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The Best App to Download Instagram Videos on Android

instagram video downloader for androidAside from the aesthetic images that Instagram features, users, can now share videos on the platform. The shared videos come in Reels or IG Story, which other users can view depending on your security options. Although Reels have a time limit for the length of the videos, it is fun to watch them, and they vary in genre. Although you can copy the link to the Reels to save them, the application has no option to download the videos. If you’d like to watch the Reels again, your only option is to open the saved link and use your internet connection to load the video. But what if I tell you that you can download them using a third-party downloader instead? If you are interested, keep reading the article to learn more about these Instagram video downloader for Android.

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Download Instagram Videos Using the Best Tools

The following applications are tools that can download movies on Android. So, downloading Instagram Reels will be easy for them since the videos are much shorter in length compared to the movies they usually handle.

1. AceThinker Video Keeper

Significant Feature: Has the most extensive collection of supported websites, over a thousand.

Price: $12.95.

One of the more than 1000 websites that AceThinker Video Keeper can download videos from is Instagram. Users can instantly download IG Reels for Android using the program. In addition to MP4, the application converts into audio formats for Instagram videos and saves them in MP3. That makes AceThinker Video keeper a flexible Instagram video downloader APK. Moreover, the converter's ability to convert files into M4A format makes it the best option for users of Android and iOS devices. AceThinker Video Keeper also allows you to save and convert videos much faster. Time efficiency is possible due to its fast and reliable servers, accelerating its downloading speed. You don't have to be wary about unwanted advertisements when using the tool's free version because they are discreet and strategically placed. However, you can unlock more premium features, such as higher-quality downloads, and get rid of them if you purchase a license.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Paste the URL or Browse Instagram

Using the empty URL box, you can paste the link of the Instagram Reels you wish to download. If you don’t have the link yet, you can use AceThinker Video Keeper’s browser to look for your video. Click the Instagram logo below to browser Instagram using the downloader.

Step 2 Download Your Instagram Video

After browsing for the Instagram video you want to download, you can click the lighting download button to save it using your preset. However, if you want a customized download quality, click the drop-down download button.

Step 3 Manage the Downloads and Transfer

After the download is finished, you can manage and find your downloads in the Library Tab. You can Play, Copy, or Move the downloaded videos in the Library. You can also share the downloaded videos or photos from the downloaded library.

2. VidMate

Significant Feature: Reassuring security and legality.

Price: Free with a lot of ads.

The second Instagram video download app APK is a free application. VidMate is a great answer because it is a free tool that primarily runs its server off donations and advertisements. Utilizing VidMate, users can save videos from streaming websites like Vimeo, Youtube, and, most notably, Instagram. To ensure the safety of its services and avoid prohibitions, VidMate does not permit the download of illegal or pirated videos. However, Instagram still gives you access to a sizable Reels collection that you can download in several languages. However, you can only download the application through a website or another third-party tool downloader. It is because it is not currently available through the Google Play Store. It is also why the best user group for this application are those who don't mind trusting a free third-party application.

watch malayalam movies online with vidmate

3. Snaptube

Significant Feature: Downloads can be paused for a long time without causing problems.

Price: Free, but donating is an option.

Download Instagram video Android is an easy task for Snaptube. It supports a hundred websites and platforms, and Instagram is one of them. Remarkably, users may pause, cancel, and then resume downloading Instagram videos using the application. This might be an excellent download app for users who need to pause downloads a lot. They can finish them later and then resume them when they regain internet connection. Users must permit app installations from untrusted sites to get Snaptube on mobile platforms. That is because the tool is not available in the Google Play Store. However, it has been demonstrated that the utility is secure and virus-free.

snaptube main interface

4. InsTube

Significant Feature: Instagram video downloads can be protected with a password.

Price: Free but with ads.

Using the software InsTube, you may quickly download IG videos Android, and over 100 video-sharing websites. Although the tool's download speed is excellent, users must wait until all the reels have been saved. It is because they cannot be canceled once the download starts. Using the program's built-in video player, you can watch the videos downloaded from other websites. That is besides downloading your favorite movies and television shows. Furthermore, users can quickly download their favorite movies and convert these into Audio files. The application also provides site resource bookmarking. That is where users may save domains they want the developers to add to InsTube. Those who wish to lock their IG videos are advised to use this downloader.


5. Videoder

Significant Feature: Can download the Reels fast with Smart Link Detection.

Price: $4.99.

The fifth app to use as an Instagram Reels video download app for Android is Videoder. You can download clips and videos from various websites, including Instagram and other video-sharing portals. Videos can be downloaded in MP4 file extension with a maximum of 4K Ultra HD resolution or MP3 and M4A audio formats. Users of Videoder have the option of downloading the Instagram Reels by batch in one go. Users who like downloading multiple videos at once are the best target group for this application. The downloader Videoder also doesn't have annoying advertisements since it is a paid application. Finally, you can double-check the interrupted videos easily with the Interrupted tab of Videoder.

videoder main interface

6. KeepVid

Significant Feature: The tool prioritizes the optimization of the audio quality in downloads.

Price: $29.95.

KeepVid is another Instagram video download app for Android. Those who choose not to install an app can access the web variant of this Android utility. However, the program makes it secure and free to acquire Reels and videos. Although it also includes several display advertisements that can occasionally be bothersome. Nevertheless, you may avoid invasive advertising if you buy KeepVid's premium edition. Like most programs, KeepVid has a built-in search engine, but what sets it apart is that it also has a video editor and a subtitle generator. KeepVid is the ideal option for people who wish to add captions to their downloaded Instagram videos.

keepvid as free youtube downloader for android

Download Instagram Videos With Online Downloaders

Aside from the downloaders mentioned above, there are also web-based tools that can download Reels from Instagram. Here are the online applications that can work as AceThinker Video Keeper and VidMate alternative.

1. Snapinsta

Significant Feature: You can also download photos and live videos from IGTV.

Price: Free with many ads.

Snapinsta is another app to download Instagram videos on Android. But with Snapinsta, users will no longer have to download the application since it is a website-based downloader. Moreover, when downloading with Snapinsta, you can download IG videos without logging into your Instagram account to ensure your security. The downloaded videos will also retain their original resolution and quality. But because of that, users can’t change the download quality. But, this is a good tool for users downloading high-quality videos since, despite being free, it can download in the original quality. Do note, however, that the reels must be from a public account to download Instagram videos using the tool.

snapinsta ig downloader


Significant Feature: Can be installed as a browser extension for instant downloads.

Price: Free but with popup ads. is the next Instagram to MP4 converter for Android phones. Using this web tool, Instagram videos can be downloaded for free in MP4 as well as other formats. Although the website includes a few intrusive pop-up adverts and pop-up windows, it is virus-free and completely safe. The highest possible download resolution on is 720p, but it supports MP3 and WEBM as well as other file types. As a Browser extension, enables fast Instagram video downloads without viewing the official website. Users who wish to download files without installing an application should utilize this downloader the most.

savefrom to download instagram videos

3. iGram

Significant Feature: No download limit for its free services.

Price: Free with a lot of advertisements.

iGram is an Instagram video downloader for Android that also doesn’t require installing the application. Downloading Instagram Reels and videos using this online application is fast and easy. Users won’t have to sign in or create an account on iGram to access its features, such as downloading IG videos. The downloader also works on any browser, so compatibility is the least of the worries for the users. Since the application can download free IG videos without limit, it is the best option for users who are downloading a lot of videos from Instagram.

igram instagram video downloader

4. InstaDownloader

Significant Feature: You can also download private Instagram videos.

Price: Free, but the site has popup ads.

The last Instagram Reels video download app for Android is InstaDownloader. It is the best downloader for users who want to download private Instagram videos. Although the online downloader is free, it can download IG videos in their original resolution and quality. The tool also doesn’t need your Instagram account or for you to create an InstaDownloader account to work. Users can also use adblockers when downloading IG videos from the website to avoid having too many popups. Since the website allows some of its advertisements to be blocked by adblockers, using one helps.

instadownloader as ig video downloader

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download a video from Instagram?
You can’t download a video directly from the Instagram application, but you can use other third-party apps to acquire them. Some of the best Instagram downloaders are AceThinker Video Keeper and
Is it safe to use Instagram downloaders?
The safety of Instagram downloaders varies per application. There are Instagram downloaders that are fake and full of malicious viruses. However, the downloaders listed in the article above are all safe and secure to use.

Comparison Chart

Downloaders Size Supported Outputs Supported Platform/s
AceThinker Video Keeper 110 MB MP4, MP3, and M4A Android, Windows, and Mac
VidMate 25 MB MP4 and MP3 Android
Snaptube 40 MB MP4 and MP3 Android
InsTube 10 MB MP4 and MP3 Android, Windows, and Mac
Videoder 50 MB MP4, MP3, and M4A Windows and Android
Downloaders Size Supported Outputs Supported Platform/s
KeepVid 50 MB MP4, MP3, and WAV Android, Windows, Online Browsers and Mac
Snapinsta None, web-based MP4 Any browsers None, web-based MP4 and WEBM Android, Windows, Mac, and Browsers
iGram None, web-based MP4 Any browsers
InstaDownloader None, web-based MP4 Any browsers
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