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Methods to Tackle Blue Screen Bccode 50 Error

bccode 50 Computers are widely used by almost everyone nowadays and in some cases, errors and issues may arise out of nowhere. One such problem is the "Bccode 50", which temporarily blocks access to your system. In this report, we are going to briefly discuss what this error is, why it occurs, and all simple steps and methods you can follow to fix it. Don't forget to check out the 6th part of this report regarding lost data retrieval due to the Bccode 50 error. Since several problems result in the Windows blue screen Bccode 50, check out the rest of our articles on such errors to pinpoint the cause.

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What Exactly is Blue Screen Error Bccode 50?

Blue Screen Error Bccode 50 refers to a system status where the PC turns off, and a blue screen error pops up. When such a screen pops up, the user won't be able to enter any documents, files, data, and applications installed on their OS. This blue screen bccode error is one common reason why the system stops working and shuts down. That is why the user must follow the right steps to resolve this fast as failure to fix it will result in data loss.

what is Bccode 50?

What Triggers Blue Screen Bccode 50 Error?

Bccode 50 error may arise because of several different issues, mainly caused by hardware synchronization. For instance, a common cause could be outdated/old drivers. Another common culprit of the Bccode 50 error is the video graphics card. When this card is also obsolete, it can cause this error. The odds of this happening are higher whenever the old graphics card driver is linked to an AMD/Intel hybrid slot. Many users have revealed experiencing this error at times when they have "overlocked" their GPU memory. Blue screen errors may also pop-up when there is a problem with hardware installation. It includes RAM issues, which can trigger an error if the hardware isn't installed correctly. Several users also state encountering such error when the memory stick isn't fit properly. If we examine all these culprits, it is evident that they are caused by the hardware's failure to fulfill the software requirements.

bccode 50 windows 7 blue screen

The process of fixing the BSOD Bccode 50 error focuses on two general aspects:

  • Diagnosing the problem
  • Fixing the error

Diagnostic Method to Fix Bccode 50 Error

1. Find mdsched.exe

Press the "Start" icon and write or copy "mdsched.exe" order in the search field. Hit "Enter". Select either the option "run the test immediately" or "schedule for a different time".

run test

2. Wait until the Run test is Complete

The checking process will begin once the system reboots. Combine the test settings to get a combo of Basic, Standard, and Extended versions. The system will restart once the checking process is finished. The results will appear in a log form on your screen. First, test the condition of your drivers. Here are the steps to execute this:

If the check reveals an issue with the RAM, this may be the issue behind the bccode 50 error. However, if it doesn't indicate any RAM problem, you will have to search for other possible reasons for the problem. You can also consider testing the condition of each driver of your computer, to prevent adjacent issues as well.

Step 1 Find Device Manager

Press the "Start" button, go to "My Computer/Computer", right-click, and choose the option "Manage." Choose "Device Manager" option in the Device Manager menu.

device manager

Step 2 Find the Identity of the Device

To find out the driver identity of the device, just click on it 2X. Right-click the driver and select the option "Properties".

driver properties

Step 3 Check the Driver Condition

To check the driver condition, click on the "General"/Driver detail buttons.


The system will ask you whether you wish to update the existing driver. Generally, it is advisable to update your drivers to the latest version, even if a driver problem isn't causing the Bccode 50 error. This step is necessary for making your PC run smoothly.

Another diagnostic method to resolve the issue is executing the "Safe Mode". If you are a Windows 10 user, the process of accessing safe mode differs from earlier Windows versions. This mode shuts down various drivers except for the most basic drivers your system needs to work. Using the "Safe Mode" as an alternative option for accessing your network makes fixing the blue screen bccode error much more comfortable. Users can also restore data using this option.

Use Windows Utility Tool to Resolve Bccode 50 Error

Once the cause of the error has been diagnosed, you can proceed to troubleshoot. There are two main procedures to do this: Windows Utility Tools and Recovery Software. Windows system includes several tools to resolve common problems like this. For instance, if old drivers are causing the problem, the system has tools to diagnose and fix it using newer driver versions. Here are the steps to update your previous driver status:

Step 1 Find Device Manager

Before doing anything else, press the "Start" icon on the bottom left part of your screen—type "Device Manager" in the search field. Click on the Device Manager to reveal a menu of all drivers listed.

device manager

Step 2 Update Drivers

Double click on the "Display adapters" option to reveal a small list of choices below. Click on the driver if you wish to update. Head to action > Update driver, and you will access options for driver updates.

update driver

Step 3 Set up Automatic Update

Choose the option "Select automatically for updated" to choose the most suitable drivers available online. Wait for the update to be found and installed. If Safe-mode finds out that your Anti-Virus triggers the Bccode 50 error, deactivate the Antivirus and reboot your PC. Once the system seems to be functioning well, you can download the Antivirus once again.

In case the hard drive is the factor that leads to this blue screen error, simply head to the "Command Prompt" and write "'chkdsk /f /r'". The OS will aim to diagnose and resolve any faulty items found on the hard disk. You might experience errors while trying to do this process. So, make sure to run the command prompt to administrator

Fix Bccode 50 with Recovery Software

Another option to repair the error is to install a recovery program on your computer. Such fixing programs are indicated for users that aren't experienced in using system options and want to use a program that will automatically diagnose and fix the problem. "Reimage repair tool" is an ideal program for fixing the bccode error. Apart from resolving blue screen errors like this one, it can also improve issues with freezing and non-responding screen. Here are the methods you can follow to fix the error via the Reimage repair tool:

Step 1 Install Reimage Repair Program

Begin the installation of the Reimage repair program. The program will attempt to find and upgrade drivers automatically upon installation.

install reimage

Step 2 Run Initial Check

Once the installation process is complete, the program will carry out an initial check on all existing drivers.

set up the tool

Step 3 Start the Repair

Once the checking process is done, the program will give you a report that outlines which components of your system have to be resolved. The last step is to press the "Start Repair" button of the program to initiate the repairing process.

start repair

Retrieve Lost Data Because of A Blue Screen Bccode 50

In some cases, the bccode 50 may result in loss of data. But, luckily, there are numerous methods to repair the problem. The system will allow you to restore previous sets of data or recover lost data automatically through backups. You may run a software program to make the process much easier for you. Users who wish to employ a software package to restore lost data should seek the "Recoverit" option offered by Acethinker Disk Recovery. This program suite is particularly aimed at regaining data that was previously lost for various reasons, e.g., malware attacks and hard driver issues. It makes a great tool to employ in cases where data was lost, even after fixing the blue screen error.

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Last updated on August 8, 2020

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