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How to Record Adobe Connect Session with Ease

record adobe connect session Adobe Connect is software from Adobe that is used mainly for creating presentations, online training materials, web conferencing, and also for sharing your desktop with other users. It is built entirely based on Adobe Flash and has become a popular software among many for its excellent options to provide unlimited meeting rooms to hold video as well as audio conferences too. But it is always good to have your online meetings and presentations recorded to be shared with your company members or for later viewing. For this purpose, we will offer the best solutions to record Adobe Connect webinar video sessions so that all your questions on capturing Adobe Connect meetings will be answered in detail below.

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Record Adobe Connect Using Screen Grabber Premium

If you want to record Adobe connect session with high quality, use Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium. This is one of the great screen recorders wherein you can record all your activities on your computer screen with ease. Plus, it can acquire the audio from the system or the microphone. With that, you don’t have to worry whether the audio will be recorded because when you use its microphone it will interact with other members in the Adobe Connect save recording session. Aside from that, it supports many file formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV, and more. To fully understand how to use it, follow the simple steps written below.

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Step 1 Download and Install the Screen Grabber Premium on your Computer

First, install the tool on your PC by clicking one of the “Download” buttons provided above. Launch the installation wizard and follow the instructions to completely install on your computer. After that, open it to see its interface.

sgpremium interface

Step 2 Configure the Settings

Next, configure its setting by clicking the “three-lines” at the upper right portion of the interface then select “Preferences”. From here, you can see all the settings of the tool. You can change its recording setting according to your preferences. Hit “Ok” to save changes.

sgpremium set up settings

Step 3 Start Recording Video

Once set-up, hit the “Video Recorder” button then choose your desired recording mode, either full screen or custom. Also, make sure that the “System Sound” and “Microphone” are turned on. Hit the “Rec” button to start recording.

sgpremium record adobe

Step 4 Stop the Recording

Once done recording, hit the “Stop” button to stop the recording. A preview window will appear. From here, click the “Save” button to save it on your computer.

sgpremium save adoberecording

Record Session with Adobe Connect Built-in Recorder

One of the best solutions to capture Adobe Connect video sessions and conferences is Adobe Connect itself as it comes loaded with a built-in recorder that allows you to record all your online courses, online presentations or meetings without involving any additional software. Once you have completed your Adobe Connect to MP4 recording, you can provide an easy to remember the name to your meeting URL, say, for example, you can save a meeting with company vice president that was held on June 2017 as "meeting-with-vice-president-jun17". You can also share the meeting URL with other team members through email so that they can also view the meeting and get the needed information or record where they are involved. Adobe Connect record meeting is also available in your PC for future viewing.

Step 1 Start Adobe Connect meeting

To start an Adobe Connect meeting, go to the Adobe Connect URL. Make sure you have a working internet connection and double check if your microphone is working. Click Meeting to start a meeting and add the desired members needed for the meeting.

adobe connect step1

Step 2 Record Adobe Connect meeting

Provide a name and description for the meeting. Once the meeting gets started, to record the whole process, click the "Record meeting" button. Once the meeting gets completed, click the "Stop recording" button to complete with the recording process. Modify the meeting URL with a more meaningful name. You can also save the video into your computer. To edit or modify the video to trim any unnecessary portions, Press "Edit video" button.

adobe connect step2

Record Adobe Connect Meetings Online for Free

Last but not least you can also go for the Free Online Screen Recorder developed by AceThinker that can give you a quick and easy solution to record any activity that is resulting during the utilization of Adobe Connect sessions. In case you don't have time to do a comprehensive recording and downloading of recording software. This solution fits you well as it can be visited online directly and put into use right there instantly. Therefore, it is universally compatible with both Mac and Windows OS holders as the official website detects and suits the user's tool. Interested? Then check the guides below.

Step 1 Open the AceThinker page for recording

In the beginning, you need to start the Adobe Connect so the window will emerge where the session will be held and which is, therefore, going to form the basis of the recording process. Once you have the Adobe in front of you, visit the official website of Free Online Screen Recorder and click the "Start Recording" button to begin.

launch free screen recorder online

Step 2 Set every capture preferences

Before continuing the process of initiating the actual recording, you shall choose the options that fit the best this sort of recording process. Here in the capturing mode you shall select regional recording and decide on the frame that encompasses the window of the Adobe tool so everything is done there will be captured. Furthermore, in the audio settings, you should choose a microphone in case you wish to include a voice commenting or the system sound in case you want to play a video from YouTube as background music during the recording.

choose audio input

Step 3 Capture Adobe Connect video

After the preferences, you can simply start the recording and highlight the window of the Adobe tool as mentioned. Then all you need to do what is left is the actual recording during which you can do any sort of annotation that you wish, with highlights and other notes so that it will be easier to remember the key points of the session. Then once done just finalize the capturing and save the created video.



As you can see many tools are readily available that can be great partners for fulfilling your need to record an Adobe Connect session. It is up to you whether you go with a tool that is more flexibly and universally used as the lightweight AceThinker tool, or you decide on a more comprehensive approach and have the offline AceThinker tool with a multitude of useful features at your hand.

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Last updated on May 10, 2021

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