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The Best 10 PC Game Recording Software You Shouldn't Miss

best game recorder Gaming has risen to prominence, and some people have taken up playing video games as their occupation. Popular video platforms, such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and more, have provided people worldwide with the opportunity to broadcast their gameplays digitally and let the audience watch them. This, in effect, evolves into a full-fledged professional career. While many of the sites have a downloadable feature, most of them do not offer this option. Fear not, this article helps you pick the best game recorder for pc to screen record and save your favorite gameplays for later viewing pleasure.

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Best Game Recorder for Windows

1. AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

It captures both audio and video; captures the sound simultaneously from your device, your microphone, or both. AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium provides multiple ways for users to catch their image, which is ideally suited to specific scenarios. You may be able to record the entire screen, a specific window or screen area, or just the screen area around your mouse cursor. There are various options for saving the video in many of the most-used formats, including AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, 3GP, GIF, and more. The app also has integration with YouTube, so you can quickly upload and share your videos. You can also add text, lines, arrows, circles, rectangles, and various other effects to enhance your video.

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sgpremium interface


  • Real-time preview after recording is available.
  • 4K Resolution support.
  • Recording can be scheduled

  • Dynamic zooming is not possible.
  • Video trimming is not available on the trial version.

2. OBS Studio

Though it is free software, there do exist powerful features that no other free software offers. This best gameplay recording software streams via various channels such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Hitbox, Twitch, and more. The user-friendly interface makes the process trouble-free. The easy-to-read feature helps users add sources, capture cards, and take photographs from windows. You can also configure the capture quality with OBS Studio, set the resolution according to your requirement, or use your monitor's resolution. You may also adjust the fps to your needs and the resolution downscale. It can be tailored to your needs as a recording system and produce a professional-level final product for sites like YouTube and Twitch. It also has a relatively minor effect on budget machine frame rates. (OBS is a nice tool to capture 3DS gameplay.)

obs interface


  • Multiple video source filters.
  • Streamlined settings panel.
  • Free, open-source and cross-platform.
  • Over 20 plugins that enhance functionality

  • Does not work on Windows XP.
  • Cannot link to an audio file as a source.

3. Bandicam

Bandicam, one of the best game screen recorders for PC, helps perform a high compression ratio video record while keeping the video quality closer to the original job. It also offers much superior output to other programs that provide similar functions. Since Bandicam is specifically designed to record high-speed gaming, the functionality of recording the game it provides is outstanding. The game recording mode, fitted with simple and advanced settings and options, allows users to record their installed games' game footage while running them. Users will customize their performance when recording a desktop screen using the exciting features inside it. This includes setting up arrows to point things, pictures, or objects on the screen, highlights to encircle them, and numbers to display steps, phases, or levels. This mode contains the pencil feature, which helps users to scribe and draw. Bandicam's screen recording features are compelling and useful, especially for video tutorial development. (Note that you can't download Bandicam Mac as there is no Mac version.)

bandicam interface


  • Different screen recording options.
  • Lightweight, simple to use.
  • Record high fps games without lag.
  • Customize external video devices.

  • Windows only.
  • No editing tools.
  • The watermark in the free version.

4. Action!

Action! is a screen recorder and video sharing device capable of capturing and uploading DirectX, OpenGL, and Vulcan games and applications. Thanks to its simple-to-use and intuitive interface, users can quickly and easily customize their settings. It is a feature-packed program capable of capturing a selected application, desktop area, or full-screen audio and 4K webcam backup. It has very advanced gaming functions like Time-Shift, HUD that shows you FPS, free disk room, webcam preview, microphone volume, record length. Also, it has a unique ability to view overlay chat over all my streamed games. Users will customize their performance when recording a desktop screen using the exciting features inside it. It includes setting up arrows to point things, pictures, or objects on the screen, highlights to encircle them, and numbers to display steps phases or levels.

action! interface


  • Friendly user interface.
  • Powerful editing and audio options, with a separate channel for microphones.
  • Support HD recording.
  • Supports live streaming and benchmarking

  • Cannot set custom frame rate.
  • Cannot adjust the video bitrates within the software.
  • Not 100% free – with the 30 days free trial.

5. XSplit Gamecaster

XSplit Gamecaster is well-known as one of the most straightforward but interactive pc game recording software providing the best live recording capabilities as well as live streaming needs. There's no hesitation in admitting that the Gamecaster is genuinely designed to support all kinds of streamers and video recorders. It fits whether they're pros, casual gamers, or severe game lovers. Every gamer can access this platform to generate live streams of their game footage. They give every control over an interactive user interface instead of causing complications like other high-end resources in setup. On the other hand, XSplit broadcaster is well-known for being an innovative audio-video mixing device. It can produce professional-quality content for both live broadcasting and video recording needs. Its interactive and straightforward interface enables gamers to create content that catches the eye within minutes.

xsplit interface


  • Impressive drag and drop feature.
  • Easy Integration with other tools.
  • Supports all popular file formats.

  • Not suitable for beginners.

6. NVIDIA ShadowPlay

NVidia's ShadowPlay aims to overcome its significant rivals not only by providing a more robust range of features but also by taking advantage of the significantly more efficient GPU encoding than conventional game recording methods. ShadowPlay supports local recording via GPU encoding, supports all Direct X 9, 10, and 11 GPUs, and soon brings Twitch Streaming support. Best of all, it's "free," of course, you have to buy a GTX 650 or better desktop graphics card, but it doesn't cost you anything once you've got it. The good thing about ShadowPlay is that someone with an NVidia card would have the game already running on their computer. If you plan to use an alternative to ShadowPlay on a budget rig, we would suggest removing the program to prevent GFE from running in the background and further dragging down the results.

nvidia interface


  • Recording size is drastically lower than rivals, like fraps.
  • Real gameplay recording experience.
  • Good for broadcasting purposes.

  • Not possible to use twitch streaming and shadow recording at the same time.

7. Windows Game DVR

Windows has a native screen recorder for pc games called the Game Bar, which often performs very well and is relatively simple to use. Well, the other applications may have more capabilities or features. However, one thing they lack is that they are third-party applications built separately in the operating system. Simultaneously, the Game DVR is the part of the core structure of Windows that works with it and performs accordingly. The output of the Game Bar is excellent, the interface is straightforward, and it has the necessary features you need. But those moments when you can't see the Windows 10 Game Bar mean you never really know if you record until the gaming session is over.

game dvr interface


  • Can be configured to record clips with much higher quality.
  • Easy to use interface

  • Affects gaming performance.
  • Not suitable for Twitch or YouTube..

Best Game Recorder for Mac

1. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow started its life as a Mac, highly competent screen capture tool. And although this remains its primary focus, it has developed into a powerful video editing tool. So let's look at it and see if it squares up to the healthy rivalry. You can easily import clips and photos into ScreenFlow by using its Import feature. It allows you to search through the drives connected to your Mac and pick the files you need. More simply, by dragging a file straight from the Finder into the Timeline or Media Library of ScreenFlow. However, you cannot snatch media from a camera: first, you need to find some way to get clips from the computer before adding them to your project.

screenflow interface


  • This software has an easy to use interface.
  • It can perform up to a variety of functions.
  • There is versatility when it comes to editing your software.

  • The free trial is limited in its functions.
  • Free up-gradation is not available.

2. Screenflick

Looking for software that offers magnificent efficiency and authentic audio recording and the video screen is used globally by beginning users and experts. Screenflick provides just what any recorders want to make their piece of art with an extensive range of screen recording options.

screenflick interface


  • By communicating in the way a person uses keystrokes, and clicking the mouse lets Screenflick feature the movements within the generated videos.
  • As video quality is important, the use of maximum resolution on retina displays is a fantastic tool to improve the overall look of your images.
  • A great function to have is the ability to access your phone remotely, which is provided by Screenflick.
  • Time-lapse movies are an incredible way to demonstrate stunning masterpieces within minutes of all your hours' worth.

  • The inexistence of editing is a downside to all the grandeur they bring.
  • Controlling your phone is an amazing feature; the flip side is using an Ipad or Itouch that you're out of luck because you can't capture a screen for iOS devices.

3. QuickTime

QuickTime is a type of software that is used on your Mac machine to record and edit Skype videos. It is one of Mac OSx's best Skype video recorders, which can't restrict the end-user on anything. With QuickTime, you can film, edit, and create videos over Skype with a great deal of ease. You can make slide shows for Skype's audios and videos too. If you have images you'd like to convert to different formats, this is the program you want to use. Be able to use QuickTime to save videos from the internet. Using this tool, it can also access, edit, crop, and resize images. It is especially useful for use if you want to watch your favorite videos in various formats.

quicktime interface


  • Conversion of the images into different formats.
  • Able to record videos from Skype in full screen.
  • Ability to save images online.
  • It has video development, editing, and special FX application.
  • It plays HD videos perfectly. You will experience great quality content and full HD video
  • Great for integration with the audio playback.

  • The end-user would have to manually install additional codes so they can playback any videos and audios.
  • Has no playback assistance program for file formats such as AVI and FLV in particular.
  • To run the application better, the end-user must install a bloatware program that takes up most of the CPU space and causes other software updates and applications problems.
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Last updated on May 7, 2021

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