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How to Tackle The Blue Screen 0x000000c5 Error

0x000000c5 errorIt’s really annoying to receive a stop error screen that says 0x000000c5 while you don’t know what happened. Have no idea about the blue screen 0x000000c5 error? Get mad about how to resolve the issue and get your computer back to normal? Well, just don’t worry too much as there are indeed many ways you can try to fix the BSOD stop 0x000000c5 error. In this article, I will tell you the general info of 0x000000c5 and list all the common reasons that will result in such an error code. Furthermore, I will outline some effective methods to resolve the 0x000000c5 problem, so keep on reading.

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What is Blue Screen 0x000000c5?

Blue screen 0x000000c5 error is a major error code that makes the system shut down unexpectedly. When this error happens, a blue screen will appear informing you that there is a problem. This implies that there is a big problem with the system kernel. The "kernel" refers to one of the most essential parts of your OS which manages input and output outcomes. In case you encounter such a Blue screen error, you better fix it promptly before it escalates and causes further damage to your system. If left unresolved, it can make a system stop working altogether. This blue screen error mainly occurs to restore the system balance and tell you that there is an issue you need to fix fast.

blue screen c5

Reasons why Blue Screen 0x000000c5 Error Occurs

Blue screen errors like this one, pop-up when there is a damage on the kernel of the system for any reason. These may include issues with RAM of incompatibility with the driver. We are going to discuss all the common problems in the following sections.

1. Damaged Hard Drive

One of the most common culprits of the stop error 0x000000c5 is an existing damage on the hard drive. The hard drive accommodates all essential parts your system requires to function properly from Operating systems to user configurations. Thus, if there is an issue in the hard drive, it tampers with the system data, boot-up configurations, and all the software downloaded on the PC. This is what causes a blue screen to appear. Damage on the hard drive may possibly occur when driver updates aren't installed the right way. Malware and virus infections can also mess up the hard drive.

damage hard drive cause

2. Damaged RAM

RAM is an essential unit of Windows OS because it is necessary for executing software programs. Thus, if the RAM is disturbed, the system will be urged to shut down essential parts to restore system balance. When RAM is shut down together with other essential resources, a blue screen error will pop up.

ram is damaged

3. Driver Problems

A blue screen error like this can also pop up when there are problems with the driver. The factors that lead to these problems may include:

software issues

  • Poorly installed drivers.
  • The user overlocks drivers excessively.
  • The drivers have been disturbed by a virus or malware attack.
  • The drivers are old/outdated.
  • The registry data isn't accurate enough to upgrade the drivers.

4. Software Damage

Software damage as the result of a malware or virus attack is also a common cause of stop code 0x000000c5 blue screen error. Software problems lead to issues as a result of inaccurate entries in the system registry. The Windows Registry is basically a database used by all software programs e.g O.S. The registry database features low-level settings, data and other aspects used by hardware and software components. If the registry is disturbed because the system is unable to enter the configurations of its most vital programs, a blue screen error 0x000000c5 may occur.

damage software

5. Other Culprits

Other mishaps such as a faulty shut down as a result of power failure or erasing accidentally a vital registry entry could also trigger the problem. These mishaps can lead to serious issues due to the fact that important units are damaged, affecting the proper performance of the system. If the optimal performance of the system is disturbed, a 0x000000c5 BSOD error will pop up.

How to Resolve Blue Screen 0x000000c5

Since there are various reasons why such an error occurs, it is necessary to find out first what causes the error before attempting to fix it. Failure to do so may lead to further issues in the long run. There are several tools like Windows Utility check to scan the system for any issues. Once you have pinpointed the exact cause of the error, you can then proceed to a suitable fix. Here are some possible fixes, depending on the cause of the error:

1. Hard Disk Repair

If hard disk damage is causing the error, here are some steps to tackle this:

Step 1 Access the Command Prompt

Press on the menu button with the Windows logo and look for the "cmd" option. This will open up a black dialog window.

run check disk

Step 2 Execute Chkdsk

Type the following code into chkdsk: Chkdsk /f /r. The chkdsk task will check the hard disk.


Step 3 Scan and fix

If the system finds any errors, it will begin the repairing process of the hardware automatically.

Scan and Fix

2. Driver Updating

If driver issues are triggering the BSOD 0x000000c5, maybe it’s time to update your existing drivers. To update the driver, you have to do the following:

Step 1 Locate the Device Manager

This is a menu that features all hardware and software items. To locate this, head to "Control Panel" and then click on "Device Manager".

device manager

Step 2 Head to the Properties Area

Choose from the list of drivers the driver that you wish to update by right-clicking over it. Pick the option "Update driver". This will search for the newest driver updates.

update driver

3. Driver Restoration

If any previous attempts to update the driver have failed, the error code 0x000000c5 will pop up. Therefore, a useful resolution would be to restore back the previous driver version to cancel out any changes that affected the system. This will most probably fix the blue screen error. Here is what you can do to solve the problem:

Step 1 Look for Device Manager

Head to the "Device Manager" as explained in an earlier section and choose the infected driver.

device manager

Step 2 Look for Properties Menu

In the "Properties" area, you will find numerous selections including "Roll Back Driver". Click on the Roll Back option to cancel out any previous driver update and fix the problem.

Roll Back Driver

4. MS Windows Utility Check

MS Utility check is a diagnostic program that locates any damaged or lost files in your PC. You may have accidentally erased any vital registry files (on Windows Registry) and you have to execute the integrated Windows diagnostic check to locate the problem. The system built-in tool will also attempt to resolve any system registry problems.

Step 1 Enter the code

To initiate the procedure, you have to access the Command Prompt screen by entering "CMD" in the search field of our programs. Once the command prompt window emerges, insert this code: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth.

Restore your sf

Step 2 Enter Codes

When asked, insert this code: "SFC" /"scannow" to initiate a scan of the system for finding any damaged or lost data entries.

choose scan now

Step 3 Possible Results

Once the scan process is finished, you will receive any of the following outcomes:

  • The system has found damaged files but wasn't able to repair them
  • No missing or damaged system files are found
  • The system has located any affected files and fixed them

Recover Lost Data Due to Blue Screen 0x000000c5 Error

The chances of experiencing data loss are pretty high when a 0x000000c5 blue screen error pops up. After trying to fix the blue screen 0x000000c5 error you’ll have to find a method to restore any lost data. A great way to do this is installing an external program named AceThinker Disk Recovery. This program is aimed at making the process of data recovery easier for inexperienced users. Once you install Disk Recovery on your system, data recovery will be a piece of cake!

acethinker disk recovery

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