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The Top Ways to Convert YouTube to MP4 Samsung Android

samsung video downloaderAs mobile phones become increasingly advanced, many manufacturers and developers are emerging in the market. However, one brand stays dominant regarding sales and the consumers' trust. Many Android users still prefer the Samsung brand over the new companies that produce Android. This is despite the Samsung phones like the Galaxy series being significantly more expensive. After all, Samsung never disappoints with its features; they stay among the first brands to adopt new technology, such as the AMOLED display. This provides better graphics and makes watching and playing even more enjoyable with the device. But speaking of watching, most Samsung users may not know how to download and watch videos offline. So here's a list and review of some of the most effective Samsung video downloader that they can use.

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The Best Samsung Internet Video Downloader

Distinctive Feature: The best way to download videos on Samsung from over 1000 websites.

Minimum Android Version: Android 4.0 and up.

The first downloader for Samsung featured in the list is the best option for people who wants to download videos from different websites. Aside from being a YouTube downloader for Samsung, AceThinker Video Keeper also has the most extensive collection of websites supported. This downloader can save video files in different formats and different qualities. It can save downloads for up to 4K HD quality in MP4 and 128 to 320 kbps in MP3 or M4A. Moreover, when users download videos in Samsung using AceThinker Video Keeper, they can share the downloaded file to other devices and play it with any media player. Users can also use the downloader’s built-in browser for faster and more convenient downloading. Finally, even with the free version of the tool, there are no annoying advertisements to ruin your downloading experience.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Browse for the Video or Paste URL

For the first step of YouTube downloader for Samsung, you will launch the application on your Samsung device. Next, you will see an empty textbox; you can either use that to paste your video URL or your video keyword. The results will then show the specific video for URLs and a list of results to browse for keywords.

Step 2 Hit the Download Detection Button

Next, tap the video you want to download on your Samsung device. After that, the Download Detection button at the bottom of the screen will light up. It means that the video is downloadable and ready for download. Tap the button to enter the download mode.

Step 3 Complete the Download

Finally, you will see the quality and format customization screen. You can select the desired video properties by tapping on the radio buttons. After selecting the video properties you want, you can tap Start Download to complete the downloading process.

Other Samsung Video Downloaders as Alternatives

Although the best option for Samsung users is AceThinker Video Keeper for Android, there are still other apps that works as an alternative. Here are other tools you can use to download YouTube videos on Android.

1. YouTube Premium

Distinctive Feature: Provides users with a wide library of videos to download.

Minimum Android Version: Android 4.4 and later.

Using the YouTube mobile application, it can also download YouTube videos on Samsung. However, the YouTube downloader for Samsung has limited features if the Premium version is not purchased. Samsung consumers Users can only save videos of up to moderate quality without a premium subscription. However, buying premium is the best option for users who don't want to use a third-party downloader to download High Definition YouTube videos. Unfortunately, the HD videos downloaded with the YouTube app can only be viewed on YouTube's media player. Additionally, the saved video cannot be transferred to another device. Nevertheless, the files use smaller storage than other downloaders since they download to the application and not to the internal memory.

download using YouTube

2. Videoder

Distinctive Feature: Can detect downloadable video links in your clipboard.

Minimum Android Version: Android 2.1 and above.

A different downloader that can convert YouTube to MP4 Samsung is Videoder. The Samsung downloader is renowned for its intelligent link identification. Users who enjoy saving time with smart link recognition will benefit most from the tool. Collecting the URLs of accessible videos into your clipboard enables users to acquire the videos immediately. You may also download multiple YouTube videos faster using Videoder's bulk download feature. However, there are pop-ups and adverts for the free version, but they can be removed by purchasing a membership. Ads typically irritate consumers, whereas, with Videoder, you can unlock the ad-free version. Users can also see if their downloads have crashed thanks to the product's Interrupted section. Users can examine the downloads listed on the tab that encountered issues during the process.

videoder main interface

3. Vidmate

Distinctive Feature: The Top Downloads and Top Site section provides great video suggestions.

Minimum Android Version: Android 4.0 and later.

The following Samsung Internet video downloader for Android is VidMate. It is a free Android application, and the developers only ask for donations and contributions for server maintenance. Nevertheless, it is optional, and users can maximize the tool without paying. The program can get Videos online in 4K HD Quality despite being free. It can also download various streaming websites besides YouTube, most of which are websites for Indian and Mumbai movies. Users who prefer to watch those kinds of movies will undoubtedly appreciate the app. With Vidmate, privacy is also not an issue because the adverts are secure and free of harmful malware. Additionally, the program forbids pirated or illegal downloads, protecting users and the program from penalties. Finally, for a free program, the audio quality of videos downloaded with Vidmate is excellent.

vidmate main interface

4. NewPipe

Distinctive Feature: The best video player and downloader for multitasking.

Minimum Android Version: Android 6.0 and up.

NewPipe is the next Android YouTube downloader for Samsung. The tool's designers wanted it to resemble YouTube and provide users with a similar sense of immersion. Although, the program offers better download capabilities because it allows for 4K downloads even when using the free version. While using NewPipe to obtain YouTube videos offline, media files that may be played on different media players other than YouTube are also created. Additionally, the downloads from NewPipe can be moved to other Samsung or non-Android devices. The media player of NewPipe has additionally been enhanced for multitasking screens. It is, therefore, best suitable for the user base of Android smartphone users that enjoy watching while performing other chores.

newpipe download interface

5. InsTube

Distinctive Feature: Provides encryption and password protection for the video library.

Minimum Android Version: Android 4.4 and up.

InsTube is an additional free way to convert YouTube to MP4 Samsung. It is the ideal solution for people who value the added security provided by the built-in lockup storage and want to maintain a personal video collection. In addition to YouTube, InsTube may download stuff from over 100 streaming services, all of which offer 4K High Definition resolution. The issue with InsTube is that once a download has begun, it cannot be stopped or paused. To avoid problems and hiccups, users may wait for the downloading to complete and make sure not to disrupt the Internet connection. Given that it is freeware, some features, like the pause option, have not yet been created for this tool.

instube main interface

6. KeepVid

Distinctive Feature: It is an all-in-one online video downloader and editor.

Minimum Android Version: Android 4.4 and above.

The next Samsung Internet video downloader is a versatile app that functions on Samsung devices and web browsers. For quicker direct downloading, KeepVid's mobile application and service webpage support downloading up to 4K quality YouTube videos. Although the utility also has a free app, only the paid version allows for Ultra HD downloads. Additionally, the free edition has numerous pop-up adverts that can be eliminated by purchasing the premium subscription. The utility may modify video files and add captions in addition to downloading videos online. The best consumers for this program are those who enjoy watching offline YouTube videos with captions.

keepvid online tool

7. Snaptube

Distinctive Feature: The downloads are pausable without causing the download to crash.

Minimum Android Version: Android 4.1 and later.

Snaptube can easily download YouTube videos on Samsung Android phones and tablets. YouTube is among the 100 platforms and websites it supports. Surprisingly, users may utilize the program to stop, pause, and continue downloading Internet videos. For those who frequently need to interrupt downloads, Snaptube inarguably is an excellent downloading app. They can complete them and pick them up once they have internet access. Snaptube cannot be installed on mobile devices unless users allow app installations from untrustworthy websites. This is due to the tool's absence from the Google Play Store. The tool is safe and virus-free, nonetheless.

snaptube main interface


Distinctive Feature: No installation required to download videos on your Samsung device.

Minimum Android Version: Works on any Android version.

Lastly, there's a YouTube downloader for Samsung available online in addition to downloaders that require installation. By obtaining the video link and address,, a free downloading website, may save moderate to high-quality videos from the web. may download at 4K even though it's free, provided the source video was also posted in that resolution. may also be added as a chrome extension to speed up downloads. Users can instantly grab YouTube videos when browsing if the plugin is deployed. Those who want to get videos directly from the web page without first downloading any application can benefit from it.

savefrom to download instagram videos

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download videos from YouTube without the app?
If you don’t have the YouTube application, you can download videos using third-party downloaders and a browser. To acquire the URL of the videos, you can use a browser if you don’t have the application. But if you use downloaders like AceThinker Video Keeper, you can use the in-app browser instead.
What is the best video file format for Samsung?
The best video file format, not just for Samsung but for other devices as well, is MP4. Regarding compatibility, MP4 video files can be played with almost any media player. MP4 video files are also compressed into smaller sizes without compromising quality.

Comparison Chart

Downloaders Price Size Supported Outputs
AceThinker Video Keeper $12.95/month 110 MB MP4, MP3, and M4A
YouTube Premium $11.99/month 255 MB OGG only
Videoder $4.99/month 40 MB MP4, MP3, and M4A
Vidmate Free 95 MB MP4 and MP3
NewPipe Free 75 MB MP4 and MP3
Downloaders Price Size Supported Outputs
InsTube Free 30 MB MP4 and MP3
KeepVid $29.95 30 MB MP4, MP3, and WAV
Snaptube Free with in-app purchases 100 MB MP4 and MP3 Free None MP4 and WEBM
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