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Which is better between Camtasia vs Screenflow? Check it here!

screenflow vs camtasia Camtasia and Screenflow are highly recommended for screencasting your display. As long as it is not a big-sized film, these tools can record any activities displaying on your computer. These two screen capture tools can record in Full-screen mode, Regional Screen mode, and Webcam Recording. You can also set the audio source if it is in System sound or via an external microphone. However, despite their similarities, there are still differences between these two. Keep on reading to know more about Camtasia vs Screenflow and which is the best screencast software.

About Camtasia and its Pros and Cons

Camtasia, developed by TechSmith, developed by TechSmith, is a software that can help screencast your PC display. You can easily make video tutorials, digital presentations, and even record your game. In fact, you can record your entire screen, or you can choose a specific area to be recorded. Also, this tool has two major components. First is the Camtasia Recorder, which can be used to capture video and audio. This feature is helpful, especially when you are putting a narration while having a piece of background music on your recording. The second component is called the Camtasia Editor. Having this built-in feature, you can edit the video by importing the clip and rearrange them in a timely order. You can also choose various overlays to add to your videos. On the other hand, these are the pros and cons of this app.



  • Compatible for both Windows and Mac
  • It also acts as a video editing software
  • Can make quizzes and surveys to put on the recorded video
  • Recommended for expert users

  • Does not support DV Camera
  • Beginners might have difficulties using this app
  • Requires High spec PC

About ScreenFlow and its Pros and Cons

ScreenFlow free by Telestream Inc. is a screencasting app specially made for the Mac platform. This tool can completely record your display and capture any activities on your Mac. It can capture video and audio, edit the recorded video, and choose from popular video formats like MP4, AIFF, GIF, MOV, M4V, and more. Aside from that, this app can be used; even beginners can make professional-like videos. It is because of this tool's powerful video editing tools where you can add transitions, text animations, video animations, and more. To put it another way, we will show you below the Pros and Cons of this app.



  • This tool is much easier to use than Camtasia
  • It has many video editing software tools
  • Usable even for beginners
  • It has higher stability

  • It is only available for MAC OS
  • Can’t put annotations while recording
  • No built-in templates
  • Does not support library the system

Screen Grabber Premium

Other than these two popular screencasting tools. AceThinker also offers a fantastic app that can do the job as those two great apps, and it's called Screen Grabber Premium. Like the two apps mentioned, not only can it record the video, but also clearly records both the computer's sound and microphone simultaneously. Additionally, it lets you save the screen recording in various formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. The good thing about Screen Grabber Premium is it's both available for Windows and Mac computers. Also, it can record the screen without losing any video quality and for up to 60 fps. To know more about this tool, these are the steps on how to use it.

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Step 1 Download and Install the Software

Get the installer by clicking one of the buttons above. The first button is for Windows computers, the other one is for Mac. After that, launch the installer and then follow the instructions that will appear from the setup wizard.

sgpremium interface

Step 2 Choose the Recording Mode

After installation, launch the app and then click the "Video Recorder" tab from the main interface. Here, choose the audio source by turning on the "System Sound," "Microphone," or both. Next, you can record the screen in full or just a part of it. Finally, hit the "REC" button to start recording.

sgpremium record zoom

Step 3 Start Recording and Add Annotations

Once the recording starts, a floating toolbar will appear. You can put annotations while recording by clicking the "Pen" icon on the recording toolbar. It will show you editing tools. You can draw shapes, lines and put texts on the video that is currently recording.

sgp annotation

Step 4 Save the Recording

Click the "Stop" button on the same floating toolbar to launch the preview window. You can watch the recorded screen video here if you want. Next, click the "Save" icon and rename the file. From the recording history, right-click the file to either play, open the output folder, or delete the recording.

sgp save facecam video


Another alternative for both Camtasia and Screenflow is Bandicam. It is a game recorder that promises to capture gameplay videos for up to 4K UHD. This Screenflow for PC claims that it can record 3D games while preserving the original game effects and quality. Additionally, it can also take screenshots while the recording is on-going. Bandicam also lets you add a webcam overlay and record it, which is popular nowadays for live streaming and creating video tutorials. Aside from that, it can detect external devices like game consoles, smartphones, and others plugged in on your computer. That being said, the screen of the connected device is available to record through the PC.

bandicam main interface


  • Bandicam is equipped with an annotation and video editing tools that can insert the real-time drawing into the recording.
  • You can modify your background with the help of its Chroma key for your webcam overlay.

  • It is only available for Windows computers so far.


Although Screenflow vs Camtasia is indeed one of the best screencasting tools nowadays, they also have significant differences. Camtasia is ideal for experts, while ScreenFlow can be easily used even for beginners. Their price also applies as one of their inequality. Despite that, they certainly can do screen capture according to your needs. Besides, both are useful for making video tutorials, educational presentations, business meetings, digital displays, and more.

Additionally, aside from those said tools above, we also have Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium, which serves as their alternatives. This tool can also do most of the things that Screenflow vs Camtasia can do. This includes video recording and audio, making video tutorials and putting annotations in it, and lots more. There's nothing better than being knowledgeable about the tools that we can use today. Remember, there is always an option.

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