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Best 4K Screen Recorder for High Quality Screencast

4k recorder 4K is a type of screen resolution that has about 4,000 pixels. It is two times more than the regular 1080p resolution considered as Ultra High-Definition. In essence, a 4K resolution gives the viewers more vivid colors and a more immersive viewing experience. It is a great factor for people, especially those who like to record their screen activities because it adds clarity to the video. However, some screen recorders are limited to the usual 1080p resolution and cant capture the screen in 4K. Luckily, some tools can capture screen activities with the same quality as with the source. Follow the list below to learn about some of the best 4K screen recorder.

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Best 4K Screen Recorder for Windows and Mac

One of the most effective 4K screen capture software is Screen Grabber Premium. A primary reason to support this claim is that it records the screen without losing its quality even if the video is playing in 4K resolution. In fact, it also captures the screen for up to 60 fps. Additionally, you can record the audio source of the 4K video at the same time so you can get the best viewing experience. You can try this excellent tool by following the easy-to-use guide placed below.

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Step 1 Download and install Screen Grabber Pro

For starters, download the installer of the MP4 screen recorder by clicking one of the buttons above. Open the downloaded installer package and simply follow the steps until the software is installed. Once done, open it so we can start recording 4K videos.

sgpremium interface

Step 2 Set-up the Recording Quality

The interface is like a recording toolbar. So from here, click the "3 lines" to access the menu and choose "Preferences" from the list. On the window that will pop-up, go to the "Output" tab, and set the "Video Quality" to "Highest" or "Lossless." Save these changes by clicking the "OK" button.

sgpremium set 4k

Step 3 Record in 4K Resolution

Before you record, set-up the audio source by turning on "System Sound," "Microphone," or both. You can also turn them off if you prefer. Then, set the recording mode whether you want "Full Screen" or "Custom." Finally, hit "Rec" to start recording your screen in 4K.

sgpremium start recording video

Step 4 Save/Play 4K Recording

Click the "Stop" button if you're done with the recording. The preview window will appear allowing you to watch the recorded 4K video immediately. Finally, hit the "Save" button to keep it on your local drive.

sgpremium play 4k

Alternative Top-Rated 4K Screen Recorders

1. Snagit

Next is a great 4K screen capture tool in high-resolution which is Snagit. It is a lightweight tool that does not overeat disk space but can perform heavy-duty tasks, like recording 4K screen resolution. The tool also has a screenshot function that takes images in high-quality as well. However, the tool is not free to use because you would have to purchase the licensed version for unlimited access. Though only for a short time, you can still enjoy the full functions of the tool by using the free trial version, which lasts for 15 days.

launch the tool

2. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one the best screen recorder and is a free screen recorder with lots of features. Being open-source software, OBS Studio is subject to changes now and then because users can freely make changes to the tool. OBS Studio is free to download and use, making it one of the most popular choices among screen recorders. However, the tool interface itself is not user-friendly because of the different buttons present. This open source screen capture is not advisable for beginners because they might get confused with the tool itself.

select gameplay capture

3. Action

Action Screen Recorder is another great 4K video recording software that can record 4K screen resolution. The tool has a highly intuitive interface, allowing users to explore all the available functions that the tool can offer. The tool was built primarily to support 4K quality games and stream the gaming session in real-time. Similarly, it can also be used to record 4K screen resolution and watch it later. The tool also allows direct upload of recorded videos to the web with its upload feature.

edit the video

4. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is another exceptional 4K video capture software that can also record 4K screen. What's good about the tool is its ability to capture a screenshot record the screen activities. You get two tools in the form of one Icecream Screen Recorder. The downside of the tool is it's not entirely free and requires the licensed version to be purchased to use its full functions. However, you can still use the tool because it has a free trial version. Under the free trial, the videos that you record will have a watermark, which is annoying because it is too distracting. Other than that, the tool still lives up to its reputation as one of the best screen recorders.

adjust the frame

5. Camtasia

Camtasia is one of the excellent tools that can record any activities on your display screen. Recording 4K resolution movies is an easy task for this tool. However, it requires you to pay to use this tool's special features fully. Although it needs to be paid, Camtasia has a free trial to experience its useful functions. You can do a lot of things in this tool, like enhancing your recordings by putting annotations, setting a transition, and adding video effects with this tool's built-in video editor. You can also save your videos in different formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, and more.

camtasia 4k step 2

6. Bandicam

Bandicam is popular screen recording tool for Windows. The tool doesn't have a Mac version, which is a downside for users of the said operating system. The tool is widely used worldwide and is one of the most recognizable tools out there because it can produce high-quality videos but leaves them with its watermark. Despite that, many people still trust Bandicam because it can capture images as high as 4K resolution, making it highly recommended. Aside from that, the tool can also do basic editing to the videos it produces, which makes it good for a quick fix. The tool also allows users to use external video sources like a webcam to record videos in 4K. There is no Mac version of Bandicam, but you can find a great Bandicam alternative for Mac.


7. ShadowPlay

ShadowPlay is desktop 4K game recorder by tech giant company NVIDIA. The tool has many essential features that are useful for playing games, including the screen recording feature. ShadowPlay produces videos of up to 4K quality because of its power system. However, there is a catch because the developers admit that ShadowPlay slows the PC performance. That is the reason why this tool is not recommended for PC that has low specs. Also, the tool automatically supports the recording of games that works on Direct3D but not OpenGL games. In general, ShadowPlay is a great 4K recorder for games, but not very suited for movies and other types of videos.

select different video capture mode

8. Dxtory

Another great way to record 4K videos is by using Dxtory. This tool boasts its capabilities to record 4K videos because of its exceptional features like the "Lossless Capture," which records the same pixels as with the source. Also, the tool works by producing high-quality videos without putting too much burden on the PC system, because it captures data from a different system than usual. Additionally, the tool supports various audio inputs, which makes recording very versatile. However, the tool leaves watermarks to videos under the free trial version, which can be annoying for others. In general, the tool works well and stays true to its promise of recording high-quality videos every time.


Comparison Chart of 4K Screen Recorders

Learning how to record screen in 4K resolution is not easy since not all screen recorders support 4K. However, some may not be free but can do the task perfectly. Fortunately, the 4K capture software mentioned above all passes as the best 4K screen recorders, and some are easy to use. This is true, especially with Screen Grabber Pro that supports 4K and even higher screen resolution. By using the tool, you cannot only have a copy of your screen activities in 4K resolution, but you will be able to watch it repeatedly. You can even stream it online and let others know how great 4K resolution is. This is just one way Screen Grabber Pro can be used, on top of its multi-functionality.

Software Video Quality It Allows you to Record GamePlay Cloud Storage Price
Screen Grabber Premium 720p, 4K, 1080p Yes Yes $29.95/year
Snagit 720p Yes Yes $49.99/year
OBS 420p, 1080p No No Free
Action 720p Yes Yes $29.95 / year
Software Video Quality It Allows you to Record GamePlay Cloud Storage Price
Camtasia 720p, 1080p Yes Yes $49.75/year
Bandicam 420, 720p Yes Yes $39/year
ShadowPlay 720p, 1080p Yes No Free
Dxtory 1080p, 4K Yes No $40 / year

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FAQs about 4K Screen Recording

Can you screen record in 4K?

Screen recorders are capable of recording videos in high quality (4000 pixels) for clear viewing. You only have to choose the best tool to do so. With this, I recommend Screen Grabber Premium. This screen recording tool will help you record and save videos that you can watch in HD up to 4k.

Do you need a 4K monitor to record screen in 4K?

No. All you need is a tool that will help you record your screen in 4K quality. Screen Grabber Premium lets you customize your output, including both the audio and video quality.

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