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How to Resolve The Blue Screen 0x00000109 Error

Fix Blue Screen 0x00000109 ErrorYou must have experienced the critical structure corruption blue screen error 0x00000109 if you’re reading this article. There are many reasons why this error occurs, such as a new program installation. Don't worry as any order associated with the blue screen error code 0x00000109 will be mentioned here. The purpose is to enable you to pinpoint all the common causes and triggers of this error and follow the relevant instructions and tips to restore your system back in functional status.

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What makes the Blue screen error 0x00000109?

The Blue screen error 0x00000109, which also goes by the term "Critical Structure Corruption", is a p.c system fault that forces the computer to fully shut itself down. When this happens, it implies that the system kernel has found data damage or critical kernel code. The kernel makes a significant part of the system's OS (operating system). The kernel's primary task is to manage the hardware aspect and specifically the CPU and RAM. The kernel is broken down into two components: the monolithic kernel, and the microkernel. The later is responsible for regulating the main tasks of the system while the monolithic one is aimed towards several drivers. In case one component is corrupted, it influences procedures in other parts like hardware, CPU, RAM, and even drivers.

Why does blue screen error 0x00000109 occur?

When blue screen error 0x00000109 pops up, it's not possible to use your PC as usual. The OS of Windows will turn off many critical tasks that disable the use of the computer. Therefore, you better resolve this promptly before it damages your system for good. The inability to resolve this promptly will cause problems like data corruption. The blue screen error 0x00000109 can happen due to many reasons, and it is suggested that you troubleshoot your computer before trying to pinpoint the exact culprit and following a suitable fix.


As highlighted above, the error 0x00000109 can pop up as a result of many different factors. Therefore, it makes sense to pinpoint and troubleshoot the triggering factor first before attempting to fix it. If you neglect to troubleshoot its cause, you will proceed with a quick and often incompatible mix that won't help your system recover fully long-term. Therefore, it is wise to spare a few moments to pinpoint the cause before you attempt to resolve it. This part is all about the most common causes of the blue screen error 0x00000109.

1. Issues with the driver

If the blue screen error 0x00000109 pops up when you start your Windows, the most common culprit that causes it is an issue with the driver. Driver issues are one of the key factors that lead to the blue screen of death error. Drivers carry out a series of important tasks like controlling I/0, overseeing security matters, and defining the so-called "Plug and Play" memory. Therefore, if there is an issue with the driver, the system will have no choice but to shut down an important task, which causes the blue screen of death.

hard drive issue

2. Software issues or virus intrusion

Software issues are among the key causes of blue screen errors. These types of errors occur when a new program is downloaded, or an existing one is upgraded. In some cases, these changes on the system aren't exactly driver-friendly, which makes a BSOD 0x00000109 error appear. A previous program update can damage the Windows registry, which raises the odds of triggering a blue screen error like this. Important files getting damaged or lost are one of the most common culprits of BSOD.


3. Damaged RAM

The memory may stop working correctly, which can result in the Blue Screen Of Death error. RAM is vital because it is required for executing apps and software programs. Any damage in a computer's RAM implies that there is a loss of an important part of the Windows OS. To fix the problem, the system will forcefully turn off important tasks associated with RAM. This will lead to the Blue Screen Error.


How to resolve the blue screen error 0x00000109?

Once you troubleshoot the exact culprit of the blue screen of death error, you can then proceed to a fix. Luckily, there are several methods to resolve the 0x00000109 according to the culprit of the error.

Fix 1: Activate the Safe Mode

The first thing to fix the BSOD 0x00000109 error is restarting your system in Safe Mode. When safe mode is activated, the system operates only the most basic functions and deactivates the secondary ones. If you turn this on, you can quickly fix the blue screen error. To execute the "Safe Mode", simply restart the system and keep on pushing the F8 Key in your keyboard, until the menu pops up. The menu will open up the option to reboot your system in Safe Mode.


Fix 2: Microsoft Utility Check

Microsoft Operating System has several utility apps to resolve blue screen errors. Given that the causing factor is/are missing or damaged files, the MS utility check is the best tool to execute. This will check the OS, look for corrupted drivers, and try to resolve them. To use the MS Utility Check, follow the steps that follow:

No 1: Run Command Prompt. Head to the menu section, write "cmd" in the "Search" programs and files" area. This should open up a black window named "Command Prompt".


No 2: Type the code "DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth:" in the command prompt. This will check the system for any missing or infected files/data.


No 3: Coding. When you are asked to proceed, type this code: SFC /scannow. This will kickstart the procedure of checking the whole system for missing or damaged files.

scan now

No 4: Outcomes. Once the check is over, the user will receive any of the results below:

  • Windows resource defense has found damaged files and resolved them.
  • The system located damaged files and resolved them.
  • There are no damaged or missing files.
  • The system located infected files but couldn't resolve them.

Fix 3: Upgrade the driver

If issues with the driver are the key culprit behind the Blue Screen error 0x00000109, then it's time to either upgrade or recover the driver. Upgrading your driver is a simple procedure, and you can do this via the steps below:

  • Head to the device manager. Go to Control Panel then choose Device Manager.
  • Head to the properties section. Choose the driver that you plan to upgrade are right-click on it. Head to the "properties" menu.
  • Upgrade the driver: Press on the Driver menu to reveal a series of options featuring the option "Update driver". Click on this, and the system will look up for new upgrades for the driver.

update driver

Fix 4: Fix the Hard Disk

If the hard disk is causing the issue, there are some methods to resolve this.

No 1: Execute the Chkdsk function. Run the Command Prompt and type this code: Chkdsk /f /r to locate and restore issues with the disk.

Chkdsk function

No 2: Search and repair. The system will search for problems with the hard drive. If the system finds any problems, it will try to resolve them.

check disk

How to resolve the blue screen error 0x00000109?

Data loss and damage is a great problem you'll encounter whenever a blue screen of death error emerges. This happens because of missing data files, viruses, and improperly downloaded drivers. Still, you can retrieve any lost data as long as you use the right system restore method. Disk Recovery is highly suggested due to the fact that it's flexible, and general recovery program utilized for any case. Whether you wish to retrieve data from BSOD, malware infections, or damaged drivers, Disk Recovery is the best possible option.

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