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Top Five Most Effective Signature Background Remover

remove background from signatureTechnology has advanced to the point that sometimes, even our signatures need to be done digitally. The need for a digital signature arises. It happens especially when signing virtual documents or doing online transactions. It is easy enough to do if you have a pen tablet available so that you can sign on the drawing pad directly. But what if you don’t have one? Usually, users make their signatures digital by scanning their hand-written signatures or by taking a picture of them. However, the problem is that the signature will be converted into an image with those two methods. It means that the signature will have a background, most commonly white. Having a white background on your signature can be a problem. This is because it might block an essential part of the virtual document when overlaying it. But the problem can quickly be resolved using a signature background remover to make the backdrop transparent. Here are some background removers that you can use.

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The Best Automatic Signature Background Remover

Best Feature: Can easily and professionally remove backgrounds of complicated swirls on signatures.

User-group: Both proficient and beginners at using design software.

When it comes to the best solution to remove background from signature, the best tool to use is AceThinker PicWish. The tool is an automatic background remover to remove the background of your signature, or any image, in just a few clicks. Moreover, the intelligent AI of the tool can smoothly remove the backgrounds of signatures with complicated strokes. No matter how curvy, fuzzy, or swirly the signature is, AceThinker PicWish can give it a fine finish. Aside from making your signature have a transparent background, users can also replace the background with a solid color. Or, if you want, a unique background of your choosing. The feature is great for users who want a creative signature finish. You can start removing your signature background with this tool by clicking the correct download button below..

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Step 1 Open the Remove BG Mode

After launching the software, you will see different modes that you can operate. To automatically remove the background from your signature, point your mouse cursor to the Remove BG option. Left-click on your mouse to open the mode.

choose remove bg option

Step 2 Choose How to Upload Your Signature

If you are uploading a single signature and you want to select it from the directory, click the Upload image button. But if you want to remove background for signature in bulk, click the Upload Folder button if they are all located in the same folder.

choose how to add images

Step 3 Confirm Your Uploaded Signature

After selecting your signature image, you can check the preview of the selected images. It is best to confirm that only the images you need are in the selection to avoid wasting your available photo credits. Click Start to proceed.

check the selection

Step 4 Save Your Signature

The background of your signature will be removed, and you can see it in a much bigger preview. You can customize your background using the menu on the right side of the interface. Once satisfied with the background and effects, click the Save All option to save your signature.

save the signature

Other Tools to Remove the Background From Signature

Although AceThinker PicWish is a great tool to remove background from text such as a signature, having an extra tool to rely on won’t hurt. So here are alternative tools that you can choose to remove signature background.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Best Feature: Complete tools and features for advanced photo manipulation like perspective and skewness.

User-group: Users proficient in editing software.

If we’re talking about the best tool only when it comes to the features, Adobe Photoshop is the best, even when removing the background of a signature. Since Photoshop is software built to manipulate photos and make graphic designs, it has all the necessary tools. Plus, with those tools, removing the background of a signature is an easy task for the software. However, unlike AceThinker PicWish, the tool can’t remove background from signature image automatically. Users will have to use and rely on their skills to remove the background of signatures using the wide tool selection of Photoshop. But if you want to learn the easiest method of removing the background from a signature using the tool, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Pick the Fill Color Tool

After loading the signature image in Photoshop, select the Fill Color tool of the software. You can find it on the left side of the interface, symbolized by a paint bucket tool. Left-click on that paint bucket to select the tool.

select the paint bucket

Step 2 Use the Clear Mode

The Fill Color tool has many modes, as a default, it is set to Normal mode. But if you want a transparent background, you have to use the Clear mode. Select the mode by clicking the drop down menu beside the Mode at the top of the interface, then click Clear on the list.

set to clear mode

Step 3 Fill the Foreground with Clear Color

Finally, to make the background of the signature transparent, left-click on the foreground of the signature using the Fill Color tool. The background of your signature image will be filled with a clear color, making it transparent. But. as you can see from the image below, the backgrounds enclosed in swirls remained. Repeat step 3 by clicking on them until all of them are gone.

clear the background

2. Inkscape

Best Feature: Outputs have slightly better graphics quality.

User-group: Proficient users of designing software.

Like Adobe Photoshop, the tool Inkscape needs manual removal of the background image from the signature. However, it has a semi-automatic feature in the form of Bitmap Tracing that assists users to remove white background from signature automatically. The Bitmap Tracing will help users trace the signature from the image and delete only the background. But operating the tools and parameters still need to be done manually. However, using the tool is quite confusing because it has many features that new users may not know. The tool is developed to create professional graphics, logos, cartoons, and more, although it can also remove backgrounds.

Step 1 Use the Selection Tool

To start removing your signature background using Inkscape, load the signature image on the tool. Then, on the left side of the Inkscape interface, select the Arrow symbol to use the selection tool. After that, click the signature image to make it the selection.

use the selection tool

Step 2 Set the Path to Trace Bitmap

Once the signature image is selected, click the Path option at the top. A drop-down list will appear. Look for the Trace Bitmap option, then left-click on it to make the Trace Bitmap menu appear on the tool.

use trace bitmap

Step 3 Tick the Remove Background and Apply

Finally, you will see the Trace Bitmap menu on the right side of your Inkscape. You can manage the settings based on what you want. But for now, to remove the background of the signature, tick the remove background box. Then, click Apply to remove the background.

remove background and apply


Best Feature: Have three different methods to remove background from signatures.

User-group: Proficient users of editing softwares and users with basic knowledge about photo manipulation.

Professional image editors like Photoshop and Inkscape are comparable to GIMP. However, the tool and its features are accessible to users of all skill levels. The GIMP program has a feature that allows ordinary users to remove the signature background from images. However, using GIMP to clear the background can be difficult if users lack the required image manipulation expertise. GIMP users can remove images from backgrounds in three different ways. But the best method to use on signatures with swirls is the Fuzzy Select tool. You can select different areas of your photos with GIMP's Fuzzy Select tool based on how close the hues match. Therefore, the GIMP's Fuzzy Select feature handles the task of signature background remover most efficiently when the subject is a different color.

Step 1 Select the Fuzzy Select Tool

You can begin to remove background from image signature by selecting the Fuzzy Select Tool. The tool is represented by a magic wand symbol and can be located at the upper left of the GIMP interface.

select the fuzzy select tool

Step 2 Mark the Foreground

After selecting the Fuzzy Select tool, you will click the foreground or background of the signature image. The background will be marked, and you can now remove it from the image to make the background transparent.

mark the background

Step 3 Remove the Background

Click Ctrl + X on your keyboard to delete the marked background and leave a transparent signature. If a residual background from the image wasn’t removed, you could use the Eraser tool at the upper left to manually erase them.

remove the background

4. PhotoScissors

Best Feature: Slightly faster processing speed in exchange for quality.

User-group: Beginner and proficient users of editing software.

It is also feasible to remove the background from an image signature using PhotoScissors. Because it integrates manual and automated background removal, the tool is compatible for use by both experts and newbies in photo manipulation. Users can import signature photographs into the application and eliminate the background, although occasionally, they will need to fine-tune the cut manually. Additionally, PhotoScissors has the advantage of being a lightweight program that can run on low-end systems. Since the producers also tailored the editor to run on portable iOS devices, it only occupies a tiny bit of disk space. But, because of the reduction, various performances are limited, including performance and effectiveness.

Step 1 Download and Launch the Tool

For the first step, download and install the PhotoScissors tool on your computer or device. After installing, launch the tool to open its main interface. There are different tools available, but for removing the background, the program will do it automatically.

launch the program

Step 2 Open the Image Signature

Next, you will load the signature image to the tool to remove background from signature. Click the File navigation at the top and select the Open Image option. Then, you will look for the signature you want from the image directory.

open image

Step 3 Save the Transparent Signature

Finally, the tool will process removing the background from your signature and will show you a preview. The preview can be seen on the right side of the screen, and you can further fine-tune it. Once happy with the result, click the save button above.

save the signature

Tips to Remember

You already know how to remove signature background effectively. Many tools already presented will work for both beginners and experts in using design softwares. But no matter what your level of expertise is, it is always better to have some tips to remember. So, here are some pieces of advice that may be useful for you.

  • When removing the background from multiple signatures, it is better to use bulk image background remover, such as AceThinker PicWish.
  • To get the best quality, it is recommended to save your transparent images and signatures in PNG format.
  • Always ensure that your raw images have good quality so that the images will not lose quality when processed through the background removers.

Comparison Chart

Tools Size Supported OS Price
AceThinker PicWish 23 MB Windows and Mac $0.03 per image
Adobe Photoshop 5 GB Windows and Mac $20.99 per month
Inkscape 1171 MB Windows, Mac, and Linux Free
GIMP 250 MB Windows, Mac, and Linux Free
PhotoScissors 8 MB iOS Devices, Windows and Mac $0.03 per image
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