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Remove the Background of A Logo With Effective Solutions

remove background from logoThe logo is perhaps one of the most important things when establishing a brand, business, page, or product. It gives your venture a face and something that people can remember by. Moreover, the logo will represent the values, nature, and identity of what it is made for. Adding a logo with a brand name will surely capture lots of attention and will be easier to remember since there are both visual and text elements. As technology advances, making and designing logos become easy with the help of editing softwares. By simply putting different elements together and the name using their devices and softwares, they can make logos in an instant. However, to fully use the logos in their best potential, it is better to save the logo with a transparent background. Why? A logo with a transparent background will fit anywhere. If you want to overlay it on other materials, there will be no issue since it won’t cover much. To do that, there are many ways to remove background from logo, and here are some of the best solutions!

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The Best Tool to Remove the Logo Background

Defining Feature: Goes extra by removing the watermarks and unblurring the subject from your photos too.

Processing Speed: 5 seconds per image.

If you desire to remove the background from your logo and make it transparent, using AceThinker PicWish is a must-try! It is undoubtedly the best tool to remove white background from logo, or any background. Aside from the tool having an automatic background removal with the help of its smart AI, it also smoothly cuts out the outline of your logo and isolates it from the backdrop. Moreover, the tool can also change your background from transparent to any solid color or even a background image of your choice. What’s more interesting is that the tool allows you to add or cast a shadow for your logo, giving it a more realistic look when overlaying on other images. Although saving the processed logo using PicWish is not for free, $0.03 per image, the download of the application, trying the process, and previewing of the results are free. Download the tool now from the buttons below and try removing your backgrounds from the logo.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Select the Remove BG

After downloading and launching, the first step will be to select your feature from the main interface. Left-click on the Remove BG mode using your mouse to use the feature. The selected mode will process the background removal for you.

choose remove bg option

Step 2 Upload Your Logo

Next, you will upload your logo to the tool to start removing the background. Hit the Upload Image option if you want to select your logo from your file directory manually. But if you have multiple logos to upload and are in the same folder, you can choose to Upload Folder instead.

choose how to add images

Step 3 Preview the Logo and Start the Process

Before proceeding with the process, ensure first that the logo included in the preview is the logo that you want to avoid wasting photo credits. Once sure with the logo, press the Start option to get rid of white background on logo or any color.

preview and click start

Step 4 Save the Logo

Once the tool finishes removing the background, a larger preview will be shown. You can adjust the background to your liking by using the menu options on the right side of the interface. The changes you will make will be shown in the preview. Click Save All to save the logo after editing.

save the logo after editing

Removing the Logo Background Using Photoshop

Defining Feature: Equipped with a complete variety of tools for photo editings like lasso and patch tool.

Processing Speed: Processing speed takes up minutes to hours, depending on the expertise of users on the program, and the design of the logo.

Another way is to remove background from logo Photoshop, which is more complicated at times. Although Adobe Photoshop is a more powerful editing software, it is not powered by AI, so users will manually edit their logo if they want to remove the background. Since Photoshop is a flexible tool, there are many ways you can remove the backgrounds from a logo, but the easiest way is by using the Paint Bucket tool. However, removing the background using the Paint Bucket tool is mostly only effective when the logo has a solid color background. Users can use the quick selection tool or paths tool for logos with more complicated backgrounds to manually crop their logo from the background.

Step 1 Use the Paint Bucket Tool

You will load the image of the logo on Photoshop first. After that, you can see a wide selection of editing tools on the left side of the tool. Look for the paint bucket symbol and point your mouse cursor to it. Left-click over the paint bucket symbol to use the Paint Bucket tool.

use the paint bucket tool

Step 2 Use the Clear Mode

After selecting the Paint Bucket tool, you can modify how you use the tool using the settings at the top. The tool defaults to normal mode and will use the color you selected. But if you want a transparent background, set the mode to Clear by clicking it from the mode list.

set clear mode

Step 3 Remove the Background from the Logo

After setting to Clear mode, left-click anywhere on the background to fill all the matching pixel colors with a transparent color. By saving your logo in the PNG format, you can now have a copy of your logo with a translucent backdrop.

remove the background

Other Tools for Removing the Background From Logos

Aside from the easiest and fastest way to remove the background from your photos (AceThinker PicWish) and the most popular editing software (Adobe Photoshop), there are still other tools that you can use. Here are more software that can remove background from text and logos.

1. PhotoScissors

Defining Feature: Can remove the background from translucent objects like glass.

Processing Speed: 5 minutes per photo.

Remove background from image logo using PhotoScissors is also possible. The tool is like a combination of the first two tools discussed because it combines manual and automatic removal of backgrounds. Users can load images on the tool and let the software remove the background, but sometimes the tool will require them to refine the cut manually. But what’s excellent about PhotoScissors is that it is suitable for low-end computers since it is a lightweight tool. It only takes up little amount of space in the hard disk since the manufacturers also optimized the editor to work on mobile iOS devices. However, some performances are compromised, such as processing speed and quality, because of the compression.

removing the background with photoscissors

2. Inkscape

Defining Feature: Uses scalable vector graphics for better quality.

Processing Speed: 5-10 minutes depending on proficiency.

Similar to PhotoScissors, Inkscape also employs a semi-automatic background removal process. Although the tool's design is for manual operation when making visuals and graphics, it is possible to select the subject of logos and remove the background automatically. It is made possible by the Trace Bitmap feature of the software. Although the interface of the tool can be quite confusing since there are a lot of tools and features to navigate, the tool is designed for more professional use. The advantage, though, is when you remove the background of a logo using Inkscape, you get better quality due to it employing the vector technology. Moreover, the tool supports saving in many file types and sizes.

use inkscape to remove background

3. FocoClipping

Defining Feature: The tool supports saving the output up to 25 megapixels.

Processing Speed: More than a minute per process.

Another logo background eraser is FocoClipping. However, unlike the other tools, FocoClipping is a service website and not downloadable. Users can directly upload their logo on the tool’s website and remove their background. Despite being a web-based application, it can simultaneously process up to 30+ photos, then download them by batch within a single click. Using the tool to remove your background from your logo is also refinable with the help of the application’s manual pen tool. Adding to that is the automatic optimization of the logo’s shadow, making the background removal look smooth and natural. The outputs produced by FocoClipping are capped at 15 MB in size.

fococlipping background removal

4. RemoveBG

Defining Feature: Produces images optimized for e-commerce sites.

Processing Speed: 10 seconds per logo.

If you don’t want to remove background from logo online, and prefer another offline tool, you can try using the RemoveBG tool. After the background removal, users can keep a colored, transparent, or graphic design background for their logos. Additionally, based on their requirements, clients can choose to save on various output sizes. The free edition of RemoveBG, in contrast to the other applications, only offers 50 previews of the photographs it has processed. But, to improve the effectiveness of users' creative workflows, the tool created some tools and extensions that may be used with several famous design programs. This feature allows users to use the utility directly from the associated design apps, saving them time if they need to erase backdrops from numerous logos directly.

removebg as background remover for logo

5. Adobe Illustrator

Defining Feature: Users can directly create their logo in the tool by using the graphic creation tools.

Processing Speed: This can take minutes to hours, depending on proficiency and background.

Another product of Adobe that you can use for logo remove background, is Adobe Illustrator. Although the tool’s purpose is more on graphics or design creation, it can also manipulate photos. Using the tool to remove the backgrounds on logos is also possible with the help of the tool’s pen tool and clipping mask. However, similar to other pen tools, a manual selection of the logo or subject to remove the background is needed. The only advantage is that when done properly, it can give better results and a smoother cut compared to other automatic background removers. There are also more options for the file types and sizes when saving Illustrator's output.

select the pen tool to place anchor points

6. Slazzer

Defining Feature: Can be equipped as an extension on other designer tools to remove backgrounds automatically.

Processing Speed: Up to 10 seconds per image.

The last background remover for logo is Slazzer. The tool costs more than the other automatic tools. However, this is due to its more quality functions. In addition to eliminating backdrops, the application may change the background with one of its many pre-built designs. Moreover, a single color or a transparent background can be substituted for the background in addition to replacing it with graphics. Slazzer handles up to 1000 photos simultaneously when the backdrop is removed, which is an impressive way to show bulk background removal. The software's artificial intelligence (AI) eliminates backdrops for people, things, cars, animals, or even real estate.

slazzer background remover

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the background from a JPG logo?
To remove the background from a JPG logo, you can load it to editing software, such as Photoshop and AceThinker Picwish, to remove the background. However, keep in mind that JPG doesn’t support a transparent background, so you should save your logo in PNG format after.
Why are my PNG files not transparent?
There are two possibilities why your PNG files are not transparent. First, it could be that you are only previewing the image, which loses its transparency because the image viewer does not support previewing a transparent file. The second reason is that your PNG file is saved without a transparent background in the first place.

Tips For Making Your Logo

It is mentioned many times in the article above that it is faster to remove the background of a logo when its background is a single color. This is because both AI tools and manual selection will be easier if the background is not complicated and contrasts highly with the logo or the subject. Here are other tips to remember when making your logo to make removing the backgrounds easier.

  • Avoid using too complicated designs such as too much swirls and fuzz on your logo. Not only will it be distracting for the target market of the logo, but it will also make it hard for most background removers to process.
  • Ensure that the outline of your logo and the foreground color contrast for a smoother finish after removing the background.
  • Always save your logo in PNG format for better quality and to support background transparency.

Comparison Chart

Tools Size Price Supported OS
AceThinker Picwish 23 MB $0.03 per image Windows and Mac
Adobe Photoshop 5 GB $20.99 per month Windows and Mac
PhotoScissors 8 MB $0.03 per image Windows and Mac
Inkscape 1171 MB Free Windows, Mac, and Linux
Tools Size Price Supported OS
FocoClipping None, web-based $0.09 per image Web-based, works on any OS
RemoveBG 73 MB $0.33 per image Windows, Mac, and Linux
Adobe Illustrator 3 GB $19.99 per month Windows and Mac
Slazzer 61 MB $0.32 per image Windows, Mac, and Linux
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