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How to Easily Play MKV Files on VLC

vlc not working featured imageMost people nowadays are fond of downloading videos from the internet, and there is a possibility that you can get MKV files. But what are MKV files? MKV files are not a video compression format; they are multimedia container formats that include video, audio, and subtitles into a single file. It doesn't matter if you are using different types of encoding. However, MKV is not an industry-standard, which means not all media players support this type of file. If you want to play MKV files, one of the best options is to use the VLC Media Player because it has built-in support, and you don't need to install any third-party apps to play MKV files. With that, we will show you some steps on how to play MKV files on VLC and some tips in case your VLC is not working.

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How to Play MKV with VLC Media Player MKV

VLC is an open-source media player wherein you can play several videos with different file formats like MKV, and it runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also reduce the video size according to your preferences. Likewise, this media player consists of a powerful library that lets you stream videos or convert videos. But this time, we will show you the simple methods on how to preview MKV files on VLC media player.

watch mkv on vlc

  • First of all, install the VLC player on your computer by visiting its official site and hit the “Download” button, and follow the guide to save it on your PC.
  • After that, click “Media” at the upper left part of the interface to import an MKV file. Then, hit the “Open” button from the window to start watching an MKV file on VLC.

How to Solve VLC Not Playing MKV Issue?

In this section, we’ll show you how to troubleshoot your VLC media player if you can’t play MKV files. Basically, we can’t avoid errors indicating that the VLC media player is not working correctly. What’s worse is that you can even load an MKV file indefinitely, or an error pops up a window while previewing an MKV file. So with that, we tackled some tips to fix your VLC MKV problem. Find them out below.

1. VLC Media Player Has No Audio

Just in case you are experiencing problems with your audio. You must check your audio by clicking the “Audio” option located at the upper part of the interface, make sure that it is not muted. Besides, if it is still not working, you can ensure that the audio is enabled. Go to “Tools,” then select “Preferences.” From here, tick the box beside the “Enable Audio” icon to enable the audio.

vlc audio not working

2. VLC Media Player Skipped MKV or HD MKV

Once VLC cannot play MKV, you have to go to the “Tools” option and select “Preferences.” A window will appear, showing the settings of the media player. Click the “All” radio button located at the bottom left corner of the interface. Next, find the “Input/Codecs” from the option, and a list will appear beside the input/codecs option. From here, set the file caching (ms) into 1000. Hit the “Save” button located at the lower right corner of the interface to save changes.

vlc skipping mkv video

3. Buffering Video While Playing MKV and HD MKV on VLC Media Player

In case your VLC is not playing MKV go to “Tools” then “Preferences.” From here, click the “All” button that you can see at the bottom left part of the interface. Next, select “Input/Codes” > “Video Codec”. Choose the “FFMpeg” from the drop-down menu and disable hardware decoding on the list that appears.

vlc buff mkv video

Better Way to Play MKV Files Smoothly

As not all media players well support the MKV format and sometimes even VLC cannot play MKV, it's recommended that you convert MKV to more popular video formats that are supported by most players, platforms, and devices, say MP4. To do that, you can simply get Acethinker Video Master, an all-in-one solution wherein you can convert multiple videos simultaneously without changing its original quality. Besides, you have many file formats to choose from, such as MKV, MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, and so on. Aside from conversion, you can use this software to enhance your videos using its default editing features like adding effects, removing video noise, and more. Follow the detailed methods below to convert your MKV videos.

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Step 1 Download and Install the MKV Converter

First of all, you have to click one of the "Download" buttons provided above to get its installer. Follow the procedures to save on your PC completely. After that, open it to access its main interface.

vm main interface

Step 2 Import the MKV Video

Next, click the "Converter" panel from the upper part of the interface and then hit the “Add File” button located at the left corner of the interface and browse an MKV video file that you wish to convert to any VLC supported file format like MP4.

vm open mkv file

Step 3 Start the MKV Video Conversion

Once a file is added, you can set-up the video file format to MP4 by clicking on the drop-down menu located at the right corner of the tool. From here, you can see all the available file formats that you prefer to use. But in our case, we have to select the MP4 video file format. After that, click the “Convert All” button to start the conversion.

vm start the conversion

Step 4 Play the Converted Video

Once done, open the output folder to see the converted video. Right-click the file and hit "Open with VLC player" to play the converted video on VLC.

vm play vlc


To sum it up, these are the tips on how to fix a VLC player not playing MKV. you can use them all so that you can use your VLC media player correctly. Aside from that, we also provide software wherein you can use to convert videos to MKV file format to watch them on your VLC. In addition, video master has its easy user interface wherein you can easily use it without using guidelines.

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