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Record Game on PC? Acquire the Best Game Recording App Here!

feature game screen recorderAre you a computer game enthusiast? You might have wondered about having a gameplay recorder on your device. This idea is excellent for future enjoyment or a way to rewind your game episode. If you're a streamer and desire to capture your Gameplay, you must have a screen recorder. It will help you recall everything on your screen while on your game. However, finding the best game screen recorder can take time and effort. Apart from this, there are several easily accessible screen recorders. Still, it might be challenging to identify a reliable piece of software that can save your recorded video into your desired format with excellent results. If you want a quick solution to identify the best, look at this article. We provided a list of the top gaming screen recorders to make it simpler for you to choose.

Screen Grabber Premium
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

Record computer screen with audio in high quality.

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Best 8 Game Screen Recorder for Windows/Mac

1. AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

Best for: It allows users to schedule screen recordings using the built-in task scheduler.
Price: Users can enjoy the free trial service provided by this tool, However, you need to pay for its premium version for $29.95 to access all of its advanced features.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is a powerful video recorder that records all activity on your desktop computer. This software offers a wide variety of helpful recording and output setting options. Using this tool, you can record using an external webcam, region mode, or full-screen. A screen recording may contain the audio from your system sound, microphone, or both. You can customize the video while you record it by adding arrows, lines, shapes, and messages. Another advantage is that this software has a "Task Scheduler" feature. You can initiate your computer to automatically capture your screen at a given time and date. To acquire the best software to record Gameplay. Adhere to the detailed guidelines below.

Step 1 Install the PC game recorder

The best video game recording software, AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium, should first be installed by clicking the download button above. Launch the installer and follow the onscreen prompts to run the software on your computer. Open the application once you're finished, then select "Video Recorder" to access the recording toolbar.

Step 2 Configure the Output Preference

Next, go to its settings through selecting the "Gear" icon on the recording toolbar's upper right side. From the upper right corner of the recording toolbar, click the "Gear" icon to access the preferences. Find the video settings by clicking the "Output" option. The file location and output format can both be edited in this. To apply the changes you've provided, ensure to click the "OK" button below.

Step 3 Start GamePlay Recording

Go to “Video Recorder” and enable the recording mode you need to use. Enable Webcam if you want to capture yourself while playing a PC game. Moreover, turn on the microphone to capture your voice and system sounds for internal audio recording. Then, Initiate the gameplay recording by clicking the “REC” button from the right corner of the tool’s interface.

start gameplay recording

Step 4 Save the recorded video

Expect a screen recording will start according to your set recording schedule. The recorded video of your Gameplay will automatically save on the history panel of the tool. You can check it in the “Recording History” panel. Select your video and use the provided feature beside it. Then, save the recorded video by clicking the import button. With this best game recording software, you can schedule and record anytime smoothly.

save the recorded video


  • This tool features a full screen, custom webcam, microphone, and system sound.
  • You can draw and annotate during recording on the screen using this tool.

  • Only the premium version of this tool allows access to its full advanced features.

2. Xbox game Bar

Best for: It functions effectively for full-screen recording on Windows PCs with no installation requirements.
Price: Since it comes pre-installed with Windows, this program is free.

Do you want to record your PC game but need more space on your device? Luckily, Xbox Game Bar is the best game recorder for low end pc. It is a pre-installed software to capture game activities for Windows 10. This tool lets users capture game clips and take screenshots of their screen. The game bar can be utilized to record apps, windows browsers, gameplay, and any activities you want to record on your screen. The recording setting can be accessed by just pressing the “Windows + G” keys on your computer keyboard, and you can start recording. All recorded files will automatically be saved and stored in MP4 format on your computer.

xbox game bar as game screen recorder


  • It provides a shortcut key for recording Windows screens.
  • It can be used without payment.

  • There is no Custom mode available in the recording settings.

3. OBS Studio

Best for: Given that the app doesn't require you to modify and optimize any particular recording settings, you can quickly record a full screen of your game.
Price: This application is open source and free.

Another Best Game Recorder for PC is OBS Studio. It is an open-source program popular for recording game gameplay and works effectively for live streaming on Twitch. It is also a preferred software for capturing any activities on the screen. There are no requirements to configure recording settings. Only select a source of any activity you want to record, and you're good to go. Furthermore, This program supports MP4 and FLV formats to save your recorded video.

obs studio as game screen recorder


  • It allows input from various sources, such as a webcam, a computer screen, and video games.
  • Record games on your computer screen for free.

  • Editing of videos is not supported.

4. Bandicam

Best for: This software works best for long-duration gameplay recordings that can be directly uploaded to YouTube.
Price: Its premium edition is available for $36.95 per year.

As Best Game Recording App, Bandicam is used for different screen recording activities. You can utilize this program for both recording and streaming videos. It is also good at presenting and creating educational tutorials. It has various features necessary for recording videos of screen activity, gameplays, webcam, and HDMI capture devices. It also contains features for audio recording, webcam overlay, real-time drawing, and scheduled recording. A 24-hour long-term recording is also available.

bandicam as game screen recorder


  • Full-screen and region recording modes are supported.
  • You can use its real-time drawing feature.

  • Watermark is included in the video output.

5. QuicktimePlayer

Best for: Full-screen recording with built-in editing tools functions effectively on a Mac PC.
Price: This program is free because it comes pre-installed on Mac.

The best game capture software for Mac is QuickTime Player. This program is a default video player and is not just used to play video. You can utilize this program to create video recordings for free, including game recordings. As it's perfectly compatible on your Mac, this best free gaming recording tool can save you a lot of trouble. Moreover, it has some basic video editing options, such as trimming, copying, adding a new soundtrack, putting annotations, rotating your video, and more. This game recording software contains onscreen controls similar to a CD or DVD player.

quicktimeplayer as game screen recorder


  • Employ a webcam to voice recording.
  • It contains tools for basic editing.

  • The recording system sounds are not supported.

6. Camtasia

Best for: Utilizing the Audio Effect feature, this software enables users to capture Gameplay and improve video audio.
Price: Camtasia Screen Recorder is accessible for $249.

Are you looking for a tool that is capable of recording action-packed Gameplay? Camtasia can match your searches. It is a popular video and audio recording software. This tool is a powerful recorder with numerous available templates and plug-ins to enhance the recordings' effectiveness and quality smoothly. It supports essential editing tools to customize your video for free. The user interface of this tool is simple, making it easy to understand and use by beginner users. It also provides a simple and convenient way to record anything from various sources like websites, FaceTime calls, online lectures, or meetings, similar to this one.

camstasia as game screen recorder


  • One of the editing options is the green screen effect.
  • It lets you record using a webcam.

  • The vip feature is expensive.

7. XSplit Gamecaster

Best for: It works best for Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook live-streaming Gameplay.
Price: The pro subscription will cost $3.95 per month or $29.95 annually.

XSplit Gamecaster is also a useful complete-package screen recording tool. Aside from streaming, this program is an effective tool for recording high-quality video of computer games. The recording process can be done with just a single click. It provides a recording setting you can configure according to your preferred output. It also comes with video customization using the built-in video editor. You can manage your recorded videos smoothly and share them with any platform and device.

xsplit gamecaster as game screen recorder


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Provides a wide range of options for editing videos.

  • There is a fee for its advanced features.

8. Wondershare Demo Creator

Best for: This program is the best PC screen recorder for editing captured gaming videos with several effects.
Price: You can purchase $249 each month for its premium version.

Wondershare Demo Creator is known as a fundamental and best gaming screen recorder for PC. This program was designed specifically for video recording, and it is accessible and compatible with Windows and Mac OS. It contains various necessary features like PIP mode recording, annotations, webcam, and audio recording. Good video results are possible with 1080p resolution and up to 60FPS recording settings. It is also an easy-to-use screen recording tool with an elegant and clean user interface. All the recorded video is stored in MP4 and AVI file format.

wondershare demo creator as game screen recorder


  • Supports audio and video editing.
  • It Lets users share recorded videos easily to Twitch, Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube.

  • Payment is necessary to use the tool.

Keys about Best Game Screen Recorder

1. Resolution

The number of pixels that made up an image in a video frame, and the level of detail in your photos are both defined by resolution. Usually, the image looks better with more pixels. Media often use one of four video resolutions: 480p, 720p, 1080p, or 4K. Resolution is essential when it comes to improving the viewing experience on big-screen televisions.

2. Bitrate

A bitrate is a unit of measurement for the amount of data required to encode one second of video. In particular, it provides a means to estimate how much bandwidth and quickly a video will move over the Internet. Because of this, the units of bitrate are always megabits or kilobits per second. As a result, the greater the bitrate, the better the video streaming quality.

3. Video Quality

The quality of the video has a significant impact on how viewers experience live streaming. Distorted or blurry images might also interfere with the video's content. Therefore, novice streamers must discover the ins and outs of live streaming to understand how video resolution, notably SD vs. HD, enhances stream quality.

4. FPS

Frame rate refers to the speed at which video or image frames are played back to produce motion. In frames per second, the frame rate is calculated (fps). The majority of video formats use a 24 fps standard rate. However, other videos have higher frame rates, from 30 to 60 frames per second. The frame rate is essential in live streaming, especially when broadcasting fast-paced sporting or musical events. In this regard, a superior output video signal is produced at more excellent frame rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which PC screen recorder must be used to record the Gameplay?
Utilize AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. This screen recording tool can produce video results in 4k resolution. This tool allows you to choose from the recording mode. It can record the entire screen of your screen to video recording or select custom mode to specify the exact area you want to capture. Also, you can make unlimited recordings and save them to the best file format you want.
2. Can you screen-record Gameplay automatically?
The closest way to record your Gameplay automatically is to set a recording schedule. You can do it using the built-in Task Scheduler of AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. Just download the screen recorder on your device and open its main interface. On the bottom part, click the “Task Schedule.” Input the time and date you want for the game recording and the length you need. In these simple ways, you can have an automatic screen recorder for your Gameplay.
3. Can I record computer games with a Webcam?
Yes. You can capture yourself while playing computer games. This tool produces recorded video and watches the epic moments of your Gameplay to different game streaming sites if possible.

  • Get the Best Screen Recorder for PC Gaming. Launch AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium to start recording. After that, launch the program and begin preparing your recording.
  • On the main page, choose the video recording. Select a display mode for screen captures. Turn on the Webcam option, then select the audio option that best suits your needs. You can both use the system sounds and the microphone.
  • Configure the recording options. Select output under Settings to personalize your video's settings. Then, a webcam game recording can be started by navigating to the main page.


Recordings of game screens are fascinating, especially in the modern day. Computer games have become the most popular event and are widely used as sporting activities. This article gives the best solutions from the eight functional screen recorders for gaming. However, the most reliable one suits your needs. One of the most well-liked game recording programs, AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium, has received much good feedback from users. A free trial version of it can be downloaded. This software is an all-in-one screen recorder that can capture the screen at its original quality and be edited to meet your specific requirements.

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Screen Grabber Premium
Record computer screen with audio in high quality.
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