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How to Use Gimp Background Remover and Alternatives

remove background in gimpGIMP is a high-quality photo manipulator for graphic designers, photographers, and illustrators. But even average users can utilize the tool and its features for personal purposes. One such use of GIMP that average users can do in GIMP is to remove the background of their images. However, using GIMP make background transparent can be challenging if you don’t have the skills for photo editing. In total, there are three methods that users can use in GIMP to remove images from their backgrounds, and all of them require precision when manually selecting the subject. Getting the best result when removing the images is not guaranteed, especially if the users are not experienced enough in removing backgrounds. But to make things easier, other tools can remove the images from backgrounds automatically. Proceed with reading the article to learn more about the topic.

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The 3 Methods to Remove the Background Using GIMP

Users can use different methods to remove background in GIMP, depending on the type of background or subject of their images. Each tool or method is best for different images. Here are the three tools you can use in GIMP to remove the background.

1. The Fuzzy Select Tool

The Fuzzy Select tool of GIMP works by allowing you to select areas of your images based on the color similarity. GIMP remove white background using Fuzzy Select works best when the background of your image has a different array of colors from your subject.

gimp fuzzy select tool

2. The Select By Color Tool

Aside from the Fuzzy Select, users can use the Select by Color tool to remove background from image GIMP. The tool works by selecting a specific pixel from your image or background, then all pixels with the same color will also be selected. It is best to use this tool when removing backgrounds made with a solid single color or a few shades of the same color.

select by color tool gimp

3. The Paths Tool

This tool is harder to use than the first two, but it is the best method of removing backgrounds since it gives the cleanest finish. The Paths tools allow users to select the subject's edges using paths set by node modules. Removing the backgrounds of low-contrast images using the Paths tool’s GIMP delete background gives the best result.

gimp paths tool

Best Alternative Tool to Remove Backgrounds

Best Feature: The best at automatically removing backgrounds for images with hair, furry objects, and flyaway subjects.

Size: 23 MB

With PicWish, it's effortless to remove backgrounds from photographs for usage on media posts or commercial purposes with its outstanding AI. PicWish employs cutting-edge technology and AI to eliminate backdrops. As a result, while eliminating the background from a photo, the tool leaves the product looking natural and smooth. Moreover, you won't need to choose what you want to keep manually because the bulk background remover is excellent at identifying the picture's subject. However, you can still choose the region, and the tool will keep it for you if you want to maintain some parts of the backdrop or image. In addition to that adaptable feature, the software enables you to save the outputs with a background that is entirely transparent or colored. Definitely a step up from GIMP background remover since, aside from being easier, it will save you a lot of time.

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Step 1 Choose the Mode to Operate

First, choose the mode you want to use. You will select the first choice, the Remove BG mode, since you want the background of your photographs to be removed. Place the cursor over the button, then left-click to activate the mode.

choose remove bg option

Step 2 Select the Images

You have two choices when choosing the photographs from which you want to remove the backdrop. If you want to select the photographs manually, click the left button, Upload Image. However, you can use the Upload Folder button if your bulk photographs are all in the same folder.

choose how to add images

Step 3 Start the Process

You will see the photographs on the screen after choosing the ones whose backgrounds you wish to remove. When all of the required photographs have been displayed, click Start to begin the background removal procedure.

click the start button

Step 4 Save the Images Without Backgrounds

The tool will preview each photograph without its background after processing. You can change the background whatever you like; you can either select a translucent background or a background that is a single color. Click Save All to save the rendered images after editing them.

click save all

Other Substitute Background Removers

Aside from transparent background GIMP and PicWish tools, other softwares can act as a substitute for the two. Here is a bulk image background remover list automatically removing backgrounds from photos.

1. RemoveBG

Best Feature: The tool optimizes the photos so users can use them for e-commerce sites.

Size: 73 MB

First on the list that can make transparent background GIMP, too, is RemoveBG. Users can maintain a colored, translucent, or a design template background for photographs after removal. Additionally, customers can decide to save on different output sizes based on their needs. However, different from the other tools, RemoveBG's free version only provides 50 previews for the images it processed. Furthermore, the tool developed various tools and plugins that can run on several well-known design programs to increase the efficiency of users' digital workflows. Users can utilize the tool straight from the partner design applications thanks to this function, which saves them time anytime they need to remove backgrounds from a large number of photographs.


  • First, open the RemoveBG app on your computer.
  • Next, drag the images you want to remove the background to upload them on the tool.
  • Wait for the process to finish, then save the images.

removebg as background remover for logo


Best Feature: Animating portraits after the background removal is one of the tool's features.

Size: 83 MB is another visual design platform and background remover driven by AI. With its automatic process, it enables bulk removal of the white backdrop. Also, in addition to changing it to solid colors, options to a fully transparent background or simply blur the foreground to produce an intriguing impression are available.'s AI can identify and keep subjects such as people, animals, plants, the sky, icons, and symbols when the background is removed. After removing the backdrop, the program may also transform your photographs into works of art, presentations, or a gorgeous banner. The tool's extensive library of backdrop templates makes it easy for users to swap out the ones they eliminated from their photographs. Here are the steps to use the tools like GIMP erase background.


  • After installing the tool, launch it on the computer.
  • Click the Upload Image button to start uploading your images.
  • Finally, remove the backgrounds from your photos automatically and save them.

batch image background removal with cutoupro

3. FocoClipping

Best Feature: Can remove the backgrounds of photos with multiple subjects.

Size: Web-based, no disk space occupied.

FocoClipping is also a good background remover on the list. With just one click, the tool can remove the backgrounds from more than 30 photographs at once and download the batches of photos. It offers excellent HD quality and can output images with a maximum resolution of 25 megapixels. FocoClipping supports image sizes up to 15 MB, guaranteeing customers the most satisfactory results when removing backdrops. Users can also add more realism to their photographs without backgrounds by using the cast shadow feature of FocoClipping since the program AI can quickly create an optimal shadow for the images. In addition to the backdrop removal that occurs automatically, users can sharply clip the image's edge using its Pen tool to define the edges better. The steps for this tool, like GIMP delete background to transparent, are described below.


  • Open your browser, then visit the FocoClipping website.
  • Upload your images on the website by clicking the button, Upload Image, or pasting the URL.
  • Start the background removal process, then download your images with the background removed.

fococlipping background removal

4. PhotoScissors

Best Feature: Works not only for computers but also for iOS devices.

Size: 8 MB

Lastly, PhotoScissors is a background removal tool with a lighter interface. The software is light because it processes background removal slightly more quickly than other programs but results in lower resolution photographs. Only 4.2 megapixels is the highest image quality that PhotoScissors can produce. Additionally, PhotoScissors doesn't use much room on your desktop's drive. Moreover, after eliminating the backdrop, the platform allows the modification of three different layers for various uses. The background, foreground, and shadow are the three editable layers. The program also has a mass background removal option that may be configured to remove a specific group of desired color features exclusively. It can work like GIMP remove white background to transparent.

remove background with photoscissors


  • Run the client program of PhotoScissors on your device or computer.
  • Open the image you want to edit on the tool.
  • Remove the background, then save the edited photo without a background.

Comparison Chart

Tools Price Process Speed Supported OS
GIMP Free 5 minutes to 1 hour including the subject selection Windows, Mac, and Linux
PicWish $0.03 per image 5 seconds per photo Windows and Mac
RemoveBG $0.33 per image 30 seconds per photo Windows, Mac, and Linux
Tools Price Process Speed Supported OS $0.20 per image Less than a minute per photo Windows and Mac
FocoClipping $0.09 per image More than a minute per photo Web-based, works on any OS
PhotoScissors $0.03 per image 5 minutes per photo Windows and Mac
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