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Top 5 Bandicam Mac Alternatives to Record Mac Screen

bandicam mac alternativeBandicam is a popular screen recorder among users because it is free to use. The reason is that it provides good quality videos and can record both videos and audio simultaneously. Bandicam is recognizable because it leaves watermarks on every video recorded from it. Bandicam is indeed a reliable one in terms of functionality, but the only downside is that it is only available on Windows. Currently, the Bandicam Mac version is not available, which is why Mac users don't have the option of enjoying this tool's features. Luckily, there are other tools out there that are great alternatives to Bandicam, and they all work on Mac. Read on to learn more about these great Bandicam for Mac alternatives.

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The Best 5 Bandicam Mac Alternatives to Record Video

1. AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

The first Bandicam Mac alternative is AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. The tool works on both Windows and Mac devices; thus, it is a widespread tool for screen recording. Even newbies can easily access this tool due to its user-friendly interface and navigation. The tool can record both screen and system audio, which makes it great for gaming purposes. It also supports webcam recording and works great for multiple chat room windows. Interestingly, if you're regularly recording, you can use its Task Schedule function to set a predefined time to record your task automatically.

sgp interface

2. Quicktime Player

Quicktime Player is the staple media player of every Mac device. However, most users don't know about its hidden screen recording function, which is a great alternative to Bandicam. Quicktime Player is, in fact, a multi-purpose tool that has different features to aid in different situations like needing to record screen activities. Aside from being able to play media files and recording screens, Quicktime Player can also mirror your iOS device to your Mac device, as well as record audio files. Quicktime Player is a versatile tool that does not need to install on your Mac device. This app makes it a great alternative to Mac Bandicam since it is not available on Mac. To learn how to use Quicktime Player to record your Mac's screen activities, follow the steps below.

click record button

3. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is a Mac exclusive screen recording and video editing application. Like most Mac applications, the tool is not free of charge, as you would have to purchase the licensed version to use its full functions. However, what makes this tool stand out among other Mac exclusive applications is its ability to edit the video after recording it. With its powerful capabilities, users can add annotations after recording their videos and produce output in different formats. The entire opposite of Bandicam Mac free, which is only available on Windows, ScreenFlow is another expensive tool if we are talking about the price. But to be fair, the video and audio quality are top-notch, that you will not have any regrets in purchasing the tool.


4. Screencast-O-matic

Screencast-o-matic is a Bandicam free alternative screen recorder which is available on the internet. The tool is mostly famous for its free screen recorder, which you can mainly use for educational purposes. What's good about the free version of the tool is that it allows the user to record a total of fifteen-minute videos. However, the finished video will have a watermark to promote the desktop version of their tool. You can obtain its desktop version by purchasing it directly from its official website. By buying the desktop version, the user will have to videos without any watermark. As an additional benefit of the licensed version, users can also use the tool's video editing function. Meanwhile, those who rarely use screen recorders, especially Mac, can use the free version instead.

recording live video

5. Snagit

Last Bandicam alternative for Mac, is Snagit. This tool was first released in the year 1990 and used only to support the Windows operating system. However, the Mac version of the device was released recently, making it one of the market's top-selling screen recorders. The tool can capture both audio and video from your Mac device. Snagit is also available in foreign languages like German and Japanese versions. The tool has features that aim to improve user experience, like zooming in the cursor, which enlarges the parts where the cursor has hovered. Snagit is so popular that it was even ranked as one of the top screen recorders in existence. If it is video quality we're talking about, you get the same condition as the source, making it the same with Bandicam.

snagit recording tool

How to Use Bandicam Alternative for Mac to Capture Screen

Being the top Bandicam alternative on our list, here's how to learn more about the functions of AceThinker Screen Grabber premium and how to operate it; follow the steps below.

Step 1 Download and Install Screen Grabber Premium

First, visit the official website of AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium to get its installer. Please see the link above to direct you to its webpage. You can also use one of the "Download" buttons below to download it immediately but preferably choose the installer for your Mac. Then, launch it and follow the steps on installing the tool on your Mac.

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Step 2 Record Screen on Mac

After the installation, the software's interface will automatically pop up on your screen. Initiate recording by clicking the "Video Recorder" button. Utilize its settings according to your preference. Then click record to start.

sgp record step2

Step 3 Finish and Play the Recorded Video on Mac

Once done enhancing and recording your screen, click the "Stop" button beside the "Pause" button within the floating toolbar. After that, a new window will appear, showing the recordings you've done. From there, you can preview the recorded video and save it.

sgp finish step3

FAQs about Bandicam Screen Recording

1. Does Bandicam work for Mac?

Bandicam is only available for Windows, and there is no Bandicam Mac version. You will need to turn to an alternative screen recorder to create screencasts on Mac. With that, AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is the best Bandicam Mac alternative.

2. What is the best screen recorder for Mac?

AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium, ScreenFlow, QuickTime, etc., are regarded as the best screen recording software for Mac.


Screen recorders for Mac that has the same quality as Bandicam Mac are hard to find. Luckily, some tools are accessible and work perfectly well with macOS. The tools above, especially Screen Grabber Premium, can provide high-quality video output for every video recordings. With Screen Grabber Premium, the user can add enhancements like annotations while recording in real-time, which is not something that standard Mac screen recorders are capable of, especially Quicktime Player. With its superb functions, Screen Grabber Premium for Mac is the only tool you need for all Mac screen recording purposes.

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