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Steps to Fix The Blue Screen Error Locale ID 1033

fix blue screen error Computers have become an essential part of our daily lives. They have replaced social work to a great extent. However, they are still machines that may fail to work sometimes and cause all sorts of errors. The annoying blue screen 1033 error is such a technical error among the many technical errors, e.g., error barcode 50, blue screen 0x0000000a error, blue screen stop 0x0000003b that we may experience while using a computer. Many folks get shocked when they see this error popping up in their screens. In this piece, we are going to mention everything that you need to know regarding the infamous 1033 Blue Screen error and some possible options to resolve it. We have tried to keep things simple so the average user can understand what we mean. So let's jump right in.

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What is Blue Screen Error Locale ID 1033?

The windows error 1033 is basically a status where the computer screen shows a blue screen error with a bewildering amount of hard to read the text above it. Users will also receive an alert that something is off with their p.c. The Windows OS will turn off the system so as to offset any damage to the system or the data kept in it. By following this procedure, your computer will either restart and or turn off itself. The blue screen 1033 error, is one of the most frequent error cases that computer users may encounter when they typically use the system. Now let's get into the most common reasons why this happens.

blue screen error

Leading causes of Locale ID 1033?

It's best to keep in mind that random small issues do not cause the error 1033 message. Therefore, if this error message has popped up in your computer, it implies that there is a more severe problem that has triggered the computer to restart or shut down abruptly forcefully. And in case it doesn't do this, there are some easy yet quick fixes that are useful for rebooting your system fast. Before we get started, let's acknowledge first the basic culprits of the Blue screen message error. Here are some possible causes:


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  • 1. Graphics card driver freeze
  • 2. Problem with the driver or hardware
  • 3. Lacking, damaged or adulterated system files
  • 4. Virus monitor or lack of compatibility of software programs

The above are some common reasons that trigger an error code 1033, which may force the system to shut down all of a sudden. Now that we are familiar with the reasons why this happens let's jump to the next part where we discuss some common fixes.

How to Resolve The Blue Screen 1033 error?

There are several easy, quick resolutions that will aid you in fixing this frustrating problem. Find them below:

1. Head to the action center of your system for potential resolutions

This an integrated program found in all Windows OS devices, and it lets you find a potential resolution to the 1033 blue screen error automatically. It checks your software programs and hardware to pinpoint the problem that's been triggering the mistake and then come up with a potential resolution. First, you have to head to the System and Security option (found in the control panel of the system) and then go to "Check for solutions from problem…" that will be found beneath the Systems and Maintenance tab. Lastly, you have to pick "check for solutions," and your system will look up possible solutions to the most previously documented errors.

problem reporting

2. Restart your device by unplugging the cable

To turn off your computer, for desktop devices, disconnect the power cord from the desktop. At this point, you should wait a minimum of 30 seconds before you reconnect the power cable. Once you have connected back the power cable, run your p.c to make sure that the 1033 issue has been fixed successfully.

unplugging the cable

3. System reboot

This procedure includes the usage of a Windows program called "System Restore," which permanently retracts the previously made essential adjustments to the system recorder, new program, or driver set-up. You have to choose the "system restore" from the "start" icon. Lastly, implement the given set of guidelines to finish the procedure. This will erase any software or drivers that may trigger the issue. After the successful finishing of the process, restart your device to confirm that the problem has been eradicated.

restore windows to resolve 0x0000003b

4. Restore back your previous drivers

There are very high chances the Blue Screen 1033 error you encounter is the result of newly upgraded and installed drivers. If this happens, the best possible solution is to restore to the previous drivers to an earlier version and search to see if the issue still persists. To do this, you'll have to go to the producer's website and install a previous version of the drivers. Finally, restart your p.c and confirm whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Restore back your previous drivers

Uninstall any previously installed programs

The last (but not least) possible culprit of the blue screen locale id 1033 error could be any previously installed program on your PC. Therefore, in order to wipe up this, you have to uninstall any previously downloaded program on your computer. Once you do this, you can proceed to restart your device and make sure that the problem has been removed. Still, if you have downloaded a series of apps or programs with a short lifespan, you'll have to implement the following method to pinpoint the corrupted one that could trigger the problem. By doing so, you eliminate any odds of the error being caused by damaged drivers or software downloads that you didn't notice before that were causing problems. It's simple. Just view the screenshot below for a better glimpse:

Uninstall Programs

How to get back your lost data from the 1033 error?

It is widely recognized that handling software issues like this one can be challenging. You may finally lose a part of the data or everything when trying to resolve the 1033 blue screen error. This occurs due to insufficient procedures and no back-up data for your system to rely on. The majority of users mistakenly think that once this data gets lost, it can't be retracted back, but that isn't true. You can restore your lost information much easier than you think. Sounds great, right? To do this, you will have to adopt a proper third-party toolkit that will assist you in getting your data back. Keep in mind that there are thousands of kits like this, and unfortunately, some are scams or fail to work as promised. This is why we have done our research to find out the best toolkit for this case, and it's called Disk Recovery by AceThinker, which happens to be one of the most reliable developers worldwide.

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