popular?

FBX Screen Recorder is a well-known gaming recorder since it allows users to record games for various uses, including producing video or online posts. It can also be utilized for gaming competitions where competitors submit videos of themselves playing the game in an effort to win rewards. It is intended that more and more gamers will use the game screen recorder to produce content about their favorite games as the popularity of the video game business rises. It will make Youtube and other video-sharing websites excellent resources for individuals looking to learn more about the most recent games. This FBX screen recorder has a large number of users. It has capabilities that can produce high-quality video recordings, which is why it is such a well-liked gameplay recorder.

reasons why is the fbx game recorder so popular

How to Record Gameplay with FBX Screen Recorder?

User Group: Users who desire a quick and easy way to record gaming are recommended to use it.
Top Feature: It lets you stream video games to Twitch and Youtube even when you're recording.

An FBX recorder may be a lot of fun to use while making excellent video content for your gaming. You can record in-game action from various video games without any ads or background noise. For those new to game recording, the tool is an official gameplay recorder that can record oculus quest 2 gameplay and more. With its simple user interface, FBX lets you enable audio and webcam to create an instant clip with HD resolution. An essential video editing feature is provided by the tool. However, you may want to record and share your video online. In that case, the FBX game recorder will allow you to save your recorded game clips and share them online quickly. If you like to know more about the FBX recording process, follow the steps below.

User Guide:

  • Open your computer web browser and search for FBX game recorder to download. Click the provided download button of the program and wait until it is downloaded. Then, run the installation wizard to have the tool finally and proceed to the account registration process.
  • Once you have created an account, log in and see the software's main interface. Navigate to the “Setting” to select all the recording options you need before starting. You can modify the video, audio, webcam, and more options. Moreover, you can also stream to Twitch or YouTube by creating an account from the settings.
  • Lastly, prepare the video gameplay you want to capture and press “Ctrl + F12” to start the recording. Hit the “F8” button if you need to pause the recording. You can stop the recording anytime by pressing the same “Ctrl + F12” button, and the windows page for saving clips will then show. You can edit and save the video to your local computer.

record gameplay with fbx screen recorder

FBX Alternative to Capture Gameplay on Windows/Mac

1. AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

User Group: It is best for users who want a personalized gameplay recording that lets you save file output to multiple formats like MP4, FLV, AVI, and more.
Top Feature: You can automatically record gameplay using the “Task Scheduler” feature of the tool.

Video gameplay is more exciting when the content has been improved and customized. If you want a professional-like gameplay recorder, you must look for an alternative tool. Creating video content for your game can be more fun if you add annotations, text, shapes, callouts, and more real-time customization features. To do so, use Screen Grabber Premium. This software is a complete-package gameplay recorder. It enables all aspiring gamers to create a perfect video of their games with a high-quality video. The tool has a functional video recorder that contains system sounds and a microphone as an audio source. It enables users to capture the entire computer screen or drag a specific part of it. Additionally, you can also use the webcam to record yourself playing video games; you can click here to discover. There is a recording setting that helps users modify their recording needs, including the file format, quality, frame rate, and more. To experience its full advantage, read the given steps on this page.

Step 1 Acquire the Alternative FBX Recorder

Get AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium by clicking the download button above. Choose the correct download button that matches your computer OS. Then, click the downloaded file twice and follow the process of installation. Once done, open the program and see its main interface.

Step 2 Choose Game Recorder

Select the “Game Recorder” from the main interface of the tool. The following window for Game Recording will load on the screen with a dialogue box for administrator permission. Afterward, hit “Select Game” and choose the gameplay window you wish to capture. Press the “OK” button to get your option and proceed to another recording setting.

choose game recorder

Step 3 Finalize Game Recording Options

Pick the Audio source you want to use. You can enable both system sounds and a microphone to capture sounds. You can also enable the webcam and place it anywhere on your screen. Then, go to the tool’s settings by clicking the “Gear” icon. The recording preferences window will show, and you can have all the selections for the recording option you like. Choose your preferred file format, quality, and frame rate from the drop-down menus. Make sure you have clicked the “OK” button after to save all the changes.

Step 4 Start and Save the Game Recording

When you’re ready to record your game, click the “REC'' button on the right. Also, you can press the “Ctrl+Alt+R” hotkey button to begin and end the recording based on your choice. Lastly, you can watch your recordings from the new window screen after you stop the recording process. The tool allows you to trim the length of your recorded gameplay by moving the slider below. Click export to see the list of your recorded file and choose the “Share” button if you like to upload your file on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and more.

start and save the game recording

2. Xbox Gamebar

User Group: It is recommended for users who want to capture gameplay on their windows computer without installing third-party applications.
Top Feature: It lets you have customizable keyboard shortcuts to experience video recording quickly.

The Xbox game bar is undoubtedly a valuable tool for players. It makes it simple for you to record gameplay events, which is excellent for sharing with friends or producing professional tutorial videos. Unfortunately, Windows users who don't have Windows 10 can't utilize the Xbox gaming bar because it's only accessible to those who have it. While there is other screen recording software available, the Xbox Gamebar is one of the only devices that also has a built-in microphone which allows you to capture not only video but also sound from your game. However, some innovative solutions let you use the game bar even if you don't have Windows 10 installed (for instance, you may use the screen recording feature that comes with Windows 7).

User Guide:

  • Prepare the gameplay you want to record on your Windows computer. When you like to record using the Xbox game bar, hit the “Windows Key + G'' on your computer keyboard. The recorder toolbar will show at the upper part of your screen.
  • When you like to start the recording, enable the Microphone if you need to record your voice and tick the “Record” icon to begin the recording countdown. The recording will run in the background without disturbing advertisements. You can pause and stop the recording anytime you like.
  • Stop the gameplay recording by pressing the red ‘top button or clicking the “Windows Key+Alt+R” on your computer’s keyboard. The program will save all the recorded videos directly on your local computer as an MP4 file.

fbx game recorder gamebar xbox gamebar

3. NVIDIA ShadowPlay

User Group: It is best for users who want to record, broadcast live, and have an instant play of their gameplay.
Top Feature: It provides a window that allows users to monitor the system latency, average FPS, mouse latency, and more.

If you enjoy playing video games, you know the importance of recording gameplay for later viewing or ranking points to your peers. But what if you lack a gaming computer or a pricey capture card? Now introduce NVIDIA ShadowPlay.Without any additional hardware, you can use the free ShadowPlay software to record any game in high definition at 60 frames per second. You can use ShadowPlay to capture gaming clips, create videos of your in-game adventures, and broadcast your games live to an online audience. The best part is that recording games on your PC don't require additional hardware or wires. All you need is a GeForce graphics card and the free ShadowPlay program.

User Guide:

  • Visit the official webpage of the Nvidia screen recorder and download its software. Run the installation file on your computer. Follow the dialogue box for instructions to launch the program finally. Once done, open the game recorder to set up your recording needs.
  • Set the recording mode you need. Select the “Record” mode and modify the recording. you want. You can select parameters like video quality, resolution, frame rate, and more. A web camera is also available if you want to capture yourself while recording gameplay.
  • Save all your selected parameters to save the changes. Then, start your gameplay and begin the recording by manually calling out Nvidia Share. If you want to end the screen recording, press the “Stop” recording button. Lastly, you can save all gameplay recorded files to social media sites.

fbx game recorder nvidia

4. OBS Recorder

User Group: It is recommended for gamers who like to have a game streaming online while recording their gameplay simultaneously.
Top Feature: This tool allows customization of the gameplay video screen by adding images and using the green screen from the sources.

The OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio) game recorder is a helpful tool for sharing games with friends. OBS Studio is distinctive from other tools because it has a wide range of features that can be customized to meet any user's needs. Its screen recording functionality has three leading roles: recording, streaming, and video editing. With the help of the tool, you may videotape your gameplay, add commentary, and share it with friends online. You may quickly and rapidly record your computer screens and videos with the free, open-source screen recorder OBS. It is versatile and straightforward to use, making it an excellent choice for novice screen casters and professional content creators. You'll need a computer and a screen to record on, which is the perfection of OBS.

User Guide:

  • Download the OBS screen recorder. Select the correct download button suitable for your computer operating system. Run the installation wizard and follow the given instruction. Proceed with the process until the tool successfully launches on your device.
  • Open its main interface and start setting up the recording. Typically, the program automatically generates a Scene once the tool has launched. Otherwise, you can click on the plus “+” icon from the “Scene” docks.
  • Proceed to the “Sources” and "Plus" icons to select “Display Capture” from the list of options. Once done, select your preferences from the sources. Go to the setting and select all your recording requirements. Lastly, press the “Start Recording” button on the Control docks.

fbx game recorder obs recorder

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is FBX Game Recorder free to use?
If you would like to record footage of your gaming without cost, you can utilize the FBX free trial version. You can record brief video clips of your game using the trial version. In any other case, upgrade to the app's premium version to gain access to all of the available sophisticated recording features and make an ongoing video of your games whenever you want.
2. Does the FBX game recorder have a watermark?
Yes, your video will come with a watermark. However, you can use the application without asking for a new account or logging in to record any gameplay you desire. As a result, you must subscribe to a Pro account to use its premium version and save your recorded recordings without watermarks. To do that, select your preferred subscription plan by clicking the "Upgrade button" in the tool's upper-left corner. The FBX recording experience you have purchased is now available to be used.
2. Can I use an FBX recorder for a low-end PC?
The FBX video recorder is built to record any gameplay suitable for both high and low-end PCs on the market nowadays. It is a popular game recorder that has a simple and user-friendly interface that is perfectly designed for all video game streamers and content creators who need a high-quality output of videos on their Windows screen without any hassle.

Comparison Chart

Tools Recording Dimension Price Supported Output
Screen Grabber Premium It allows a Full-screen and Custom mode recording $29.95 per year MP4, FLV, AVI, and more.
FBX game recorder It allows Full-screen recording $19 per year MP4
Xbox Gamebar It allows full-screen recording Free MP4
Nvidia Shadowplay recorder It allows full-screen recording $24.99 per year MP4, AVI, MOV, and MKV
OBS It allows full-screen recording Free MP4, FLV, MOV, MKV, and more.
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