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Get to Know the 10 Linux Video Capture Software (2022)

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Linux is an open-source operating system uniquely created for many reasons. While most are acquainted with Windows and Mac OS, some users prefer Linux for its higher security and smooth performance. However, one might ask if there are screen recorders that they could use ideally, like the available ones on Windows and Mac devices. Indeed, we cannot deny that screen recording is already part of our computing activities to acquire and give information. Well, you have just bumped into the proper place because today, we curated the best Ubuntu screen recorder with audio for you. Plus, they are all free to use, so you won't need to spend any dime. This article will cover all the possible working tools that will help you record your Linux screen without difficulty.

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OBS Studio

User Group: It is suitable for gamers who want to record and stream gameplays.
Installation Package Size: 112.5 MB

Let's get the record straight with the best screen recorder for Linux. Open Broadcasting Software or OBS Studio is an open-source program that can capture eight scenes in one recording process. Apart from your computer screen, this tool can support a webcam overlay for a picture-in-picture effect. It is also dedicated to combining your audio sources and screen at a high quality. To expand, you can set your display anywhere between 30 fps and 60 fps. That's why gamers resort to this program. And if you have voiceover recordings that contain disturbing signals, worry not. The program has an audio mixer where you can access the noise gate and reducer. If you are one of the game enthusiasts, you can use the tool to stream your plays on Twitch, YouTube, and more. While, OBS studio is a well established one in the market, you may still encounter glitches like OBS encoding overloaded and automatic restarting when using it heavily.

best screen recorder for linux obs studio


User Group: It's best for people who want to do simple screen recordings.
Installation Package Size: 31.13 MB

VokoscreenNG is another powerful Ubuntu video recorder and a reborn tool for Vokoscreen through QT and GStreamer. While the program's user interface looks outdated, you cannot underestimate its recording prowess. First, it allows you to record in full screen or your preferred area. And if you are into creating walkthroughs or presentations, you can attach your web camera to get your facial reactions. Moreover, it can show mouse movements and change its color display. As for the audio sources, it can capture the system sound and also your microphone. Combining these, you can be sure that the element of interaction with your audience on your recorded demos and presentation is maintained. On the other hand, the program provides a standard video quality with a relatively small file size.

vokoscreenng interface


User Group: It's great for instructors in creating a video demo or streaming a webinar.
Installation Package Size: 22 MB

ScreenStudio can record screen on Ubuntu and provides you with a wide array of parameter configurations for a better output. You can specify the audio and video bitrate, preset, and frames per second to get the maximum quality of your recordings. Furthermore, the program allows you to steam real-time to different platforms like YouTube, HitBox, Ustream, and more. While the program does not contain many advanced recording features like the annotation tool and simultaneous screenshot. Still, you won't have to consider your recordings' compatibility because it delivers FLV, MP4, and MOV output formats.

screenstudio as screen recorder of linux

Green Recorder

User Group: It's best for students to record online classes.
Installation Package Size: 35.2 MB

Next in the line is the Green Recorder. This tool can record Ubuntu screen in formats like MKV, AVI, MP4, GIF, and WebM. You can also choose your recording frame by selecting a particular area or the whole screen. Moreover, this tool lets you include or exclude your mouse cursors without experiencing lags. Furthermore, Green Recorder is reliable for recording several audio streams. With it, you can record videos online without a mute sound. On the other hand, you will not have to look for other voice recorders and video editors since you can narrate in real-time with the program. However, one aspect that we don't like about this tool is that it cannot capture a web camera.

green recorder for ubuntu


User Group: This is perfect for beginners who are looking for an easy-to-use screen recorder.
Installation Package Size: It uses a terminal command line to install.

Kazam is another Ubuntu video recorder that lets you record your computer screen and take screenshots simultaneously. Moreover, you can record multiple screens in one process and use hotkeys to make your recording more convenient. The program has does not get any update for quite a while, yet it still works fine. If you want to pull off a video presentation with the program and make it interactive, you can use the program to save time from further editing. The tool can capture the screen along with your system audio and external microphone. Moreover, Kazam can also lay in your web camera and include the mouse cursor on your screen. As for output formats, you can choose from AVI, MP4, and WebM.

kazam interface


User Group: This is good for recording simple gameplays.
Installation Package Size: 1.9MB

The next best screen recorder for Ubuntu is the recordMyDesktop. It has a straightforward interface that is suitable for people who are not entirely inclined with screen recording. Performance-wise, the user has all the controls over the frame per second, video, and sound quality of their output. You can also choose to capture your entire screen or specify a particular area by dragging the screen with your mouse. Moreover, you can choose the zero compression option of your recording if you need a raw file and want to get the most of the quality. However, if your device has a low CPU capacity, it may experience lags and errors when your increase your FPS.

recordmydesktop interface


User Group: The program is appropriate for recording walkthroughs.
Installation Package Size: It relies on the terminal command line. You can get the tool from the Linux repositories.

SimpleScreenRecorder may sound just fine with its name, but it works with luxurious features. This Linux video recording software supports OpenGL recording if you are a fan of rendering 2D or 3D graphics. Moreover, you can input your own frame ratio on the program and record at 30fps. Besides that, the tool shows you the overall progress of your recording, like the file size and capturing time. Therefore, you would get a real-time notification if you need to pause your recording to free up some space. Moreover, this tool has a built-in preview that lets you watch your file after it gets recorded.

simple screen recorder interface


User Group: It's best for users with minimal screen recording requirements.
Installation Package Size: It relies on the terminal command line.

Nothing will satisfy your GIF recordings with Byzanz. This tool can record both your audio and computer screen at once. Moreover, it supports multiple display recordings if you are working on different scenes on your device. If you do not want to take your entire screen, you can set the target ratio by customizing the height and width of your recordings. However, if you're looking for screen recorders with more advanced recording features, Byzanz may not be your typical solution. It does not support web camera recording, a crucial factor when creating presentations or streaming gameplays. Finally, you can choose your output file type using a GIF, OGG, OGV, and FLV format.

byzanz interface for linux screencasting


User Group: This program is suitable for business and academic presentations.
Installation Package Size: 430KB

Working on a program that needs terminal command is quite intimidating. That's why, this next tool will ease the atmosphere. Screen Rec is a screen recorder that works on all platforms. This program can facilitate the recording process on your screen with a webcam and a microphone. Not only that, it offers drawing tools like arrows, shapes, and highlights to make your videos come to life. After the recording, a shareable link will be ready so that you can send your work over the internet quickly.

best screen recorder for linux screenrec


User Group: It is best for professional gamers and educators.
Installation Package Size: 466kb

With Freeseer, your screen recording sessions will never be as easy as ever. The program supports audio and screen recording, fit for meetings, conference calls, and gameplays. Not only that, the program does not restrict a time recording length, so you can stay at ease even if your meetings might take forever to commence. Moreover, you can pause the to skip the parts that you do not need while recording and then hit the play button again to resume. However, you may consider using a video-editor to overlay web camera recordings since the program does not support one.

freezer interface

Comparison Table of the Linux Screen Capture Software

Screen Recorders for Linux Task Scheduler Price Output Quality
OBS Studio No, it cannot record ahead of time. Free It can record from 720P to 4K.
Vokoscreen Yes, it supports the feature. Free and Open Source You can set your recordings in 120P, 240P, and 480P resolutions.
ScreenStudio No, it cannot record ahead of time. Free and Open Source You can start from 720P as your standard quality.
Green Recorder It does not have a time scheduler. Free and Open Source You can record anywhere between 480P and 720P
Kazam You can use the delay time feature. Free and Open Source You can set the quality from low to high.
recordMyDesktop It does not have a time scheduler. Free You can adjust your preferred output from 1-100.
SimpleScreenRecorder You can use the delay time feature. Free and Open Source Output quality ranges from 240P to 1080P.
Byzanz You can use the delay time feature. Free Output quality ranges from low, standard, and high.
ScreenRec Yes, it supports the feature. Free It can record between 720P and 1080P
Freeser It does not have a time scheduler. Free It can record between 720P and 1080P

Linux Terms you Should Know

Command Line Desktop Environments Repositories
A command line is a utility program where you input specific keys or text as a way of instructing your computer. Desktop environments are the desktop designs that you can use on your Linux device. It contains a window manager, application, and widgets that aim to provide a great computing experience. A repository is a term that refers to the system storage of Linux device that caters to a massive collection of software.
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