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How to Remove Background in Powerpoint in Various Ways

remove background from picture in powerpointWe all know that when creating presentations, adding visuals is a must. Pictures are worth a thousand words and can tell a lot at a glance. One of the most common computer applications for making presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint. The tool is complete with all the tools you may need in creating presentations, from layouts, themes, clip arts, word arts, and more. However, you will have to add your photo to the PowerPoint presentation in most instances. Usually, the photos added are without a transparent background, so they may not blend well with the presentation. With a transparent background, the image will give the presentation more breathing space or text space. Luckily, users can now remove background from picture in Powerpoint directly. Other softwares can also remove the backgrounds from pictures before uploading them to Powerpoint. To learn more about them, continue exploring this article.

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Removing the Background from Pictures in PowerPoint

Unique Feature: Can directly remove the background of pictures in PowerPoint

Removing Process: Semi-automatic selection of background to cut.

Processing Speed: 1 minute to 10 minutes, depending on the background design and the user’s proficiency.

When editing presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, users can remove the background from photos they want to use. The background removal is for better management of the photo and for it to be a better fit for the presentation. However, users may rely on manual skills to remove image background PowerPoint. The Remove Background feature of the application will automatically mark the photo's background. But, in some cases, the selection also marks some parts of the subject and leaves out some parts of the background. So, to make the cut more accurate, users will manually refine the selection that marks the background. Here are the steps to remove the background from pictures in PowerPoint.

Step 1 Load Your Image to PowerPoint

First, you must upload the image you want into the PowerPoint presentation you are currently editing. Since you will be removing the image background directly from the tool, it is fine to upload a photo with a background.

upload your image to powerpoint

Step 2 Use the Remove Background Feature

Next, select the image you uploaded into the tool to operate on it. At the top of the menu, click the Format tab to open the picture settings. Finally, you can find the Remove Background button at the left-most part of the tab. Click it.

click the remove background under the format tab

Step 3 Adjust the Marks

To remove white background PowerPoint, the tool will mark the selection made. If the markers are not accurate, you can use the tools at the top-left part of the application to edit them. You can add or delete areas that you want to keep. After refining the marks, hit the Keep Changes button.

adjust the markings and keep changes

Step 4 Background Removed in PowerPoint

Finally, wait for the process to finish, and your image background will be removed. You can now adjust your photo freely and use it as a design. You can resize it or move it to a different place without a background blocking the presentation.

background is removed

Other Tools that can Remove Background from Photos

You now know how to remove background in PowerPoint. However, it is noticeable in the example above that the photo isn’t smoothly cut from the background. That is because PowerPoint is less effective than automatic or professional background remover Mac and Windows. So, here’s a list of other tools you can use to remove the backgrounds of images used on PowerPoint.

1. AceThinker PicWish

Unique Feature: Expert at removing backgrounds from subjects with lots of flyaways such as fuzz, fur, and hair.

Removing Process: Automatic but manually editable.

Processing Speed: Less than 5 seconds per photo.

Using AceThinker PicWish to remove the background from your images is the most feasible when creating PowerPoint presentations. If you don’t want to follow the how to remove background from picture in PowerPoint above, use this automatic tool instead. Users can save a lot of time processing their images using AceThinker PicWish. Because, aside from the automated process, it can do at most 100 images at once. Users can add a lot of visuals to their presentations without working extra to remove the backgrounds. Moreover, users can further enhance their pictures after removing the background by adding built-in effects to the tool. Indeed this tool is the best for those who aren’t proficient at using manual editing software. Make your PowerPoint presentations more engaging with images without extra work by following the steps below.

Step 1 Get the Installer

The first step to removing the backgrounds of pictures you want to use in a presentation is by downloading the installer of AceThinker PicWish. You can do this by clicking on the compatible version below. Install the application on your computer after downloading.

Try it for Free

Step 2 Use the Remove BG Feature

You can now open the application, then access its Remove BG feature to remove the background from images. You can hover your mouse arrow above the Remove BG button, then left-click to use the feature.

choose remove bg option

Step 3 Upload the Visuals for the PowerPoint

After entering the Remove BG mode, you can now upload your visuals. Choose between Upload Image for selecting the pictures one-by-one or the Upload Folder option for uploading a whole folder of images.

choose how to add images

Step 4 Start After Checking

Next, you will check the image or images shown in the upload preview. You can add or subtract images you need or don’t need. After checking that all your visuals are loaded in the preview, hit the Start button.

preview the image and select start

Step 5 Save All to Remove the Background

Finally, you can see a more extensive picture preview without a background. You can refine this cut done by the tool automatically. You can also add effects to your liking from the tools on the right side of the application. To save your photo, click the Save All button.

customize the background then save the image

2. Adobe Photoshop

Unique Feature: Has a complete set of tools that can manipulate photos and remove backgrounds.

Removing Process: Manual process of removing backgrounds.

Processing Speed: 5 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on proficiency.

If we’re talking about how to remove background from picture in PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop can also handle that. Adobe Photoshop didn’t become one of the most known photo editing software for nothing. Using the tool to remove the backgrounds, you can get the most satisfying results as the tools are more advanced. However, users will have to operate the tools of Photoshop by themselves and not rely on AI to help them remove the background. But for users that are proficient with this kind of tool, Photoshop is the best choice. Not only will they be able to remove the background, but also adjust the perspective, skewness, brightness, and other settings of images for presentations.

adobe photoshop background removal

3. PhotoScissors

Unique Feature: Removing backgrounds from transparent subjects like glass won’t cause complications.

Removing Process: Automatic, but manual removal is an option.

Processing Speed: Around 5 minutes.

The following application that can substitute how to remove background from image in PowerPoint is Photoscissors. Among the tools in this list, this has the smallest maximum megapixel quality at only 4.2 megapixels. The photo you remove the background from will be saved into 4.2 megapixels or lower. It is good enough for presentations, especially when you don’t need bigger pictures. Users who want to remove background from translucent objects automatically will also find that this tool is the best for them. It works for Mac, Windows, and even iOS devices, so this is a very portable and flexible tool.

remove background with photoscissors

4. RemoveBG

Unique Feature: Can be used as a plugin installed on Microsoft PowerPoint.

Removing Process: Automatic only.

Processing Speed: Around 10 seconds.

Another application that answers how to remove white background from image in PowerPoint is RemoveBG. It has its web tool and desktop tool to remove backgrounds, but you can also install it into Microsoft PowerPoint. By doing that, you can still remove the background directly from PowerPoint, but without the hassle of the original solution. RemoveBG can automatically remove the backgrounds of images in PowerPoint with the help of its AI technology. The tool is the best fit for users that don’t want to open multiple applications when making presentations but also want an automatic background remover.

removebg preview of result

5. Inkscape

Unique Feature: Aside from background removal, the tool can be used to create graphics for presentations.

Removing Process: Manual processing of background removal.

Processing Speed: Around 10 minutes.

For users proficient in using tools like Photoshop but can’t afford it, they can use this free tool, Inkscape. This tool is so effective in how to remove image background in Powerpoint since it also has precise tools like Photoshop. If you have the necessary editing skills, removing backgrounds from photos using Inkscape will give finely cut outlines of images. Moreover, the images cut out from the background can be converted into infinitely scalable vectors. Moreover, besides the manual background removal of images using the tool, it also has a semi-automatic feature to remove backgrounds. The Trace Bitmap feature of the tool can be helpful when users with advanced editing knowledge want to perform the semi-automatic process of removing backgrounds.

select path and trace bitmap

6. Photopea

Unique Feature: Available for 41 languages, it is the best for Non-English speakers who want to remove backgrounds.

Removing Process: Manual process.

Processing Speed: More or less 10 minutes to remove backgrounds.

Photopea is editing software that can do more than only remove backgrounds from pictures. Any browser, such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Edge, can operate. Using Photopea, you can change the background in various ways thanks to the app's many photo editing features. However, utilizing each tool efficiently when erasing the backdrop requires proficiency. Additionally, Photopea offers advantages and disadvantages as an online tool. It's terrific that users won't have to install the tool to use it, freeing up hard drive space from large photo editors. Unfortunately, the lack of autosave capability in web-based applications is one of its most aggravating drawbacks. When eliminating the backdrop, if you unexpectedly lose your work, you can not retrieve it again.

remove your photo background

Bonus Tips to Remember

As mentioned before, it is always better to add images and visuals to your PowerPoint Presentations to make them more appealing and engaging. However, it isn’t recommended to just add photos to your presentation without considering it. So, here are some tips to remember when adding images to your presentation.


  • Don’t use images that are too distracting. It can take away the attention of your audience from your primary focus. You can remove background from logo or photos with detailed backgrounds to make them less distracting.
  • Ensure that when you add an image, the image is relevant to the text or topic of the slide for consistency.
  • Don’t overdesign, simplicity is always better.
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