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How to Download Missing DLL Files For Free

download missing dll files Dynamic Link Libraries, commonly known as DLL files are type of applications, that contains set of data and codes that address a particular command. DLL files are used by different programs to execute their functions all at the same time. One DLL file can work for a program to locate a document in a specific directory while being used by another program at that same moment. Dynamic Link Libraries file usually ends in .dll extensions. Still, other Dynamic Link Libraries files have different extensions.OCX.CPL, or.DRV. If you have come across the missing DLL files issues and are looking for ways to solve the problems, you can look at this article about where and how to download DLL and fix DLL missing error.

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Where to Download Missing DLL Files For Free

system 32 dll

In the photo above, we can see that the Windows Operating System uses DLL files widely because of its functionality. From the example above, the highlighted file is the comdlg32.dll or the Common Dialog box. Dialog boxes are small windows or boxes, which appear when you are using a program. For example, if you will go to the properties of a file, a box will appear containing the information about that program. This DLL file's function is to open a dialog box whenever a certain command is performed. If this DLL file is missing, you won't be able to open two applications with dialog boxes, at the same time. DLLs allow data and codes to be reused by different applications so that developers won't have to spend time and effort to create a code that is just for a common function of every application. Although developers are creating their own DLL files, most of them are cached in packages, and examples are the Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft C++ Redistributables. One advantage of standardizing the codes is when Microsoft has an update for its DLLs. The applications that use those files can easily apply the changes and improvements, because it's easier to update a single file, rather than updating the whole application. Due to its frequent use in the system, DLL files are prone to crash, and most of the time, an error message about a specific DLL file missing will pop up. Here is a website where you can look for and download the missing DLLs for free. The name of the website is Wiki DLL.

dowload dll website

You can look for the specific name of the DLL, or sort the files by their first letter if you click a particular message, all DLLs that starts with that letter will appear. There is also a description of the data for you to read before going on with the download. The evaluation and how many times the file has been downloaded is also visible in the website, to help with choosing the right DLL file to download.

sort files by Letter

The image above shows the list of available DLLs that start with a specific letter. Choose any DLL file, and it will be downloaded in zip file format. After that, you can unzip the data within a particular folder. It is required so that the program that uses it can run again. It also guides you on where to place the said file. Therefore, this website is dependable when it comes to such situations.

One good thing about this website is that its database is always updated from time to time. New DLLs are added to keep up with the latest applications.

new dll updates

Download Dll Files Using Free Online DLL Database Website

Since the website is free, there is no need to sign up for anything or pay for anything to be able to download the files. All you need to do is to go to the website, and from the homepage, you will see a search bar. Below are letters that you can click to go to all the DLLs that start with that specific letter.

search bar and letter

From the homepage, you can see the most downloaded DLL files and newly added ones including the date when they were added on the site, along with the file size. If the search bar is used to search for DLL files, the results will show that particular file's information, like the name of its creator, what the DLL is all about, its use, and what the error message means, and others.

dll files download

If you scroll down further from the webpage, you will see the download links. There are two options to choose from to match the operating system you have, one for a 32-bit operating system, and the other is for the 64-bit operating system.

32 and 64 bit

Aside from that, the website also has a tool named "WikiDll Fixer", which automatically fixes the missing DLL error on the system. There are two options on the website. You can use the said tool to fix the issue automatically, or you can proceed to the download and fix the issue manually.

wikidll fixer download

Also feel free to check out the list of some of the best free DLL fixer software on List of Freeware


The website is a good and reliable site for finding a solution to your missing DLL issue. Aside from being able to search for DLLs, you can also download them for free. Also, the fact that it is always updated is a plus to ensure that you will get the best option. The guide that teaches where to place the specific DLL file is another good thing about the site. It's a must-try website all in all.

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Last updated on May 28, 2021

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