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Top 5 Screen Recorder for Chrome Browser

chrome recorders Google Chrome is one of the most used internet-browser around the world. In terms of speed, it can load a webpage within seconds. Aside from that, Google Chrome has many extensions that can be installed to enhance Chrome user experience. Chrome video recorders, in particular, are just some of the useful extensions that you can add to your browser. Aside from the fact that extensions don't consume hard-disk space, they also don't create shortcut icons that appear on the desktop. These recorders also possess features like online sharing options and post-editing options. On that note, we have listed some of the best Chrome recorders that you can install on your browser. Aside from that, we also included a robust all-purpose screen recorder that you may want to try out.

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Best Screen Recorder Chrome Extensions

1. Loom

Compatibility: Windows/MacOS
Type of Program Chrome Extension
Distinctive Feature: Users can save the recorded videos directly on a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Next, lets focus on a Chrome video recorder called Loom. It is an extension for Chrome and is one of the most downloaded recorders for Chrome. Most users know that Loom is a decent recorder that produces videos of average quality. The Loom is useful for recording quick videos on Chrome, despite being free. However, Loom also has a paid version called Loom Pro. This pro version costs $10/month and is billed annually. The pro version adds editing features, enabling HD-quality video recording, drawing options, and unlimited cloud storage for recorded videos.

Aside from the cloud storage, you can directly download the recorded Chrome video by clicking the "Download" button. The good thing about Loom is that it does not consume disk space. However, when we tried it and minimized the Chrome window, the tool stopped recording. This slight issue can become a problem if you are looking for a dependable recorder. Overall, speaking for Chrome alone, it is safe to say that Loom will provide what you need.

loom extension


  • Quick and easy way to record the Chrome window.
  • Loom is also capable of recording Chrome video together with a webcamera as a video source.

  • Does not work outside of Chrome browser window.

2. Screencastify

Compatibility: Windows/MacOS
Type of Program Chrome Extension
Distinctive Feature: It supports using a microphone as an audio source for recording, which is not common for Chrome extensions.

Screencastify is one of the most used screen recording extension on Google Chrome. It's a lightweight recorder that produces videos in MP4 format. Screencastify provides a recording limit of 5 minutes under the free version. Also, there are only a few editing features within the free version. Later on, it released a pro version that costs $49/year. The pro version provides unlimited screen recording time. Aside from that, you will be able to merge videos and arrange them in sequence.

Upon testing the free version of Screencastify, we found out that you can choose between three recording options. One is for the Google Chrome tab alone, and the other one is for recording the entire desktop screen. For recording the Google Chrome tab, it's safe to say that it performed its job well. The only disappointment was the 5 minutes of limitations. However, for a free application, 5 minutes is good enough, considering that it doesn't add watermarks on the videos. Screencastify is also regarded as the best screen recorder for Chromebook.

screencastify interface


  • Safe way to record a screen because it doesn't have any malicious spyware.
  • You can embed the webcam footage to the video that you are recording.

  • The free trial version only allow basic editing options like trimming.
  • Users of the free version doesn't have access to Screencastify's customer support line.

3. Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Recorder

Compatibility: Windows/MacOS
Type of Program Chrome Extension
Distinctive Feature: Nimbus offers different saving option to every video that you record. It has a direct link to upload the video on YouTube right after every recording, as well as on Google Drive and Dropbox.

Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Recorder is a must-try application. It is based on our personal experience after personally trying the tool out. The first thing is that there are different capture modes you can use. There are several screenshot modes that you can use, along with the screen recorder option. Nimbus produces videos in MP4 format, which is recognized by almost every device. Aside from that, you can even do basic editing like cropping and video trimming right after recording.

There is also an MP4 to GIF converter feature within Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Recorder. You can convert the video before saving it from the preview window. For images captured using the screenshot feature, you can choose between JPG and PNG as the default format.

record chrome


  • Offers a lot of editing options for images captured by Nimbus.

  • The screen recording feature of Nimbus is only available on Google Chrome.
  • Nimbus also lacks some advance video editing options like annotation tool.

4. Awesome Screenshot

Compatibility: Windows/MacOS/
Type of Program Chrome Extension
Distinctive Feature: Awesome Screenshot has a one-click upload button that lets you upload the video that you recorded to YouTube.

Awesome Screenshot has a lot of positive reviews online. Most people who use the tool, say that they are pretty satisfied with Awesome Screenshot. To see for ourselves, we tried out Awesome Screenshot to prove if it is one of the best Chrome recorder extensions out there. After installing the tool, the first thing we noticed is the appealing icon on the extension of Google Chrome, making it easy to recognize. Upon testing the tool to record the Chrome browser, we found out that it can only record a maximum of 30 seconds clip. However, it appears that a tool is primarily a screenshot tool. To overcome the 30-second recording limit, you must first upgrade to the premium version.

There are different plans for the premium version of Awesome Screenshot. The cheapest is $2/month, which already unlocks the unlimited recording feature. Besides that, it adds the option of saving your videos to either Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box storage service. The premium version also unlocks the premium annotation options that you can use to enhance your videos. Based on our observation, if you are considering using the tool, then upgrading to the Basic plan for $2/month is fair enough.

awesome screenshot tool


  • Awesome Screenshot tool provides basic annotation tools on the free version.
  • Its free trial version can process a considerable amount of 30 images at once.

  • The trial version only provides the recorded video in WebM format upon download.

5. Screen Recorder

Compatibility: Windows/MacOS/
Type of Program Chrome Extension
Distinctive Feature: It is capable of running offline.

Last on the list of Google Chrome recorders is the Screen Recorder. This tool is a desktop recorder that has no watermarks. It also allows you to record unlimited videos. Aside from that, it has an autosave feature where you can recover your recordings in case the tool crashes while you are recording. It can also record your screen with computer sound and the audio from your microphone. Lastly, this tool offers over 51 languages, and it is safe to use.

screen recorder


  • It warns you before leaving without saving your recordings or work.

  • Does not allow you to select area or specific region of recording.

Best Chrome Screen Recorder Alternative to Record Video

System OS: Windows and Mac.
Distinctive Feature: Task Scheduler automatically starts a recording task even without human intervention. Users only need to set a date and the start and end time of the recording process and that's it.

The first tool that we are going to show you is the AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. This tool is a reliable screen recording software that can capture in full-screen, region mode, and an external camera. Also, it can include the audio coming from your system sound, microphone, or both. Besides, this tool has an annotation tool that allows you to put shapes, lines, texts, and arrows while recording. Another good thing about this tool is that it can take screenshots in real-time for thumbnails. For you to know how to use this tool, you can follow the steps below.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Install the Screen Grabber Premium

You can click one of the "Download" buttons above to get the installer of this tool. Then, launch it and follow the steps for installing the tool on your computer. Once done, open the app and go to the "Video Recorder" feature to see its screen recording interface.

record chrome browser sgp step1

Step 2 Customize its settings

Next, click the "Gear" icon on the toolbar's upper right side to its settings. From there, you can change the output folder, video and audio format, mouse cursor color, etc. Then, click the "OK" button to apply the changes.

record chrome browser sgp step2

Step 3 Start recording Chrome browser

Once done, choose if you will record in full-screen or region mode at the right side part of the toolbar. Then, click the “REC” button to record video from browser. A recording toolbar appears where you can adjust the volume, pause and resume the recording process, add annotations, and more.

record chrome browser sgp step3

Step 4 Watch the Recorded Video

Video playback appears where you can watch the recorded video. After recording, you may click the "Stop" button at the leftmost part of the recording toolbar. You may also click the "Save" button to keep the video on your computer.

record chrome browser sgp step4


  • You can use this tool as an audio recorder.
  • This tool allows you to set the record length limit.

  • It can only record maximum of 3 minutes for every video under the free trial.

Google Chrome Recorders Comparison Chart

Features Consumes disk-space? Output Format Recording Scheduler What is it best for?
Screen Grabber Premium Yes MP4, WMV, AVI, M4A Yes Every recording situation
Loom No MP4 No Single Chrome tab recording
Screencastify No MP4 No Recording tutorial with narration
Nimbus No MP4 No Taking and editing Chrome screenshots
Awesome Screenshot No WebM No Recording online videos
Screen Recorder No MP4/td>

No Recording with audio input

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