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Best Recording Software for YouTube: Find Them Here!

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YouTube is a video-sharing platform that acts as an ocean for discovering different content. It's all entertaining and informative at the same time. Aside from humorous vlogs, you can access different walkthroughs and tutorials. And if you are an aspiring vlogger who wants to try YouTube by creating informational demos about craft, a screen recorder would be a great help. This program allows you to record your steps on screen with your voice narration and camera. While these are the main features of a screen recorder, nothing beats a tool that supports a social share feature. After your recording session, uploading the file to YouTube is possible within a few taps of your fingers. That's why here is a detailed rundown of the best software for recording YouTube videos for you.

Screen Grabber Premium
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

Record computer screen with audio in high quality.

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Screen Grabber Premium

Output format: It supports 100+ output formats like MP4, AVI, M4V, and more.
Pricing Plan: A freemium service. If you want to unlock all the great features of the program, the pricing plan starts at $19.95

Social sharing is just one of the perks of using Screen Grabber Premium. With a few ticks on your device, you can upload your files to online sites like Youtube, Tiktok, Vimeo, and more without experiencing hassle. On the other hand, this best YouTube screen recorder delivers various features to pull off your screencasting activity. It can capture your screen in entire and pre-selected rations like 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, and 854 x 480. Plus, if you are working on a gameplay recording, worry not about the smoothness of your graphics, as the program supports 60fps. Not just that, the tool offers an annotation feature. You may add elements like callouts, arrows, and shapes to highlight crucial parts while doing your video demo or walkthrough. Moreover, Screen Grabber Premium is also capable of capturing your voiceover and internal sound at 320 kbps. With all this information said, the tool deserves to be the best screen recording software for YouTube.

screen grabber premium interface


Pricing Plan: Format options include PNG, MP4, WebM, TiFF, and more.
Output format: The lifetime license of the tool costs $62.99, which includes first-year maintenance.

Another best software to record YouTube videos is Snagit. The software is excellent for business and academe, yet, it is also a great option for creating YouTube content. It is capable of assembling a picture-in-picture effect by overlaying your webcam. Moreover, you can add annotation elements to your screen in real-time. With these, you will surely give a wow factor to your audience. As for the social media sharing support, Snagit can send your output through a shareable link. Or, if you want to keep your files exclusive, you can directly upload them on cloud storage like Google Drive.

record screen and upload to youtube using snagit

Record it!

Pricing Plan: The default format is MOV.
Output format: In-App purchase/ The pro version of the tool starts at $4.99.

If you are an iPhone user, Record it! is readily available on the App Store. It works like a desktop program on smaller screens which may be the best reason why tons of users love it. First, it offers a video face cam reaction similar to a webcam overlay. You can also add commentaries on your phone screen via a microphone recording. Aside from these, you can add an extra factor to your output by using the inbuilt video editor. You can add filters, adjust speed, and trim your clips. After all your hard work, you can go easy with your uploading process since the program can swiftly export your work on Youtube. Aside from online sharing, you can directly use the program to share your files with others via AirDrop and email.

record it interface

DU Recorder

Pricing Plan: It covers video formats like MP4 and MOV.
Output format: In-App purchase? You can get all the features of the program at $23.99.

DU recorder is a renowned tool that lets you capture phone screen content with 60 fps at 1080P quality. While there's nothing much extravagant about its recording options, it will surely knock off its competitors with the live stream feature. If you are a gamer, you can stream and upload any plays on YouTube site without glitches. Not only that it also supports other platforms like Twitch and Facebook. Besides, DU Recorder helps you create a small window attached to your YouTube blog for your facial reactions. Therefore, you won't have to record your screen and camera individually. You can also customize brand watermarks of your own to protect ownership.

du recorder interface

Free Cam

Pricing Plan: You can save your videos in WMV formats with HD quality.
Output format: A freemium service. The Pro version of the program costs $227/year.

Free Cam is the next best screen capture software for YouTube. This software offers recording dimensions in full screen, or you can select your preferred area. Aside from the drawing toolbar, the program can also capture your mouse cursor movements and customize its effect and sound clicks. If you worry about your files getting blurry, once uploaded online, Free Cam got you covered. You can expect excellent graphic quality at 1080P resolution. Suppose you need to record your voice narration for your blog but the messy surrounding gets in your way. Free Cam will help you solve your problem using its background noise remover. Lastly, Free Cam makes uploading your instructional videos to LMS and cloud storage more painless if you are working on the academe.

free cam interface

OBS Studio

Pricing Plan: The standard format is MP4, but you can also save your output to FLV and MKV.
Output format: Free

Are you looking for the best free video recording software for YouTube? Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio is a one-stop solution for you. This open-source program is dedicated mainly to recording and live streaming gameplays. It supports numerous platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, to name a few. Using the tool, you can create multiple scenes like your web camera, window, images, browsers, and the like. In addition, you can seamlessly switch from one scene to another or capture them all at once. YouTube videos are supposed to be interactive, and the quality of your voiceover matters. OBS Studio can help you with that thanks to its audio mixer, where you can suppress noise and adjust the internal and microphone sound.

record with obs studio and upload on youtube

Free Online Screen Recorder

Pricing Plan: It covers various formats, which are AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, and MP4.
Output format: Free

If you choose an online recorder instead of installing software on your device, you can opt for Free Online Screen Recorder by AceThinker. This tool is one of the best screen capture software for Youtube for several reasons. It lets you record your screen's entire or customized area, including your internal sound and web camera. Moreover, it is also a screen recorder with drawing tools for PC such as arrows, shapes, and callouts. Besides, Free Online Screen Recorder allows you to capture your video demos at any length. After your creation process, you can directly upload your File to YouTube and be sure to get an impressive number of views.

record screen for youtube with free online screen recorder

AZ Recorder

Pricing Plan: The standard format is set to MP4.
Output format: In-App Purchases/ Paid plan starts at $2.99.

AZ Recorder comes with a vibrant orange interface, and it is another brilliant app you can install on your phone. Screen recording has never been easier with the tool because of its accessible control bars. Users experience zero lag issues while recording gameplays such as Subway Surfers and Mobile Legends. It also gives a satisfactory video quality at 1090p and sets your frame rate anywhere between 24fps and 60fps. Lastly, AZ Recorder does not only support a direct YouTube exportation. It can also stream your phone screen to the same program without watermarks and a time limit.

az recorder interface

Flashback Express

Pricing Plan: Export your files in AVI and FLV.
Output format: Free

You will surely preview any of your captured screen videos with Flashback Recorder. Maneuvering the program takes zero technical mastery even for beginners before they can use it. This powerful tool has a multi-device capture, and you can record your screen with a camera and microphone. It also contains a video editor to refine the glitches in your work and make it appear professional. Overall the program is fine enough for doing your on-screen walkthroughs or record class lectures. It also supports a social share feature to upload your work entries on YouTube.

flashback express interface


Pricing Plan: It only supports MP4.
Output format: Freemium service. Fluvid Pro includes all features for $8.00 per month.

Last on our rundown for the best screen recorder for YouTube videos is a chrome extension. Fluvid is a remarkable tool that lets you create tons of different outputs. You can create a product demo, plot a tutorial video, record a video reaction, and more. While recording, you can add different drawing tools in your preferred color to highlight important info on your screen. Moreover, you can insert call-to-action buttons on your videos to market your product to target consumers. What makes Fluvid the best software to record videos for YouTube is that it can synchronize your work to other online platforms. On the other hand, to secure confidentiality when sharing your videos, Fluvid allows you to encrypt the password on your file.

fluvid interface

Comparison Chart of YouTube Video Recording Software

Software Video Editor Supported Operating System Task Scheduler
Screen Grabber Premium AVAILABLE Windows and Mac AVAILABLE
Snagit AVAILABLE Windows and Mac AVAILABLE
Record it! AVAILABLE For iPhone and iPad NOT AVAILABLE
OBS Studio AVAILABLE Windows, Mac, and Linux NOT AVAILABLE
Free Online Screen Recorder AVAILABLE Accessible on web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. AVAILABLE
Flashback Express AVAILABLE Windows OS only AVAILABLE
Fluvid AVAILABLE Accessible on web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. NOT AVAILABLE

Terms You Should Know About Screen Recorders


Annotation Frame Per Second (FPS)
MP4 format
Annotation is a screen recording feature that allows you to emphasize specific information on your screen. While others call it a drawing tool, it is mainly used for creating on-screen tutorials or recording a lesson. Frame rates or FPS is another factor you consider when recording. This term pertains to the speed of your still images on a video when played on the screen. As a rule of thumb, the higher the frame rate, the smoother the video will be when played. MP4 or MPEG-4 Part 14 is a file container that can include subtitles, videos, and audio. Screen recorders use it as a default format due to its high compression rate and compatibility.
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Screen Grabber Premium
Record computer screen with audio in high quality.
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