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The Best 10 Free Video Recorder to Capture Computer Screen

best free video capture Entirely recorded amazing games and videos depict your talent towards a specific field. While recorded videos of webinars and other sectors make productive understanding and learning. Whenever you want to capture your computer screen activity to save a live streaming video, create a video lecture, record gameplay, etc., a screen video capture tool is needed. Are you looking for the best free video capture to record screen along with audio? Now we have got you covered within this article. Here we have thoroughly checked almost hundreds of video capture software and listed the best free video recorders among them. With these free programs, you can easily capture any on-screen activity to high quality screencast.

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AceThinker Online Screen Recorder (Web)

AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder is a web-based free screen video capture tool that has no watermark or time limit for recording. The tool is pretty straightforward to use as it has a user-friendly UI design. It allows you to select a region, arouse mouse, and real-time editing capture of the videos online. In line with that, it can record anything from any web browser, so if you are looking for a screen recorder for Firefox this online tool is perfect for you. Here is an extensive guide on how to use AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder.

Step 1 Go to Online Screen Recorder website

Visit its official website by clicking this link AceThinker Online Screen Recorder


Step 2 Start using the tool

Since it is a free online tool, you are firstly required to download a recording launcher when you hit the “Start recording” button.


Step 3 Initiate recording

Now, you can hit “Start Recording,” you are asked to select a region to record the screen. Select the required area.


Step 4 Choose your preferred configuration

A pop-up asking to select an audio setting will generate on the screen, select the preferred configuration. You can customize and edit videos in real-time if needed.


Step 5 Stop recording

After the completion of the record, save the captured video file in the required path while hitting the “Stop” block.



  • It allows unlimited recording time with the high video quality.
  • It has an option to record a particular region.
  • Record video with audio or without audio

  • It doesn’t provide high-end editing tools.
  • Troubleshooting errors and bugs are often generated with the screen recorder.

Screencast-O-Matic (Windows and Mac)

Screencast-O-Matic blends in the best video capture software in the market these days. A vivid screen recorder tool available to use in multi-platform has already set a high benchmark among streamers and other video creators. Not only video recorder, but Screencast-O-Matic is also known as one of the best real-time video editors and featured pack software. It can record high at the screen at high resolution.



  • The video editing tool is pre-available with the software which comes handy if you have to mark or edit video files for a variety of audience.
  • Smooth and flexible to use recorder tool.
  • The pause option is available while giving voice-over.

  • No video backup plan is available in the Solo program.
  • No proper sharing option to the web through FTP.

TinyTake (Windows and Mac)

TinyTake is one of the best free video recorders available for Windows PC. It allows users to record videos, capture images of anything present on the screen. The editing feature in TinyTake is suitable to add comments, edit video pixels with colors, and so on. You can share the video file with other parties directly within a minute. TinyTake allows recording videos and webcam simultaneously.



  • Capture the entire screen or select region to record video.
  • Store video files and snapshots in the cloud or local server within a click.
  • Shortcut hotkeys are available for easy recording.

  • TinyTake allows only limited time recording of video; it’s able to record 120 minutes of video at a time.
  • Available only for Windows PC.

OBS Studio (Windows and Mac)

OBS Studio is an excellent choice if you are looking for free screen capture software. It is open-source application software available in Windows, Linux, and macOS as well. OBS Studio has a vast community that helps if any errors and bugs on the software. There are multiple recording options available within the software, and you can record screen and webcam simultaneously. Record the selected region, audio-only record, and audio along with the video.



  • It is best suited for recording games and webinars which generate large size video files.
  • OBS studio is entirely free, and its source code is available freely on the web.
  • You can record for unlimited time and storage capacity.

  • Before jumping right into the software, you need to learn how it works to get familiar with it.
  • Small bug events are often generated as open-source software.

ShareX (Windows)

ShareX screen recorder could replace your all-time favorite recorder as it is a compact application with plenty of features. ShareX is free open source video capture software available to download in Windows, Linux, and macOS. It allows recording, adding texts, and color pallets to the recorded video, and sharing enables for 80+ supported destinations on the web.



  • There are various capture methods available like; Fullscreen, Region, Last Region, Region (transparent), and so on.
  • Image annotation and customized annotation can be added to the video files easily.
  • ShareX is entirely free to use available for multi-platform.

  • The UI design of ShareX is outdated and looks like an old quaky recorder software.
  • No hotkeys are available while recording.

CamStudio (Windows)

Camstudio is a popular and best free video recorder available to download. If you are looking for a simple and easy way to record the screen, CamStudio is the way to go. It is perfect and flexible for beginners.



  • CamStudio can record forever unless you run out of device storage.
  • It is an open-source recording tool available free to use.

  • It doesn’t support recording video files in various formats except, AVI and SWF.
  • Videos after recording expand, making it a large file.

QuickTime Player (Mac)

QuickTime Player is Apple software available only on its inherited devices. It is flexible and straight-forward to use the software. QuickTime Player is pre-installed in macOS, which allows recording, editing, and saving them quickly.



  • Easy to use software that requires no further download and installation.
  • Allows exporting to other devices, share, and run video files with the software.

  • QuickTime Player is available only in macOS.
  • It has limited video file formats while rendering videos.

Monosnap (Windows and Mac)

Monosnap is a great video recording tool available in macOS free to download. Monosnap does not take much of the memory space like another recording tool, which allows smooth recording of the entire screen. The editing tool allows for managing the final product with all the available inclusive tools.



  • Allows sharing and storing captured files and images in the cloud.
  • Records video at high resolution.
  • Hotkeys are available for flexibility while recording, and they are customizable too.
  • Monosnap has editing tools pre-installed.

  • New users easily get lost with the functionalities and features, and you would need to learn before starting the project.
  • Available only to MacOS PC.

Screencastify (Chrome browser)

Recording video, sharing, and editing are made extensively easy with Screencastify. The minimalistic UI design and flexibility to use the software are worth a try if you are searching for free yet best video capture extension for web browsers.



  • Best suited for the communication management team as well as teachers and students.
  • It allows syncing video files with Google Drive easily.

  • There are limited features like; sharing and editing available in the free version of Screencastify.
  • Syncing to Google Drive sometimes glitches out.

Loom (Windows and Mac)

The Loom is powerful video recorder software for Desktop. The Loom is a best-suited video recording tool if you are a management team, and you want to manage the entire department with a media conference. Loom allows you to record unlimited video file size. It is available with extension format in some of the web browsers.



  • It is a free service available as an extension in the browser, making it flexible to use.
  • Record screen as well as webcam simultaneously with Loom Video Recorder.
  • Allows sharing and downloading videos with perfectly designed icons UI.

  • Requires premium upgrade to entertain full features of Loom.
  • Not applicable for gamers and normal desktop users.
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Last updated on January 10, 2022

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