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The Best Mouse Recorder for Windows and Mac

record mouse activity Screen recording has been one of the best ways to provide tutorials for different tasks and fields. Hence, video tutorials require a comprehensive step-by-step procedure so the viewers can completely understand the process. In that case, it is also essential to capture the mouse movements. Recording and highlighting mouse clicks are vital for software review, game walkthrough, and a lot more. Also, it would help if you have a recorder available for Windows and Mac computers to reach more users. That being said, this article will help you identify the best mouse recorder to capture your screen activity and create video tutorials and more.

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What is a Good Mouse Screen Recorder

A mouse recorder is a tool that helps you capture your mouse movements, clicks, and activity without any hassle. There is also some mouse recorder that can repeat the same task you have done, and this process is called “Macro Recording.” On the other hand, to help you determine and identify a good screen recorder, here are some tips that you need to consider in choosing one.

good screen recorder

Things to Consider:

  • HQ Recording: The recorder must be capable of capturing the screen activity without losing its original quality.
  • Video and Sound Recorder: It should help you record the screen activity alongside the audio simultaneously.
  • Editing Tools: A good screen recorder must possess essential editing features like annotations, trimming, and more to enhance the recorded video.

The Best Mouse Recorder for Windows and Mac

We put AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium as the best since it animates and records mouse movement and clicks without a hassle. A good thing about its mouse recorder is that you can choose a specific color to highlight or determine the left and the right click, respectively. Additionally, it features a colored spot so you can easily follow and track the mouse movements. You can enlarge or customize the colored spot size based on how you like it. It also enables you to modify the color of this spot according to your preference.

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sgpremium interface


  • It can record and save the captured screen videos in various formats, including MP4, AVI, and more.
  • Screen Grabber Premium features a screenshot tool that lets you take photos on screen and edit the image before saving.

  • A watermark is embedded in the recorded video if you're only using its free trial version.

Top Recommended Mouse Recorder for Windows

1. WinAutomation

Distinctive Feature: It provides "Coordinates" mode that "instructs" your mouse cursor where you want it to be.

If you’re an avid Windows user, WinAutomation by Softomotive might be the perfect tool for you. It is the official automation tool for Windows devices with a mouse and keyboard recorder function. This feature lets you do a particular process using your mouse (e.g., opening an application). The tool will record and repeat it next time. Aside from that, it lets you create and perform any mouse movements and clicks as you want.

winautomation interface


  • It can record mouse actions without almost no lag or delays.
  • It also provides hotkeys so you can use some of its features quicker and more efficiently.

  • The tool is not friendly for beginners since its interface contains lots of buttons and functions to choose from.

2. JitBit Macro Recorder

Distinctive Feature: It saves the macro recordings into an EXE format known for compressing files allowing you to record more mouse recordings.

JitBit Macro Recorder is a comprehensive mouse recorder software that lets you create specific functions in your Windows computer. Some samples of these commands are opening a browser file and also closing them. By clicking the “Record” button from its interface, it starts recording the mouse movements without setting it up. Additionally, it even lets you add hotkeys for some functions to increase your efficiency in using it.

jitbit interface


  • The tool allows you to slow down or speed up the playback speed.
  • It can repeat a particular action as much as you want.

  • The tool provides a 21-day free trial version, but you must avail of its license for at least $39.00 to continue using its features.

3. Macro Recorder

Distinctive Feature: The software is a free mouse recorder that lets you record and replays the recorded task without a limit.

Macro Recorder is a simple and intuitive solution that captures mouse actions and scroll actions without breaking a sweat. It also features a Macro editor wherein you can adjust the scroll speed, movement speed, and how many times you need to repeat a specific recording. Since it proposes a minimalist interface, it is compatible with other software and records particular actions. Regarding this, it is perfect for creating software tutorials and record how to use them properly.

macrorecorder interface


  • You can adjust the mouse sensitivity according to your computer settings so you won't get any delay.
  • It can also identify and record every double-click actions of your mouse.

  • It can only save the recorded files in the limited output format (.mrf).

4. ReMouse

Distinctive Feature: It proposes a schedule mode setting wherein you can preset time and date for an automatic recording.

Occupying only 2.38 MB out of your local drive, ReMouse is a minimalist software whose primary function is recording mouse cursor. This recorder is available for computers running from Windows 7 and above. It is also one of the most accessible mouse recorders to use because of its main interface. The interface only loaded a few icons like “Record” and “Play,” so you can start the process immediately. Lastly, you can also set-up hotkeys and use them quicker.

remouse interface


  • It lets you start recording mouse movements within a single click.
  • It can create a "Trigger" action that can repeat a certain task by accessing a window.

  • Lacks other essential mouse recording functions like creating macro scripts.

List of the Best Mac Mouse Recorder

1. Murgaa Macro Recorder

Distinctive Feature: The mouse recorder for Mac lets you customize a time delay before you start capturing a mouse action.

Murgaa Macro Recorder is available for Mac computers running on software version 10.6 and above. It can record and replay both mouse and keyboard actions immediately. Murgaa Macro Recorder can capture mouse dragging, scrolling, and other activities. Furthermore, the created actions and scripts are correctly presented on its main interface so you can access them instantly. You only need to hit the “Start Recording” button to capture the mouse movements even without setting any configuration.

murgaa interface


  • It can also act as a key logger, which is perfect for putting passwords automatically.
  • Sound alerts are available to signal you that the recording will start anytime.

  • Its main interface varies depending on the OS version of your Mac.

2. Automator

Distinctive Feature: It provides 100+ preset macros and scripts that you can use without a limit.

Automator is one of the best mouse recorders for Mac. The built-in automation application that creates workflows, records mouse drag and drops action, clicks, and movements without a hassle. One good thing about using this tool is that you don’t have to install any 3rd party software. Also, all of its features are available for free. Although it is designed to run for Mac apps, it can also record any mouse movements from other applications like MS Office, Adobe Reader, etc.

automator interface


  • It lets you repeat the recorded action in the loop.
  • Automator enables you to turn on/off a certain action as you want.

  • The tool also allows you to AppleScript and JavaScript, but you must have essential programming skills before you can do it.

3. Repeater

Distinctive Feature: The main interface of Repeater is like a music player with “Record” and “Play” buttons, so even beginners will not have trouble using it.

The developer of Repeater claims that it is better than Automator since it can record the mouse movements on other apps Automator could not. Its interface is more intuitive since it only consists of few buttons like for recording and playing the mouse actions. Meanwhile, it has an intelligent mode function that lets you automatically start the recording and its playback.

repeater interface


  • It features a "Stealth Mode" function that can secretly record the mouse activity of an app.
  • It can also record the scroll and zoom function of the mouse when surfing the net.

  • You need some necessary programming skills to add some command lines and scripts.

4. AlphaOmega Keyboard and Mouse Recorder

Distinctive Feature: The app only occupies 5.6 MB out of your local drive, so it is perfect for recording the mouse movements while using different software.

Keyboard and Mouse Recorder by AlphaOmega is another minimalist software for Mac. It is available for Mac computers with OS version Mojave and later. The software also provides languages for its main interface, such as Chinese, English, French, and more. Aside from recording mouse movements and clicks, it can also capture every press on your keyboard. Additionally, you can adjust the playback speed by making it slower or faster based on how you like it.

alphaomega interface


  • It lets you capture and save the mouse movements in a loop or repeat.
  • The app does not require a complicated installation process before you can use it.

  • The tool is not available and recognized by the Mac App Store.
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