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Top 10 HD 1080p Screen Recorder You Should Try

1080p screen recorderNowadays, there has been a large development in video display sharpness. Where after the introduction of the 720p high definition video display format. The 1080p format was also introduced. The 1080p is currently the most popular and widely used high-definition video display format. The easiest way of enjoying the many benefits of recording 1080p videos is to do it on your computer. Play it on TV with high quality to share your special moment with the recording with all your friends on the big screen. Luckily, there are many 1080P screen recorders available. It can help you record videos in 1080p, which will be addressed in this article.

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Record computer screen with audio in high quality.

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Best 1080P 60FPS Screen Recorder - Free and Paid

1. Aqua Demo

Best for?: It has a Task Scheduler that can record the PC screen in a predetermined time.

When it comes to screen recorders that can record 1080p high-definition videos. The best screen recorder is Aqua Demo. It can record 1080p videos on many occasions. For instance, save video chats, gameplay, or other recording options when you want to capture live meetings. This screen recorder tool offers you a recording experience. It also offers advanced features of simultaneous recording of video and audio. Capture in different modes, and a video recording scheduler. In case you wish to learn more about using this software, check the guideline below.

Key Features:

  • It can record your webcam and PC screen simultaneously.
  • It can record a computer screen with lossless quality output.
  • This tool is designed with a game mode recorder which is suitable for users who want to record gameplay videos.
Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Download and Install the Program

Click any of the "Download" buttons located above that suits your operating system. Follow the installation process and save it on your Windows or Mac computer. Once done, open it to get familiarized with the interface.

sgpremium interface

Step 2 Personalized the Settings

After the installation, hit the "3 lines" at the top-right corner of the interface, then select "Preferences." Go to the "Output" panel from the window and set the "Video quality" to highest to achieve a 1080p recording. Click "OK" to save it.

sgpremium set 1080p

Step 3 Start Recording in 1080p

Next, go to "Video Recorder," and you can turn on "System Sound," "Microphone," or both as your audio source. Then, choose the recording mode between "Full" or "Custom." Once done, click the "Rec" button to begin.

sgpremium recording mode

Step 4 Share your videos

Once you're done with the recording, click the "Stop" button, and the preview window will open automatically. From here, click the "Save" button to keep it. Then, click the "Share" icon from the interface and choose where you want to upload the 1080p recording.

sgpremium save recording

2. Snagit

Best for?: It has a professional markup tool that helps you annotate your video.

Snagit is a good alternative for 1080p recording software. It is a screenshot program that can make different captures such as video display and audio output. Snagit replaces the native print screen function with additional features. Newer versions allow batch capture of embedded items such as links, pictures, and multimedia. With a friendly interface, the user can ease set parameters and shortcuts. It can capture different types of data. All files can be found in a "Catalog" folder by default. Snagit can also follow links from different websites and capture the specified area from the linked pages using the capture mode. Snagit supports different formats. Including All-in-One, Full Screen, Copy to Clipboard, Web Page, PDF with Links, Copy Text to Clipboard, FreeHand, and Menu with Time Delay. The capture tool has a nice feature called a batch converter that allows the alteration of large files at once. Once you have finished, it automatically moves screenshots to the "Edit" section. Where the user can make small editions like resized, annotated, or given special effects.

Key Features:

  • It captures moveable objects on your screen.
  • It arranges buttons, delete text, and edit elements on your screenshot.
  • It allows users to favorite all valuable functions on its system for easy access.

record 1080p


  • Snagit is available in English, German, Japanese, and Korean versions.
  • Has a quick navigation toolbar and allows repat last screen capture.
  • Small editor embeded on the tool.

  • Not all features are available on MacOS.
  • There is only desktop version.

3. Fraps

Best for?: It can record high-quality videos on DirectX or OpenGL games.

Following our list, here we have one of the most functional and well recommended is the Fraps screen recorder. When it comes to high-definition 1080p video, this is a superpowerful tool. Fraps are most of the time used to record gameplays. Believe it or not, they can record 120 frames per second. Also, keep in mind the maximum supported resolution is 7680×4800. Fraps is well known for recording showing how many FPS (Frames Per Second) you are getting. With all keyboard shortcuts, you can take a screenshot only by pressing a single key. The screen captures are automatically named and timestamped. When it comes to real-time video capture, there is no time limit on the paid version of this tool. And the solution also allows custom frame rates from 1 to 120 frames per second!

Key Features:

  • During a recording session you can hit a screenshot to take still images.
  • It allows you to see the number of frames per second.
  • It enables users to simultaneously record gameplay videos with microphone and system sound.

fraps movies tab


  • Popular to record games.
  • Outsanding video quaility.

  • Free version with 30 second time limit and watermark.
  • Maximum supported resolution is 7680×4800.

4. Screencastify

Best for?: It is best for users who want to do video stream and screen recording at the same time.

Suppose you are looking for a free 1080p video recorder program to record your screen. This solution is beneficial for creating training videos, product reviews, and more. Screencastify is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to record your screen. If you choose the free version, you will record the screen, record audio, and more. There are many of the available recording options in 1080p. It allows you to create a tutorial, customer support, product demo, and even training videos on your computer in 1080p. Which can be shown on the big screen of your HD TV afterward. The extension is super easy to install. All you need is to click on the link mentioned above. The solution has different prices for different purposes. Screencastify Lite is available for free. And it can record videos for up to 10 minutes. The negative point is the Screencastify logo embedded in the final output. Screencastify Single user where the user must pay €24. It also allows unlimited recording facility and assists in basic video cropping.

Key Features:

  • This tool allows users to do file sharing.
  • It comes with an editing function after you finish recording your screen.
  • You can directly upload your recorded file on YouTube.

start recording


  • Popular to record education videos.
  • It is a easy to install the browser extension.

  • Only works with Chrome devices and browsers.

5. Movavi Screen Capture

Best for?: It is suitable for users who need to record live streams and webinars.

Movavi Screen Capture is a powerful 1080p and 60fps screen record. Plus, it is a lightweight screen recording software, and some users also like to use the tool for video streaming for capturing video calls. With the tool, users also can grab music from different websites, create interactive tutorials. Users can also easily use it to get some desktop screenshots. If you are a screen recorder enthusiastic, you will enjoy its intuitive controls. The Movavi Screen Capture Studio has an easy-to-use built-in editor. This is very helpful, especially to professionals, and can help to generate customized video content. It supports all the Movavi Screen Capture tool features with the addition of an editor tool, filters, and special video effects. With Movavi, you can save videos in any desired format, especially with 1080p resolution.

Key Features:

  • You can draw on the video while doing the recording process.
  • If you need to record audio streams, it only has a function that can record Audio files.
  • You can record your webcam without capturing the computer screen of your device.

Movavi Screen Capture


  • It has an integrated capture and editing tools.
  • It can record audio from the system and microphone.
  • Intuitive interface.

  • There is no customer support available.
  • Free version is limited.
  • Users cannot upload their videos directly to YouTube.

6. OBS Studio

Best for?: It is favorable for users who need to record their live streams and gameplay.

Whenever you are interested in making 1080p videos to be transferred later on to your HD TV, then OBS Studio is a recommended solution to go and give it a try. This 1080p screen recorder is an open-source tool that you can install and utilize. Also, it is equipped with many professional features, like an audio mixer, Chroma key, transitions, and more. What is more, you can customize hotkeys to stop, pause, resume, and start recording quickly. Furthermore, the free 1080p screen recorder has a "Studio Mode" that allows you to preview your sources and scenes before recording and live streaming. Apart from 1080p, you can also record your computer screen in 4k for better output. It is a great software that you can acquire and use anytime.

Key Features:

  • With this open-source tool, you can record your screen and your webcam at the same scene.
  • You can customize different recording settings such as frame rate, bit rate, and more.
  • It enables plugins to provide further customization and features.

obs studio main interface


  • It has a customizable audio settings.
  • It allows you to record any length of a live stream without limits.

  • The configuration of settings might overwhelm first-time users.

7. TinyTake

Best for?: This tool lets you mark up your recorded video with text and highlights.

TinyTake is a feasible solution to record 1080p. The free version of this tool allows to record for up to five minutes and is only for personal use. If you need to make longer 10180p recordings, use them commercially, add annotations or upload them directly to YouTube. Check out TinyTake’s various premium options. This paid offer is also great, with great features and the main ones will be mentioned below. Once the capturing process with TinyTake is completed, the user can see on the interface the annotation tool. The program even lets you hide sensitive information on images and adjust video start and end times. It presents a super useful built-in viewer for standard file types like Office documents and PDFs. The storage options must be highlighted here because, with TinyTake, users have long-term online storage.

Key Features:

  • You can capture video using your webcam.
  • It comes with built-in annotations.
  • You can directly store your recorded video on cloud services.

capture screen


  • Individual and bulk file sharing.
  • Built in editor: capture and annotate videos and pictures.

  • Limited features on the free version.
  • Watermark on the free version.

8. Jing

Best for?: It can both capture screenshots and screen record and save them directly on your local storage.

Jing is a 1080p recording software that must be mentioned on our list. Jing is a free tool with a friendly design and easy interface. The tool is one of the most popular tools to record screens in a good definition. There are a few cons against this tool like it is unable to record or convert the video in other formats. However, SWF, there is a limit in recording video with 5 minutes restriction for unregistered users. The recorded video could only be published to flash, which many portable devices do not support. Jing performs the two main types of screen capture, the first one is image capture, and the second one is video capture. The tool does not record directly in MP4 format. Jing is compatible with different operational systems: Macintosh and Microsoft Windows.

Key Features:

  • Users can save recorded files on cloud storages.
  • You can also directly share your recorded screen on social media platforms.
  • It comes with annotation functions.

screen recorder for mac jing


  • Individual and bulk file sharing.
  • Jing is free up to 2GB of online storage space.

  • Does not record on all popular extensions, i.e MP4.

9. Camtasia Studio

Best for?: It is perfect for creating video tutorials and video demos.

Camtasia Studio is one of the most popular screen recorders 1080p nowadays. You can try to free the tool with some limitations watermark, you cannot render a full video. The solution is mostly used for commercial purposes and for the happiness of their users, they also have a free mobile app for Android and iOS. That makes it easy to transfer media from your device for use in Camtasia. Its main features are audio recording while screen-capturing is in progress (live narration). It also supports dubbing in other audio tracks or voiceovers during post-capture editing. Once you’re finished editing, you can render and share your video files to Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive, and from within the program. A great update from 2019 is the feature, it adjusts the loudness across all clips within a project. It is to maintain consistent audio levels throughout the video. Now it also has customizable shortcuts.

Key Features:

  • It comes with templates that you can use to edit your recorded files.
  • Users can add personal touch on the recorded video by capturing web camera capture.
  • You can use its screen recording options to capture the entire screen, region, a web browser window, or computer application.

camtasia screen recorder


  • Customizables short cuts.
  • Easy video editing.
  • No limits on video length.

  • On the 30 days free trial the videos still have watermark.


Best for?: It comes with a voice synthesizer that will highlight the quality of your audio file.

EZVID is an alternatively available tool that does a great job with a simple and free 1080p screen recorder. Ezvid is a total free screen recorder and does not have watermarks, must mention that it can only export recordings to YouTube. There's no way to save them to your PC. In terms of recording, it allows record for up to 45 minutes. This tool is super rich in features. It has Chroma key green background, embedded text edition, color tunning, and split screen. In addition, it also has video stabilization, audio equalizer, pan and zoom option, and audio mixer. Supported video formats include MP4, AVI, H261, H264, FLV, MKV, M4V, 3GP, MOV, MPEG, VOB, RMVB, TS M2TS, WMV, ASF and many more. For audio, the available extensions are MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, AC3, OGG. For photo JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, JPE, GIF, DIB, JFIF, TIF, TIFF.

Key Features:

  • It comes with video editing functions.
  • It has an instant slideshow maker.
  • You can add free music on your recorded file.

ezvid interface


  • Chroma Key green background.
  • Many different files formats supported.

  • Limited free version: inability to save finished projects to your own computer.

Coomparison Chart and Conclusion

With the growing popularity of 1080p high definition videos nowadays. Numerous video recording tools incorporate this feature into their offering. Which makes it relatively easy to record any sort of activity on your computer and afterward transfer it to be watched on your HD TV. Naturally, the tools above all have their advantages and limitations. Therefore it is up to you which one you would proceed with after trying them and finding the one most suitable for you. In either way, we recommend AceThinker provided with solution outlined above. It is one of the greatest 1080 video recorders which will completely fulfill all your needs.

Software Supported OS Area Selection Target Audience
Aqua Demo Windows and Mac Customized and Full Recording Area Basic, Prosumer, Professionals
Snagit Windows & Mac Customized and Full Recording Area Prosumer
Fraps Windows Customized and Full Recording Area Basic
Screencastify Windows Full Screen Recording Only Prosumer
Movavi Screen Capture Windows & Mac Customized and Full Recording Area Basic, Prosumer
Software Supported OS Area Selection Ease of Use
OBS Studio Windows, Mac, and Linux Customized and Full Recording Area Prosumer, Professionals
TinyTake Windows Customized and Full Recording Area Basic
Jing Windows & Mac Full Screen Recording Only Prosumer, Professionals
Camtasia Studio Windows & Mac Customized and Full Recording Area Prosumer, Professionals
EZVID Windows Customized and Full Recording Area Basic, Prosumer

aqua demo video guide

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