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10 Popular Live Streaming Sites for Streamers

live stream featured Live streaming is pretty common these days on social media. This type of broadcast can happen suddenly, without any notice, because it can be done using a smartphone. Live streaming can also be used for professional purposes like a live report, and things alike. In general, a live stream can happen unexpectedly, but it needs to be considered if you are using the right platform. This article features some of the best live streaming platforms that you can use. Read on to learn more information about these platforms.

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YouTube Live

YouTube is one of the best video streaming and hosting sites on the internet. Aside from that, it also tops our list of popular live-streaming sites because of its popularity. Additionally, YouTube has a lot of viewers daily, making it an excellent platform for those who want to share their content with the world. YouTube has continuously been evolving from a simple video sharing site into a video and live streaming platform. The videos that are being live-streamed are categorized into different genres and topics. On the other hand, to use the live stream feature of YouTube, one must log in first to their account.

youtube live interface

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is an extension service of Facebook that provides live-stream videos. This feature allows users to connect with their friends by providing unique and real-time videos every time. Since then, Facebook Live was launched in 2015 and became one of the most popular live-streaming sites on the internet. This is because of the massive impact that the service has given its users. Facebook Live is also an excellent platform for people who have an advocacy that they want to share with the millions of Facebook users. Additionally, Facebook Live is also available on mobile platforms like Android and iOS through the Facebook app.

facebook live

Instagram Live Video

Instagram has a feature called Instagram Live, which allows users to share real-time video broadcasts. Instagram Live is available on the Instagram app and has been one of the top live streaming sites since its launch in 2016. Instagram live videos are spontaneous and have a replay feature that can be posted later on. Users can also interact with their viewers with the live message feature. Viewers can drop a message, and the streamer will reply. The live message feature significantly boosted the popularity of Instagram Live Video over the years. There is also a feature that lets users pin their top followers so that their comments will always appear first on the comment thread. You can use a downloader tool to download Instagram to MP3 or MP4 with ease.

instagram live


Twitch is one of the most popular and free live streaming platforms for gamers. As most people know, the gaming industry is booming, thanks to the popularity of DOTA 2, PUBG, and many more. The streamers significantly boosted the popularity of these games on Twitch because it offers excellent ways to share your gaming video. There are thousands of viewers on Twitch every day, making it an excellent place for streamers to share their gaming skills with other people. Twitch was released in 2011 and has steadily climbed its way to the top live game streaming site.

twitch interface


Periscope is a standalone live-streaming app by Twitter. The site was launched in 2015, as a part of Twitter that allows users to share activities via live stream to their followers. Live videos on Periscope are called "Scopes." They can be either saved or deleted from the Twitter account of the users after 24 hours. Aside from Twitter, Periscope is also available on Android and iOS devices as a standalone app. The app was received delight from its users since it was launched four years ago. Periscope is, without a doubt, one of the best live stream platforms you can use.

periscope interface


YouNow is no stranger in the world of live streaming. The site was partnered with various organizations like "The Huffington Post," "MTV," and even with "" Launched in 2011, YouNow is considered as one of the pioneers in the live streaming industry and continued to be one of the best platforms to live stream over the years. Users of YouNow, according to statistics, are mostly 24 years old and below. The site allows multiple streamers within a single broadcast and can stream HD quality videos. There is also an in-app currency called "Gold bars" that can be sent by the viewer to their favorite streamer.

younow live


DaCast is a professional live streaming service partnered with big companies in the United States and worldwide. The streaming service caters mostly to businesses, as they brand themselves as a cloud-based "software as a service" platform. The site has received various awards over the years. It is undoubtedly one of the best live streaming platforms that business entities and individuals can use. DaCast was initially developed in 2008 but was officially launched two years after. Since then, DaCast has continually gathered popularity and soon reached the same level as Facebook and other social media giants.

dacast live

IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud Video, or previously known as UStream, is a live streaming website launched in 2007. Through the years, UStream provided a way for users to communicate even from far away.
Later on, UStream was absorbed by IBM and later rebranded as IBM Cloud Video. The site still offers the same high-quality live streaming and has made it even better. IBM Cloud Video is one of the top live streaming services as of today. It continues to expand its influence with businesses.

ibm cloud video


Bambuser is the next tool that is on the list of great live streaming platform. The site provides service to individuals but also has specialization in using the live stream as a business marketing strategy. This means that users who want to boost their market can use the live stream feature of Bambuser. The site was introduced in 2007 and started marketing to the business live streaming industry in 2014. This has led to the sudden growth of the website, not only a live streaming platform but as a media company. In general, anyone who owns a business can harness the power of live streaming with the help of Bambuser to get well-known across the globe.

bambuser live

Vimeo Livestream

Aside from video streaming, Vimeo also provides a live stream feature which is called Vimeo Livestream. Vimeo offers this service to those who are subscribed to their premium plan. The price range of the site varies depending on which plan you are subscribed to. The price of the live stream feature of the site is justified by the various elements that Vimeo provides to its users. As most people know, Vimeo offers a sense of exclusivity to its users because certain options are only available if you create an account. One of them is the live stream feature.

vimeo livestream

Suppose some videos capture your attention, you can easily record Vimeo videos for offline viewing.
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Last updated on September 14, 2021

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