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Product Background Removal Steps Using Five Great Tools

remove background from product imageIn this digital age, even advertising faces a lot of changes. Over the years, making websites, online shops, and even product pages for your products has become more accessible. It helped improve the reach of many manufacturers and sellers since their products are known widely. However, one thing is also important besides good quality products and excellent public relations campaigns. Great visuals will help boost the sale of products since most people are all about what their eyes can see. So, by making great graphics or marketing materials, more users will be inclined to buy your product. The first step to creating great visuals is taking a great photo of your products. But it doesn’t end there. You must also learn how to remove background from product photo so you can replace them with more appealing backgrounds or so that you can quickly turn them into stunning graphics. Here are some design softwares that can help you remove your product backgrounds.

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Using the Best Automatic Product Background Remover

Unique Feature: Can process up to 100 product images simultaneously.

Processing Type: Manual and Automatic process.

First on the list of product background remover is AceThinker PicWish. The tool is the best for this purpose because it can process product images in bulk, and shops usually offer many products. By using the tool, users can save a lot of time with the help of batch processing. Moreover, AceThinker PicWish is easy to use because of its automatic background removal. An AI is installed in the program, which helps it smartly and smoothly cut out the products from the background images. What’s more, you can directly change the background of your products with a solid color or an uploaded backdrop image after processing. But, if you prefer saving it with a transparent background, it is possible with the tool. Finally, the effects feature of the tool can also help bring out your product by adding shadows and editing its brightness.

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Step 1 Remove Product BG with Remove BG Mode

Once you have installed and launched the application, you can choose the mode you wish to operate at the main interface. Point your mouse arrow in the Remove BG box, then left-click that option to enter the Remove BG mode of the program.

choose remove bg option

Step 2 Upload Your Product Images

After entering the mode, you will upload your product images on the software. If your product images are all in the same folder, you can click the Upload Folder button. Otherwise, select the Upload Image button if you need to select the product images from a directory manually.

choose how to add images

Step 3 Check the Product Images

The loaded product images will appear on a preview screen. You will be shown all the product images that you selected. You can take the time to verify that everything is included and that there is no unwanted photo on the list to avoid wasting credit.

preview product images

Step 4 Save the Product Images

The final step will be to save the product images you processed. But first, check the processed images by using the bigger preview screen. Using the utilities on the right, you can also edit the images with no background. Click the Save All button to save all the product images.

save the product images

Other Ways to Remove the Background of Products

Aside from the bulk background remover AceThinker PicWish, there are also other tools that you can use as an alternative. Although some of the tools below are for advanced users, they might still interest you. Continue reading to learn more about them.

1. PhotoScissors

Unique Feature: Also works on portable iOS Devices.

Processing Type: Manual and Automatic processing.

The second tool that can remove background from product image is PhotoScissors. This tool can support bulk processing, but not as much as PicWish. However, the tool is interesting because it is available in the Apple Store, so users can also download it on their mobile devices. The feature is helpful for those who want to work on the go and process their product images with portability. But because the program is optimized and compressed to work on low-end devices, the quality of the product's images is a bit compromised. Also, when processing product images, the tool will provide a side-to-side comparison of the original product photo and the one with the background removed.


  • Open the application on your mobile device or computer, then open the product image you want to process.
  • The tool will automatically process your image, and your product image will have a transparent background.
  • Refine the edges of your product image if it is not satisfactory, then save the result by clicking the Save button placed at the top.

removing product image background using photoscissors

2. Adobe Photoshop

Unique Feature: The wide selection of photo manipulation tools like paths tool can also edit the product images.

Processing Type: Manual processing only.

If you want a more advanced tool than the first two, this product photo background remover might work for you. Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing software with multiple features, and removing the background of product images is one of them. The edge of this tool is that users can also directly edit and turn their products into graphics after removing the background. Moreover, the tool has a lot of enhancement tools, such as unblurring, brightness control, saturation, and many more features that can make the product appear better in the picture. However, the downside is that the tool needs intermediate knowledge about operating photo editing software to use effectively.


  • Open the software, then load your product photo. You can use many tools, but for now, select the Quick Selection tool (brush symbol) on the menu at the left.
  • Use the tool to mark the outline of the product by clicking along the edges.
  • Once the product is selected thoroughly, right-click on your mouse, then click Select Inverse. Finally, press the Ctrl + X on the keyboard to remove the background of your product.

adobe photoshop background removal


Unique Feature: Can turn your product images into vector images with infinite scalability.

Processing Type: Manual processing of background removal.

Like the last tool mentioned, GIMP offers more than product background removal. The software is for creating scalable vector graphics, which means that they can be resized without losing quality. But GIMP’s features also allow the removal of the background of products, although it also has no AI to make the process automatically. Since the tool is for making graphics, removing the background using GIMP will offer slightly better quality than the other tools. If you can manage to learn the complexity of using it, this can work better for you and your products. Below is the simplest way to remove the background from product images using GIMP.


  • Use the Fuzzy Select Tool of the app by clicking on the Magic Wand symbol from the tools selection.
  • Click on the background of the product to mark it.
  • Remove the background by pressing your keyboard's Ctrl + X keys.

remove background in gimp

4. RemoveBG

Unique Feature: Can optimize images of products for e-commerce sites.

Processing Type: Automatic processing.

For the last tool on the list, we will introduce an online tool to remove background for products. RemoveBG is a service website that allows users to upload images on their tool, then download them without a background. You can use the tool to remove the background of your products without downloading the tool if you don’t want to. It can also be set as a plugin or extension on your browser so you can directly remove the background of products in your browser. Although the service is not for free, it offers 50 free previews of processed product photos, so you can check out the tool's product first before subscribing to premium.


  • Open the website of the RemoveBG tool.
  • Click the Upload button or drag your product image into the designated box to upload your image.
  • Wait patiently for the removal to finish, then click the Download button to save your product image.

removebg preview of result

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change the background of my product?
Changing the background of your product is easy enough to do with different editing softwares. However, before changing the background, you must remove the original background first. After that, you can replace the background using any image you want since the product will have a transparent foreground.
Do product photos have to be white?
No, there is no requirement for the product pages to be white. However, having a white or transparent background will make your photos more uniform. You will also remove the distractions from your product image and reduce its file size.

Comparison Chart

Tools User Group Size Supported OS
AceThinker PicWish Beginners to experts at photo editing 23 MB Windows and Mac
PhotoScissors Advanced to expert users 8 MB iOS Devices, Windows and Mac
Adobe Photoshop Proficient editing software users 5 GB Windows and Mac
GIMP Intermediate users of design programs 250 MB Windows, Mac, and Linux
RemoveBG Beginners to experts Online tool, no disk size All OS supported since it is online
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