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Top 5 Operating System For Gaming

best os for gamingOperating System is the one that controls and supports any features and functions of a computer. There is such an operating system that is best for office works. Some are best for gaming stuff. In line with this, this topic is the most critical question that hasn't yet answered up to date. What is the best OS for gaming? Well, this is a vast and complicated question that needs much backup information to prove the answer. There are a lot of different Operating Systems which have their own set of skills or features. There is also a big ocean, and games are the fishes in it. Today, we are about to find out what these Operating Systems have to offer, and look for the answer to the question "What is the best Operating System for Gaming?" Let's find out the best OS for gaming together below.

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Windows 10

Price: $119 for home / $199 for Pro
Distinctive feature: Windows 10 can play photosensitive games without any lags and with HD quality graphics. This includes Dota 2, Valorant, Fortnite, and more.

Windows 10 is the latest version or update amongst Microsoft Windows. The first version of Windows was in 1985. Windows 10 was released in April 2015 as an updated version to Windows 8.1. Looking at it from a big perspective, Windows 10 tends to be the most used OS used by gamers from across the whole world. It is also one of the top list operating systems known to be used for gaming up to this year. With its stability and its modern software structure, Windows 10 comes with a user-friendly interface that is perfect for novice users. Since Windows 10 is the latest version of its kind, the operating system scopes a wide variety of games that are nowadays popular to most gamers in the world. The gaming industry has grown so fast and grows more each day with exciting and more relaxed stuff, which comes together with a significant difference incompatibility issues.

Furthermore, Windows 10 minimizes system failure when it comes to gaming. Also, in regards to graphics, colors, HD compatibility, Windows 10 offers a great deal for the visual gaming experience. However, since this is an operating system bound for newly released games, some of the old games or old versions don't fit Windows 10. They have some compatibility issues. Beyond all of this information, Windows 10 is the best Windows OS for gaming.

windows10 interface


  • Compatible to newly released games.

  • Breakdown issues.

Mac OS

Price: Price starts at $679/ mini mac accessible to users.
Distinctive features: The Mac operating system does have keyboard shortcuts that are very good and accessible to users.

Macintosh Operating system has been a part of the list for the best operating system for gaming in 2020. Apple invented the Mac OS. It is also an operating system that is compatible with very high graphics and visuals that can be very useful for games. In addition to it, one thing that makes Mac OS very popular to all gamers and users is because it has a very secure system. Also, it detects and removes viruses among the World Wide Web threats automatically. With this, gamers will not have to worry about being hacked or cheating on the games they play because of its very secure system. Although the Mac is a bit high in cost, it gives back regarding its very formal interface that makes any user glad of what they paid for. Also, Mac OS tends to lag when it comes to massive graphical games that need much storage like Fortnite, Dota 2, and more. Mac OS, generally speaking, is an excellent operating system that is perfect for the office. With regards to gaming, I must say it's a 7 out of 10. It has a great graphics display, excellent interface, great security with viruses and threats. It just encounters problems when it comes to loading heavy storage games.

macos interface


  • It has a blocking system for threats and viruses.

  • It has limited access to applications.


Price: Free
Dinstinctive feature: Linux has a fast interface with no restrictions. You can play all Steam games like CS Go, Left4Dead 2, Borderlands 2 and a lot more.

The third operating system that catches up the list is the Linux operating system. Based on research, Linux is the operating system mostly used by hackers or back end programmers. Because of the complicated options that need excellent skills to make it work. Linux comes together with high-level computers. Also, Linux systems have a great repel when it comes to threats and viruses within the web. Thus, with regards to gaming purposes, Linux gives gamers a no end to several options, not like Windows, with certain limits. Linux operating system is the one that empowered the Android OS. Imagine the level of power it created to do things like this. One of the main reasons people tend to use Linux operating systems instead of Mac or Windows is that Linux is the most reliable computer ecosystem globally. With a zero-entry of malware, viruses, license fees, and more. Moreover, Linux is an open-source license, which means it can work on anything on the computer. This feature is perfect for gaming purposes.

linux interface


  • It has a lot of distributions(versions) to choose from.

  • It has a sophisticated interface not good for beginners.

Android OS

Price: Free, the OS is built-in on the smartphone.
Distinctive feature: It comes with different android phones and emulators to choose from.

The Android OS is a system that is mainly produced for handheld devices like mobile phones, tablets, and now with smart TVs and more. The Android operating system has come a long way from Android version 1.0 in 2007 until today, which is Android 11. Linux originally powered the operating system and then was sold to Google. Furthermore, Android was meant for Android phones. However, nowadays, gamers use emulators like Know and Bluestacks to play the games on Android through a computer. Gamers who are fond of android games will surely love this operating system because they can play games like Mobile Legends, Call of Duty, and more. Suppose you are to install an android system on PC. In that case, Android x86 Project offers an excellent graphics deliberation to 64 and 32-bit rate on computers. This operating system will always be part of the best list of operating systems globally due to its role in the digital market. With Android phones, everything now is possible; moreover, you can install it on a computer. The Android OS is one of the biggest rivals of Apple. Both of them have the most sold gadgets and units in the whole world.

androidos interface


  • Compatible to PC emulators.

  • Androids are vulnerable to malware and viruses.


Price: Free, the OS is built-in on iPhone and iPad.
Distinctive feature: The iOS has a very secure system that no virus or malware can enter.

iOS or I operating system is the primary system of Apple's iPhone. This operating system caters to iPods, iTouch, iPad 2018, and more Apple products. This system was only exclusive for Apple products, which makes them elite from other devices and OS. We all know that the iPhone is the very competent rival of Android OS phones. With this, you can't say whether one is better than the other regarding their features and functions. Some people like androids, but many people love the iPhone. The iPhone also has come a long way from the day it was born, the iPhone 3gs up to now iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Regarding the gaming features and specs, the iPhone will give you a smooth and fast vibe of mobile phones you can install from the Apple store. Big games like PUBG mobile, Rules of Survival, Mobile Legends, and more. The iPhone will give you a great experience with these games. Android has gaming phones created for gaming. But the iPhone, I may say, is the best operating system for gaming when it comes to graphics and smoothness on hand-held phones. Also, in regards to the style and smoothness of the phone itself. My vote will be for iPhone. Also to mention, the iPhone is the biggest rival of Android OS for the last years of most sold gadgets and phones in the world.

ios interface


  • Quality is much better than android when it comes to apps.

  • It cannot extend factory storage.

Conclusion and Comparison Chart

When it comes to choosing a perfect operating system for gaming, you have to consider three things. First is the performance, then the hardware compatibility, and lastly, its user-friendliness to users. You can never really tell which is the best operating system not before until you have already tried every single one of them. Well, if you will ask me on what will be the best gaming operating system, I will say that there is no best system. It's just every operating system has its strengths and weaknesses. The gaming industry has a fast pace when it comes to upgrades and innovations. Here is a brief comparison chart that will help you decide what operating system to use.

Features Windows 10 Mac OS Linux Android iOS
Compatible to New Released games Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compatible to Older games No No Yes Yes No
Secured to Malware and other viruses No Yes Yes YNo Yes
User-friendly Yes Yes No Yes Yes
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