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Top 7 Facecam and Screen Recorder for All Platforms

featured facecam recorderFacecam is a camera where you can focus your face and shoulder on recording and streaming gameplay. It lets the camera catch the player's reactions, which is more attractive to the viewers. Besides, you can use it to attend online meetings via video call or talk face-to-face with your family and friends. The live recording of the face in an online video is instrumental when playing online games with audio narration. Nowadays, many gamers want to put their face in the corner of the gameplay for doing video tutorials. You can share it with their social media sites like YouTube, and it attracts people to follow or view their page. We have tested some of the best facecam recorders that you may use. Let's check them out below.

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Best Facecam Recorder for Windows/Mac

AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is an excellent and reliable screen recorder for Facecam. A Facecam and screen recorder allows you to record in full-screen, region mode, and webcam. Also, it can record the system sound, microphone, or both for narrations. You can also put annotations like shapes, lines, arrows, and texts to enhance the recording. Aside from that, this tool has a Task Scheduler that you can automatically record your screen at a given time. To start using this tool, you can follow the steps below.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Get the Screen Grabber Premium.

First, click one of the "Download" buttons above to get its installer. Then, launch it and follow the installation guidelines to install the tool on your computer. When done, run the app to see its interface.

facecam recorder sgp step1

Step 2 Optimize the Settings.

Next, click the "Output" tab from the "Preferences." You can then choose what type of video format you want for your video before saving it. After fully optimizing the setting, you can click the "Ok" button and start recording.

facecam recorder sgp step2

Step 3 Begin recording Facecam.

To start, you can refer to the video mode section to choose if you will record in full-screen or region mode. Then, click the "Star" icon at the floating toolbar to record the screen with Facecam.

sgp start record facecam

Step 4 Play the recorded Facecam video.

Once finished, press the "Stop" button on the tool's left side to end the recording process. A window will then appear showing the recorded video. From here, hit the "Save" button located at the lower right part of the interface to save the video. Otherwise, you can hit the "re-record" button if you want to do it again.

sgp save facecam video


  • It supports up to 4K quality if available.
  • It allows you to record your screen as many as you like.
  • This 4K screen recorder for PC also lets you minimize the background noise if you record with your microphone.

  • There is a watermark on its free trial version.

Alternative Facecam Video Recorders You Can Try

1. Bandicam

If you want to record Facecam with gameplay together, Bandicam is an excellent game recorder with the face you can use. It is a powerful yet simple screen recorder that allows you to record Facecam in just one click. Also, it has let you record your entire screen and capture anything on your PC screen with an HD quality of up to 4K if available. Plus, it enables you to record audio on separate tracks, and that means your microphone and Facecam are recording on different tracks. Aside from that, you can also use this screen recorder to record gameplay and facecam simultaneously.



  • It has a multi-channel recording option wherein you can record screen and audio simultaneously.
  • It has a multi-channel recording option to record screen and audio simultaneously.

  • It is available on Windows.

2. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is a must-have in your toolkit when you need to record screen and webcam video simultaneously. It works best for program tutorials and reviews because it makes them more personal. You can also record narration via a microphone, show keystrokes, and highlight cursor movements. As for facecam recordings, you can adjust the video properties as you wish – choose the resolution, frame rate, size, and position.

facecam video recorder


  • Lightweight screen recording software.
  • Webcam recording at 1280x1024 resolution.
  • It has advanced settings for keystrokes and mouse movements.
  • It is available for Windows and Mac.

  • The free version adds a watermark to the output video.
  • You cannot record gameplay in full-screen mode.

3. Screencast-O-Matic

Next on our list is Screencast-O-Matic, a screen recorder with audio and Facecam. You can record Facecam via Webcam for up to 1080p resolution. Besides recording your screen, you can also capture your desktop screen, add a webcam, and use narration to customize your video. Plus, it enables you to record your games during the gameplay. With the help of this tool, you can record your face and computer screen simultaneously via Facecam. Besides, you can edit your videos by adding text and images to them.



  • No ads appear on the screen.
  • If available, it allows you to record your entire screen for up to 4K quality.
  • There is no limit when recording videos on the screen.

  • There is a little bit of delay when recording gameplay and video call.

4. Guvcview

OOne of the free Facecam recorders that you can use is Guvcview. It is available for Linux desktops, wherein you can record Facecam with just one click. This recorder is compatible with all V4L2 camera devices using the Linux UVC driver. Also, it can record multiple screen videos like video tutorials, presentations, and a lot more. Plus, you can record screens with HD audio quality. And, it allows you to capture and view videos without affecting their original quality. Besides recording Facecam, you can also record video calls and audio as long as you have a Webcam.



  • It has a very easy-to-understand user interface wherein you can record videos without the help of other people.

  • It is not available for Windows and Mac OS.
  • You can't record gameplay on this tool.

5. Mobizen Screen Recorder (Android)

Mobizen Screen Recorder is a screen recorder with audio and Facecam on Android devices. It is one of the most accessible Android apps with a convenient screen recorder interface. Also, it enables you to record, take screenshots, and edit the recorded video. Besides, this screen recorder allows you to record Facecam in 1080p Full HD and 60 FPS. Plus, it can record the screen along with HD audio. Likewise, you can use this app to record games from a mobile device. It allows you to add background music, intro, and outro video. To get new updates, you can visit its help center.



  • It has an option to cut and trim the recording.

  • There is a little bit of lag when recording simultaneously.

6. Go Record (iOS)

Go Record is Facecam recording software that lets you easily record gameplay and Facecam for up to 1080p resolution. Unlike the other screen recording apps, this iOS screen recorder app works like the native screen recording utility in iOS. You have to start the recording from Control Center and stop the recording from the top status bar. Besides, it helps review an app on your iPhone or iPad by adding your face to the video via Facecam. Plus, it lets you add details on the recorded video to upload it on YouTube or other social media sites.



  • It enables you to use your mic to put audio commentary.
  • It lets you record your screen from different apps like Facebook, with a reaction on Facecam.

  • There is a limited time for recording the screen, which is only 20 minutes.

FAQs about Facecam Recording

1. What do you record facecam with?

AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is a cross-platform screen recorder providing lossless output files. It can capture screen and webcam sources allowing users to record meetings, webinars, online classes, and more. Additionally, it can also capture audio sources from a microphone or systems audio.

2. How do you record the screen with a facecam?

Utilize a reliable tool like AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. All you need to perform is install the software, launch its service. Then, hit the Video Recorder button and ensure all functions like webcam are enabled. Lastly, hit the Rec button to instigate the recording process - stop it when you are done recording.

3. What to consider when choosing a facecam recorder?

There are lots of things you need to check. First, the recorder must capture your screen and preserve its quality, and it must support saving the video in multiple formats. Moreover, it must ensure that it can record without any limit.

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