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The Top YouTube to MP4 Video Converter Android Online

youtube to mp4 converter androidStreaming movies and videos online are the new primary source of entertainment today. Aside from the different video-sharing platforms, new video streaming services also invaded the Internet. Now, not only will Internet users be able to watch videos uploaded by other users, but they can now watch original series from those streaming services. Moreover, they can also watch their favorite TV series and theater movies. Despite that, no one can still defeat good old YouTube. Most users still stream YouTube since it is free and has more content since the platform allows video sharing. However, YouTube still needs an Internet connection to play its videos. So, what if you want to watch videos from YouTube offline? That’s easy! You can use a YouTube converter to MP4 for Android so you can download the video you want and play it anytime.

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The Best YouTube to MP4 Converter Android

Advantageous Feature: Aside from YouTube, it can convert and download videos from over a thousand websites.

Price: The subscription per month is $12.95.

When it comes to the best YouTube to MP4 converter app for Android, AceThinker Video Keeper is the first. It is convenient to use since users will have the option to either paste the URL of the video or browse through its built-in browser. The options can save time for the users since they can choose whichever is faster based on the situation, for example, if they already have the URL. AceThinker Video Keeper can also save YouTube videos with different qualities and can support up to 4K resolution. Aside from MP4, the downloader can also convert MP3 and M4A file formats. The best user group that will benefit from using the tool are users with Android and iOS devices since compatibility will be the least of their worries. Finally, downloading videos from YouTube using the tool will save video files that are shareable on other devices and playable on other players.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Browse the Video or Paste the URL

First, paste the URL of the video from YouTube that you want to convert and download into an MP4. If the URL is not yet available, open the YouTube application using the built-in browser to browse for the video you want to download.

Step 2 Enter the Download Mode

Next, search the keyword of your desired YouTube video using the search bar to see the results of related videos. After seeing the video you want, click the download button below to enter the download mode. You can proceed to this step directly if you pasted a URL instead.

Step 3 Convert and Download Your Youtube Video to MP4

Finally, you can start the download of your YouTube video immediately using the lightning button. It will download the video based on your saved preset. But if you want to customize the download, click the download button instead to select your format and quality.

Other YouTube Downloaders and Converters

Aside from the free YouTube downloader for Android provided above, there are also other alternatives you can use. Here are some MP4 YouTube converter Android you can use as an alternative when saving videos online.

1. YouTube Premium

Advantageous Feature: Has its own collection of videos to watch and download.

Price: $11.99 for the monthly subscription.

If you want to download YouTube videos offline, you can do it directly using the YouTube mobile application. Although the download is free, the resolution is limited if users will not purchase YouTube Premium. But with YouTube Premium, users will not only remove ads but also unlock unlimited downloads and high-quality resolution downloads of YouTube videos. However, using YouTube Premium will not convert YouTube to MP4 on Android and will only download them in OGG format. It means that the video can only be played through the YouTube application and is only playable through the app. Despite that, OGG has superior audio quality and doesn’t take up much space, so it is the best for users who want good audio quality and small sizes.

download using YouTube

2. VidMate

Advantageous Feature: Downloaded movies are saved with high-quality audio.

Price: Free with intrusive ads.

Another alternative tool that works as a YouTube to MP4 converter Android is Vidmate. This tool is the best for users who wants a free downloader but still maintain lossless audio quality. Vidmate, however, has many advertisements since it is free and profits only from that and donations. The downloaded YouTube videos using VidMate are also saved in the local storage, so it is sharable. What’s excellent about VidMate is that it doesn’t tolerate pirated or illegal video downloads. It keeps the website and users safe from bans and protects online video copyright.

watch malayalam movies online with vidmate

3. InsTube

Advantageous Feature: Has a feature that can encrypt downloaded videos with a password.

Price: Free with ads.

The third YouTube to MP4 converter Android on the list is InsTube. This tool can download videos from more than 100 video streaming platforms, including YouTube. Institute is best for users that value their security and privacy since the tool has a built-in locker for the videos. Despite the free application, it can download MP4 videos with remarkable speed. However, it is impossible to pause or stop the download of the videos once it starts, so users' only choice is to wait for the download to finish. Aside from MP4, InsTube is also helpful for downloading in the MP3 format, which provides more flexibility.



Advantageous Feature: Doesn’t require users to download the tool since it is browser-based.

Price: Free but with many popup ads.

The following YouTube converter to MP4 for Android phones is It is an online tool that can download YouTube videos into MP4 and other formats for free. Although the website has some annoying popups and ads, it is 100% safe and free from viruses. The maximum download quality of is 720p, and it can download into different file formats such as MP3 and WEBM. can also be used as a chrome extension to allow quick download of YouTube videos without opening the main website. It is a downloader best for user groups that want to download videos without downloading the application.

savefrom to download instagram videos

5. Snaptube

Advantageous Feature: The downloads are manageable even during the process.

Price: The tool is free.

One more application to convert YouTube video to MP4 on Android is Snaptube. It can download videos from different websites, including YouTube, Facebook, and Dailymotion. The tool is great for users who can’t finish a download in one sitting since the tool allows pausing the downloads. But what’s different with pausing video downloads in Snaptube is that it won’t corrupt or affect the MP4 file even if it is paused for a long time. However, the application is not yet available on the Google Play Store, so users must install the tool via a third-party installer.

snaptube main interface

6. Videoder

Advantageous Feature: The tool has a smart link detector installed.

Price: $4.99 for the monthly license.

The sixth alternative downloader for YouTube vidoes is Videoder. Videoder can also download videos with up to 4k quality resolution in MP4, MP3, and M4A format. Moreover, the tool can download a whole YouTube playlist by copying its URL. So, it is recommended for users who want to save time to download a collection of YouTube videos compiled in a playlist. Videoder also has a tab that shows downloads that were interrupted so users can check if the quality of the interrupted videos was affected. The tool also has no annoying advertisements since it is a paid downloader.

videoder main interface

7. NewPipe

Advantageous Feature: Supports playing videos on a multitasking screen.

Price: The downloader is free.

The last YouTube video converter to MP4 for Android is NewPipe. It is an application designed to look like YouTube but with extra features like downloading. NewPipe gives the same experience as YouTube but is made better with the free additional features. Unlike YouTube, the tool can download shareable MP4 videos and play them on other media players aside from the app’s default player. However, the built-in media player of NewPipe is a better option for users who likes multitasking since it is optimized to run on those screens. Finally, the tool can download in a higher resolution despite being free, unlike the YouTube application.

newpipe download interface

Bonus Tips When Downloading YouTube Videos

When you want to download YouTube videos on Android, there are some tips that you should keep in mind to get the most out of them. Now that you know what downloaders you can use to download YouTube videos, here are some tips to remember when downloading videos.

  • Always look for the video link with the highest resolution. Since downloaders won’t be able to download at a high resolution if the original video link is limited to a lower pixel quality.
  • Be cautious of downloading YouTube videos that are protected by copyrights. Most YouTube videos are allowed to be downloaded, but they can’t be reposted or recreated.
  • Ensure that the downloader you will use can convert the YouTube videos into a file format supported by your devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a YouTube to MP3 app for Android?
Yes, aside from YouTube to MP4 on Android, there are also converters that work for YouTube to MP3. Some of the applications mentioned above, such as AceThinker Video Keeper, are applications that can convert and download both MP4 and MP3.
How can I download YouTube videos without app?
If you want to download YouTube videos without using an application, you can use web-based downloaders instead. An example of a web-based YouTube downloader is for MP4 and for MP3.

Comparison Chart

Downloaders Size Supported Platform/s Download Speed
AceThinker Video Keeper 110 MB Android, Windows, and Mac One to five minutes
YouTube Premium 255 MB Downloads are supported on Android only Around five minutes
VidMate 25 MB Android Around five minutes
InsTube 10 MB Android, Windows, and Mac Five to ten minutes
Downloaders Size Supported Platform/s Download Speed None Android, Windows, Mac, and Browsers Five to ten minutes
Snaptube 40 MB Android More than five minutes
Videoder 50 MB Windows and Android Around ten minutes
NewPipe 10 MB Android Around five minutes
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