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How to Remove Background Without Photoshop via Alternatives

remove background without photoshopWhen it comes to photo manipulation, the go-to for most people is Adobe Photoshop. The software is a prevalent design software that can accomplish many things with its various editing tools. One of Adobe Photoshop’s primary functions is to remove the background from images and save them as transparent PNGs. Users can also edit the images on Photoshop and replace the removed background. However, using the tool is not easy. Adobe Photoshop requires patience, practice, and precision to maximize its potential fully, especially when removing backgrounds from photos. Moreover, the editing software is not for free, and most users can’t afford to buy its license, $20.99 a month, even if they can use it. So, here are some other ways how to remove the background of a picture without Photoshop.

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Alternatives for Users Who Can’t Use Photoshop

The following alternatives under this first section are for users who can’t operate Photoshop proficiently. The tools here are AI-powered, meaning they can remove background from product and other photos automatically.

1. AceThinker PicWish

Distinctive Feature: Can remove the background of 100 images simultaneously.

Size: 23 MB

User-group: Both beginners and experts in using Photoshop.

The first tool on the list that is an alternative to remove background without Photoshop, AceThinker PicWish, is a meticulous automatic background remover. With its brilliant processor, the application can cut out the background of images smoothly. AceThinker Picwish removes the background from photos as if done by expert photo editors and produces finely cut edges from the photo subjects. Some automatic background removers struggle with cutting the background from hairs and furs, but not this tool. It has a smart AI that can handle flyaways expertly. However, using the tool is not free, but it is a lot cheaper than Adobe Photoshop. Users can get the greatest deal and start removing the backgrounds of their photos automatically by buying their 1000 photo credits license for only $29.99.

Step 1 Download and Install the Background Remover

Since AceThinker PicWish is a desktop tool, you must download its client application first. You can download AceThinker PicWish by clicking on the download button below of the compatible OS of your computer. After that, you can proceed with installing the background remover by opening the downloaded file and following the setup.

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Step 2 Launch the Tool and RemoveBG Mode

Once you install the client of AceThinker PicWish on your computer, you can launch the application. Next, you will point your mouse cursor on the RemoveBG mode of the software, then left-click to open the feature.

choose remove bg option

Step 3 Select the Upload Option

Step three of how to cut out an image without Photoshop using AceThinker PicWish is to upload your photos. There are two upload options, and you will choose depending on your needs. If you want to load images in one click, ensure the images are all in the same folder, then choose Upload Folder. But if you want to select the images manually, choose the Upload Image option.

choose how to add images

Step 4 Start the Background Removal

Fourth, you will see the preview of your uploaded images on AceThinker PicWish. You can take that moment to verify that all the images on the preview are the pictures you want to process. After verifying, click the Start button to begin the process.

preview the image and select start

Step 5 Save the Images Without a Background

Finally, your image will be processed and appear on the preview screen. You will see the image without a background, and you can further refine the cut made by AceThinker PicWish. You can also edit the background of your image using various tools on the right side of the interface. Lastly, to save the image, click the Save All button.

customize the background then save the image

2. PhotoScissors

Distinctive Feature: Compressed to work on mobile iOS devices.

Size: 8 MB

User-group: Advanced beginners to expert users of editing software.

The following tool as an alternative for how to remove background without Photoshop is PhotoScissors. This is the best for users if they want something lightweight with limited features and limited quality but a fast process. PhotoScissors is also an automatic background remover but works less smoothly than AceThinker PicWish. It can still give cut-out subjects of photos from backgrounds decently, though, as long as the background isn't something complicated. But what makes the app even greater is that users can see a side-to-side difference between the original photo and the processed photo. They can also manually adjust the cut made by the AI if they are not satisfied with the background removal of the tool.

remove background with photoscissors

3. RemoveBG

Distinctive Feature: No download is required for its web version.

Size: None if users are using the web version.

User-group: Beginners for editing softwares that are in a rush and don’t want to download a client app.

Another alternative for how to cut out images without Photoshop is none other than RemoveBG. It has a desktop version, but for those in a rush, this web version of the tool is more compatible. Users will only have to upload their images on the tool’s website, which will remove the background for them and be ready for download. Moreover, the service website not only removes the background from photos but also optimizes them for usage on sites like e-commerce. However, like PhotoScissors, the web version only produces limited sizes and quality for its product photos. The tool still allows minor edits for the images with backgrounds removed before users can download and save them.

removebg preview of result

Other Tools for Users Who Can’t Afford Photoshop

If you can’t afford the paid bulk image background removers above, here are other tools that are for free. However, unlike the first tools, the following applications on this list are not automatic. You will need the skills to operate these tools if you want to use them to remove backgrounds.

1. Inkscape

Distinctive Feature: The tool transforms the subject of the images into graphics with infinite scalability.

Size: 1171 MB

User-group: Proficient users of editing software.

How to crop out a background without Photoshop is doable using Inkscape. The tool is just like Photoshop, with various editing tools and graphic creation features. However, it is also complicated to use, like Photoshop, and is not recommended for beginners without knowledge about photo manipulation. There are a lot of ways to remove the background from images using Inkscape, and one of them is its Bitmap Tracing feature. Removing the background from images using Inkscape can take a while to process, but it will surely give excellent results when done properly. Users will also have a lot of options for file sizes, file types, and file qualities when saving the images without a background using this tool.

tick remove background and click apply


Distinctive Feature: The tools feature at least three methods of how to remove white background without Photoshop.

Size: 250 MB

User-group: Users that are proficient in using editing software like Photoshop.

The last tool for an alternative on how to remove something from a photo without Photoshop is GIMP. The tool is a good alternative since it is free, unlike Photoshop. However, what makes it the same with Photoshop is that it is also not automatic and more on manual editing to remove the background. When using the tool to remove backgrounds, you can choose between its Select By Color tool, Paths tool, and Fuzzy Select tool. Each of the three tools has different uses and is most effective in their respective cases. This is proof that GIMP is a flexible background remover that users can utilize as long as they can properly execute the usage of the tools.

remove background in gimp

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to remove the background?
Since the technology of photo editing software also advances, the easiest way to remove the background is by using automatic background removers. Some examples are AceThinker PicWish and PhotoScissors.
How do I get rid of the background of a picture without losing quality?
To get rid of the background of a picture without losing quality, users must be careful in choosing the application they will use to remove the background. It is recommended to use background removers that allow you to save the photo with the original quality of the uploads to avoid losing quality.


There are many alternatives that users can use to remove background without Photoshop. Some are recommended for users who don’t have the skills to use the tool, and some are for users who can’t afford the tool. But AceThinker PicWish is best for both since it is cheap and has an automatic process.

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