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How to Resolve the Bad Pool Caller 0x00000c2 Error

resolve Bad Pool Caller 0x00000c2 errorWindows is a robust OS for PCs armed with a collection of boundless features. It makes a quite popular Operating System as it has managed to acquire 82% of the market share all over the globe. Despite its popularity though, there are some issues existing in the Windows OS. The so-called "blue" screen error is one of the most frequent issues that a person encounters when using Windows. This error is also called "the blue screen of death", which is a frequent problem in nearly all Windows variants - from XP to Windows 10. Are you also worried about this Blue Screen bad pool caller 0x00000c2 error and wish to gain more insight about the whole thing? We present to you in this report the most suitable methods to resolve errors like this one.

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What is Blue Screen Bad Pool Caller 0X00000c2?

The annoying Blue screen bad pool caller 0x00000c2 is an error of Windows that appears because of its faulty registry entries and wrongfully configured system settings. This is the same error also known as bug check error code 0x00000c2. This kind of issue appears when the software asks from the system for resources that do not currently exist. There are several side effects of this issue and these include but aren’t limited to: the systems freezes or slows down and stops responding without notice and several other signs. We have outlined some culprits that cause an error like this one:

Culprits of the Blue Screen Bad Pool Caller 0X00000c2 error

1. Damaged Device Driver

The device driver is an array of codes or guidelines that allow the system to communicate with the hardware right away. Hardware device driver has a very important role to play in managing the hardware system and at the same time, make the software run properly. If you are experiencing such an error, a potential culprit that triggers this could be a damaged device driver. It is possible to pinpoint the device driver that triggers the error and attempt to fix the damaged driver.


2. BAD_POOL_CALLER STOP Error because of A RAM Issue

A corrupted RAM could also be another cause of the Blue screen Bad_pool_caller Stop error. The read-only working memory is only used for the reading and writing function. If any error appears, this bears a negative impact on your system and leads to issues like Blue screen Bad_pool_caller Stop. To prevent this error from occurring you can switch your RAM to some working memories.


3. Malware Attacks

Malware are potentially dangerous programs that may attack and corrupt your system’s hardware and software components. On several occasions, these kinds of malicious programs corrupt stored P.C data featuring system files and data that is found on a hard drive area. The malicious corruption will start taking place secretly on the background of the system without the user being aware of the attack. Blue screen bad pool caller 0x00000c2 could emerge when malware affects the system files that are required for successful system performance. You may attempt to use a reputable disinfection tool that locates and removes directly any viruses and malicious programs affecting your system.


4. File Damage As A Result of A Software Adjustment

Based on the MS support desk info, this is among the most frequent culprits of the Blue Screen of Death error. Wrongful downloading of software or uninstallation could damage the system configuration that leads to such error. In case you have previously downloaded any new computer program, attempt to uninstall that program and remove any infected system files. Perhaps the program isn’t malicious but its code is incompatible with your system.


5. Inaccurate Registry Entries

The Windows registry is a collection of system configurations that come with values for each software and hardware item found on the device. Valid coding keys (also known as “values”) are required by Windows Registry for the purpose of gaining maximum performance from a Windows P.C. An inaccurate registry could damage your Windows in just a few moments. There is a chance that this error pops up because of invalid registry items. You may be able to pinpoint the invalid entry by employing a third party program.


6. An Unexpected Shutdown of the System

A faulty and unexpected shutdown of the system can also onset a blue screen bad pool caller 0x00000c2 error. This is why it is suggested by computer specialists to shut down your P.C correctly due to the fact that there are hundreds of tasks that are active in the background of your system. If you attempt to switch the P.C off from its cable, the system won’t be able to save any changes that were initiated during its turned on status. This may also trigger issues like the disk partition getting damaged and others.


Fix the Bad Pool Caller 0x00000c2 Error

You can cancel all the previous changes you have initiated on the computer before encountering the issue of blue screen bad pool caller 0x00000c2 because the cause of this could be any previously executed tasks. In this case, you can disconnect any hardware units like RAM and the power source that you’ve made adjustments previously. In the event that any of the above steps doesn’t seem to work, you may attempt to unplug all the USB units connected to your P.C. Following this step, carry out a reboot to set all the changes you’ve made previously when resolving the problem.


Faulty or damaged system files could be the culprit behind the issues with hardware and software units. The Windows command prompt is a command dialog that enables the user to scan the system command to resolve damaged system entries in a single attempt.

Step 1 Repair Missing Or Damaged Files by Accessing Command Prompt

Faulty or damaged system files could be the culprit behind the issues with hardware and software units. The Windows command prompt is a command dialog that enables the user to scan the system command to resolve damaged system entries in a single attempt.
This will initiate a system scanning process and spare some time to resolve any damaged system entries, based on the data size.

  • Press the Windows Button in your keyboard and then "R".
  • The Run Window will pop up. There is a command filed to type your query and after click enter to complete it.
  • Once Command Prompt dialog window pops up, copy/paste this value: sfc/scannow and press Enter.

Step 2 Fix System Issue

If you are currently operating Windows 8 and you encounter the bad pool caller blue screen error, don’t stress. The process of resolving this error is quite simple. Here are some steps to follow in this case:

  • Click the "Windows" button and + "I" to reveal the sidebar. Choose the option "Change system settings" from the sidebar menu options.
  • diskrecovery

  • At this point click on "Update and recovery". In this area, you will view three options. Choose the "get started" button, below the "Refresh your PC without affecting the files".

Step 3 Resolve An Old And Non-Upgraded Hardware Drive

An old hardware driver can also be a factor that leads to a blue screen bad_pool_caller 0x000000c2 error. If you wish to upgrade your previous hardware driver here are some steps to follow:

  • First of all, you have to press the "Start" button, then write "Device Manager" and click "Enter".
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  • Right-click on the device that you want to update its drivers. Select "Update Driver Software".
  • This will open up the Update Driver Software window. Click on this and then check the option "Search automatically for updated…." to carry out an installation automatically. Wait a few moments for the drivers to get installed.
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    Step 4 Steps to Resolve A RAM Problem

    Are you still encountering this error even after trying all the above methods to fix it? Perhaps this is a sign of an issue with your RAM that you need to check. There are several tools and methods to check whether your RAM functions properly or not. One such tool is the well-known Windows Diagnostics program.

    Check RAM using Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool

    • Press and keep the "Windows" key + R simultaneously to open up the "Run" dialog window. Type the command "Mdsched" and press Enter.
    • The Windows diagnostic tool will pop up with two key options. Select the "Restart now and check for problems…" option. The system will automatically restart your computer and forward you to the Windows Memory diagnostic procedure.


    Restore data from bad pool caller 0x00000c2

    The annoying blue screen bad pool caller 0x00000c2 error can hinder the system from restarting properly. In this scenario, if you attempt to carry out tasks like using Windows system restore or even Windows reinstall to fix the problem, there is a risk of data getting lost. Therefore, the first concern that pops up into the minds of the users when they experience this error is what they can do to retrieve back any lost data from their system properly. Try using the AceThinker Disk Recovery tool (an all-in-data recovery tool).

    Disk Recovery is a very extensive tool that is able to retract your missing data no matter the cause e.g damaged files, invalid files, accidentally deleted date etc. If you wish to try this tool out to restore your data, you can do so via the official page of AceThinker at quite affordable costs that suit any wallet.

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