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Top Eight Bulk Photo Background Remover for Desktop

bulk image background removerOur technology has become so advanced that anyone can even do photo manipulation with the help of photo editing softwares. Even without any skill in editing, computer and mobile software make it easy for them. One such improvement is that users can now remove the background of images at will in just one click. Before, editors had to rely on advanced editing software such as Photoshop to remove or render the images they wanted manually. Moreover, they do the rendering or removing of the background one by one. But with background removers, removing backgrounds can now be done with a single click. Furthermore, doing it in bulk is now possible if the software supports it. To know more about bulk image background remover and find out which ones are the best to use, continue reading this review article. Knowing your background removers will surely come in handy soon!

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Background Removers That Support Bulk Images

1. PicWish

Price: $0.03 per image if you purchase the lifetime license for 1000 images.

Distinct Feature: The tool's advanced AI technology is the best at handling hair, furry objects, and other flyaways. The area that other tools are struggling to remove background from.

Supported Inputs: JPEG, WEBP, PNG, BMP, TIFF

Removing backgrounds from images in bulk, whether for commercial or social media use, is made very easy with PicWish due to its impressive AI. The artificial intelligence and technology that PicWish uses to remove backgrounds are advanced. As a result, the tool gives photos a smooth and natural finish when removing the background. The bulk background remover is also brilliant when detecting the photo's subject, so you won't have to select what you want to preserve manually. But if you want to preserve some areas in the background or photo, you still have the option to select the area, and the tool will keep it for you. Aside from that flexible feature, the software allows you to save the outputs with 100% transparency or colored background. The possibilities to use PicWish are endless, but the time consumed using it is minimal, increasing productivity and workflow. Aside from the process being automatic, the background removing process is also faster than most.

acethinker picwish background remover


Price: $0.32 per image if you buy the 1,200 images lifetime license.

Distinct Feature: There is an option to buy a monthly license that allows unused credit to roll over as long as you keep subscribing.

Supported Inputs: JPEG and PNG

Another software that can be used to remove background in bulk is The tool is free to download but only offers one free high-resolution image download. Without a subscription, the best you can do with the tool is an unlimited preview of images with removed backgrounds. However, if you have the funds for it, the smart and clean cut of of backgrounds is worth the price. Moreover, all subscriptions with the tool are covered with a 14-day money-back guarantee, so users can still cancel if unsatisfied with the results. To get the best result with, the images must have a clear subject so it can identify better what needs to be removed in the background. The tool has a maximum resolution of 12 megapixels, and processing images with higher resolution will be converted to that.

removal ai background remover

3. PhotoScissors

Price: $0.03 for every image under the 1000 credits lifetime license.

Distinct Feature: The tool is available in the App Store and can be used with your iOS devices.

Supported Inputs: PNG, WebP, and JPEG

A lighter background remover is available in the form of PhotoScissors. The tool is light in a way that it processes the removing of background a bit faster than other tools but produces lower resolution images. The maximum image resolution that PhotoScissors can produce is only 4.2 megapixels. PhotoScissors also doesn’t take up much space in the disk space of your desktop. Moreover, the software allows editing of three layers with different purposes when removing the background. The three layers that can be edited are the foreground, background, and shadow. Another unique feature of the tool is its bulk background removal can be set to cut only a group of the color feature you want. Lastly, the tool supports the removal of background from transparent objects such as glass materials.

remove background with photoscissors

4. Slazzer

Price: $0.32 per photo credit with the 500 credits lifetime license.

Distinct Feature: The tool can be used as a plugin on different design platforms for efficient workflow.

Supported Inputs: WebP, JPEG, and PNG

One more automatic bulk photo background remover is Slazzer. The tool is more expensive than most tools, but it is because it offers better features than others. Aside from removing backgrounds, the tool can also replace the background with built-in designs from the tool’s wide selection. Aside from replacing the background with designs, there’s also an option to replace the background with a solid color or transparency. Slazzer also supports up to 1000 images at once when removing the background, an imposing way to define bulk processing. The software’s AI is trained to remove backgrounds efficiently for people, products, cars, animals, and even real estate.

remove image background with slazzer

5. ClippingMagic

Price: $0.05 per image for a month’s license.

Distinct Feature: Aside from the keep, remove, and hair tools feature, it has a scalpel tool for precise cutouts.

Supported Inputs: PNG, JPEG, and WebP

Using ClippingMagic is literally just like magic as you can magically remove the backgrounds at will and manipulate bulk photos with its Auto Clip AI and Smart Editor. This bulk photo background remover is best used if users want perfect low-contrast edges on images with removed backgrounds. Additionally, the software’s powerful algorithm minimizes the work users need for most of their inputs to get a transparent background. One more great thing about the software is the comprehensive color control feature that allows tuning. The brightness, shadows, color temperature, saturation, and highlights are adjustable for the images processed through the tool. ClippingMagic is also good for handling heavy images as it can support up to 25 megapixels for the output and 30 MB for images.

magically remove image backgrounds with clippingmagic

6. RemoveBG

Price: $0.33 for every image on a 1,200 credits lifetime license.

Distinct Feature: Supports optimizing the images to be used for e-commerce sites.

Supported Inputs: WebP, PNG, JPEG

Sixth on the list of batch background remover is the RemoveBG software. Users can remove the background of images in bulk and keep it colored, transparent, or as a design template. Moreover, users can choose to save on various output sizes depending on their needs. However, unlike the other software, RemoveBG only offers 50 free previews of processed images for its free version. But when it comes to bringing more efficiency to users’ digital workflow, the tool built different tools and plugins supported by some popular design programs. This feature allows users to access the tool directly from the supported design programs, saving them time whenever they need to remove backgrounds from bulk images.

removebg for bulk image background remover


Price: $0.2 for every image on a 1000 images lifetime license.

Distinct Feature: The tool can animate portraits after removing their backgrounds.

Supported Inputs: WebP, PNG, JPEG, and BMP

Another AI-powered visual design platform and background remover is It makes bulk remove white background possible with its automatic processing. Moreover, aside from replacing it with solid colors, there are also options to make the background completely transparent or just blur it at will to create an exciting effect. The AI of can recognize people, animals, vegetation, sky, objects, icons, and even symbols as subjects and keep them when removing the background. The tool can also turn your images into art, visual presentations, or a stunning banner after removing the background. It is possible with the help of the tool’s wide selection of background templates that users can choose from to replace the ones that they removed from their images.

batch image background removal with cutoupro

8. FocoClipping

Price: $0.09 per image in a 1,000 credits lifetime license.

Distinct Feature: Allows the precise recognition of multi-people images and body actions.

Supported Inputs: PNG, WebP, and JPEG

For the last bulk background remover on the list, there is FocoClipping. The tool can process removing of background on 30+ photos at a time and download them in batches within just one click. It has a fantastic HD quality that features 25 megapixels for its output maximum image resolution. FocoClipping also supports up to 15 MB of image size, ensuring that users get the best output when removing backgrounds. With the background remover’s cast shadow feature, users can also make their images without backgrounds more realistic as the AI of the tool can quickly add an optimized shadow to the image. In addition to the automatic background removal, users can also define the edge of the images better by precisely cutting it using the manual pen tool.

fococlipping as background remover

How to Bulk Remove Background Using PicWish

Since AceThinker PicWish is the best regarding the number of inputs supported, here are the steps to bulk remove the background using the tool. The tool will surely be more beneficial to the users due to its flexibility when processing and recognizing inputs, saving time from unnecessary image conversions.

Step 1 Download and Install the Background Remover

First, download the bulk background remover by clicking the compatible download version below. Once the download is complete, launch the installer and follow the set-up wizard to install the application on your computer.

Try it for Free

Step 2 Choose The Remove BG Feature

Next, choose your mode of operation. Since you want to remove background from your images, you will select the first option, which is the Remove BG mode. Put your mouse pointer above the button, then left-click to enter the mode.

choose remove bg option

Step 3 Upload Your Images

You have two options for selecting the images that you want to remove background. Click the first button, Upload Image, if you want to choose the images you want manually. But if your bulk images are all in one folder, you can choose the Upload Folder button.

choose how to add images

Step 4 Start the Background Removal Process

After selecting the images you want to wipe off their backgrounds, you will see them on the screen. If all your desired images are already shown, you can click the Start button to start the background removal process.

click the start button

Step 5 Save Your Images

After processing, the tool will show you a preview of all the images with their backgrounds removed. You can adjust the background based on what you want; either choose a transparent background or a solid color. Once you are done fine-tuning your rendered images, click Save All to download the images.

click save all

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of the background in a picture?
There are a lot of ways to remove the background in a picture. Professionals used to use advanced editing software such as Adobe PhotoShop to remove the backgrounds manually. But now, everyone can use automatic background removers to remove their backgrounds, such as AceThinker Picwish and Slazzer.
How do I remove background without losing quality?
If you want to remove the background of images without losing quality using AI background removers, you have to choose one that offers high megapixel and megabytes output. That way, you can ensure that the saved images have the best quality.

Comparison Chart

Tools Size Supported OS Supported Output
PicWish 23 MB Windows and Mac JPEG, BMP, WEBP, PNG, TIFF 114 MB Windows and Mac JPEG and PNG
PhotoScissors 8 MB Windows and Mac JPEG and PNG
Slazzer 61 MB Windows, Mac, and Linux JPEG, WebP, and PNG
Tools Size Supported OS Supported Output
ClippingMagic None, web-based Web-based, works on any OS JPEG, WebP, and PNG
RemoveBG 73 MB Windows, Mac, and Linux JPEG and PNG 83 MB Windows and Mac JPEG and PNG
FocoClipping None, web-based Web-based, works on any OS JPEG, WebP, and PNG
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