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Facebook Video Downloader App For Android List with Reviews

facebook video downloader for androidInagurably the most prominent and most used social media platform today is Facebook. The app offers a lot of features for entertainment and communication. From sharing text posts and statuses, photos, and videos, there’s a lot you can do with Facebook. However, you need an internet connection to use the app and view its posts. But there is a way to watch the videos from Facebook that you want offline. You only have to download the video, and it will be possible to view it anytime you want. You will need to acquire a Facebook video downloader for Android to save the videos from Facebook. In this review, you will discover the different downloaders that you can use and find the best fit for you.

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The Best Facebook Video Downloader Available

Unique Feature: The most flexible for downloading in different qualities and formats.

Price: $12.95.

Facebook is one of the over 1000 websites from which AceThinker Video Keeper may download videos and movies. Using the software, users may quickly download FB video Android. The program also has an audio format conversion feature for Facebook videos and saves in MP3, aside from MP4. Users can then save their videos as audio files, more petite than MP4 format. The utility also works for converting into M4A format, making it the most appropriate choice for people with both iOS and Android mobile devices. Additionally, AceThinker Video Keeper helps you save a ton of time on downloads and conversions. Since it has fast and robust servers that accelerate its processing speed, time efficiency is attainable. When utilizing the tool's free edition, you do not need to be concerned about bothersome adverts because they are correctly placed and are not intrusive. But if you buy a license, you can access more premium services like higher-quality downloads and eliminate them.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Browse Facebook for the Video

First, you can either use the built-in browser of the tool to browse Facebook by tapping on the Facebook logo from the website list below. Or you can paste the URL of the Facebook video directly on the text box above.

download facebook video

Step 2 Download Your Facebook Video

After finding your Facebook Video, you can tap on the preview first to play it and check if the video is correct. If you have the right video you want to download, tap on the Download button and wait for the menu to pop up.

Step 3 Complete Your Download

After tapping the download button, you can customize the video quality and download format using the popup menu. Tap on the radio buttons to select the desired option, then tap the Start Download button to begin. Wait for a few moments and the download will be completed.

Other Video Downloader From Facebook on Android

1. Vidmate

Unique Feature: Downloaded movies also produce high-quality audio.

Price: Free, but the ads can be intrusive.

A free Facebook video downloader APK for Android smartphones is the first on the list. Since VidMate is a free app that mainly relies on donations and adverts to run its server, it is a fantastic solution. Users may download videos using VidMate from streaming services, including Vimeo, Dailymotion, and, most significantly, Facebook. VidMate does not allow the download of unlawful or pirated videos to maintain the security of its service and prevent bans. However, through Facebook, you still have access to a massive library of movies in various languages that you may download. One drawback is that the utility is now unavailable on Google Play Store; as a result, you must download it using a browser or another third-party software. For that reason, this is only recommended for users that don’t mind installing from untrusted sources.

vidmate main interface

2. Snaptube

Unique Feature: While downloading, users can manage their downloading content.

Price: Free.

On Android, Snaptube may also download video from Messenger Android. Of course, it is in addition to downloading MP3 or MP4 files from Facebook. Users may pause, abort, and then continue downloading Facebook videos using the app is extraordinary. This can be a great download tool for people who need to halt the download several times, finish it later, and afterward continue it when they have access to the internet once again. Due to the tool's absence from the Google Play Store, users must enable app installation from unknown sources to download Snaptube on mobile devices. However, the tool is proven to be safe to use and free of malicious viruses.

snaptube main interface

3. Videoder

Unique Feature: The tool is equipped with an AI for smart link detection.

Price: $4.99.

Videoder is the fourth app to utilize as a substitute for Facebook MP4 converter Android. Videos and movies can be downloaded from various sources, including Facebook and other video-sharing sites. People can download their videos in M4A and MP3 audio or MP4 format with a maximum of 4K resolution. Users of Videoder can also choose which videos from the Facebook video album they wish to download and which ones they don't. It is the most excellent program for users who frequently detest one or two videos and wish to prevent them from being downloaded for this reason. When you have Videoder, why go through the hassle of obtaining everything before subsequently removing what you don't like?

videoder main interface

4. InsTube

Unique Feature: Can protect your favorite videos and movies with a password.

Price: Free.

You can easily download FB video Android and from over 100 video-sharing websites using the program InsTube. The tool's connection speed is impressive, but because it cannot be stopped once it begins, customers must wait until all of their videos have been downloaded. Along with letting you download your movies and series, the program also has an installed video player that lets you watch videos you've obtained from other websites. Additionally, viewers can easily download their preferred films and turn them into MP3 files and various file formats. Last but not least, the application offers a site resources bookmark where users can save websites they want the creators to add to InsTube. This downloader is recommended for those who want to keep their videos locked with a password.

instube main interface

5. KeepVid

Unique Feature: It has the least hitches on the video audio from its downloads.

Price: $29.95.

Another Facebook to MP4 converter Android is KeepVid. A web version of this Android tool is available for people who do not wish to download an app. However, the program makes it safe and cost-free to download movies and videos, but it also contains a lot of display adverts, which can occasionally be inconvenient. Nevertheless, if you purchase KeepVid's premium edition, you can avoid intrusive advertising. KeepVid includes a built-in browser like most applications do, but what makes it unique is that it also includes a video editor as well as a subtitle maker. Those who want to add subtitles to their downloaded FB videos will find KeepVid the best fit.

keepvid online tool

6. NewPipe

Unique Feature: Suitable for multitasking since it can play your videos while other apps are running on the Android phone.

Price: Free.

NewPipe is also on the list of free Facebook video downloader for Android. It is an open-source film and video downloading tool for Android devices. To give customers the same feel as YouTube, NewPipe is constructed similarly. But, unlike YouTube, the tool can download videos from many sources, including Facebook. Moreover, you won't need to concern yourself about shady intrusive adverts or app permissions when using NewPipe. The tool's streaming and downloading consume fewer data and have a quick download speed. The tool's pop-up player lets you flexibly watch videos you've downloaded on your Android device. This software also contains a background player, making it possible to play audio with video together without any issues. The users best suitable to use the program are multitaskers.

newpipe download interface

7. SnapSave

Unique Feature: You can also download Facebook videos from Private or Closed Groups.

Price: Free.

The last tool that can download video from Messenger Android and Facebook is SnapSave. It is a web-based program that allows users to paste the URL of the Facebook video into their website, and they will download the file for them. Despite being a free tool, SnapSave can download in 1080p, 2K, and 4K video quality, as long as the source video supports that quality. The service website also saves the video from Facebook with lossless audio quality for the best sound experience. This is an excellent program for users who want to avoid downloading extra clients or registering before they can download their videos.

snapsave website


What is a URL?

URL or a Uniform Resource Locator is the chain of words that form the address to locate something on the World Wide Web. Every file, website, or page on the Internet has a unique URL that will help users and programs recognize and locate them.

What is an APK?

APK, or an Android Package Kit, is a file format used by the Android operating system for most applications and installers. The APK usually includes the program codes and assets of the software. When downloading from third-party sites or untrusted sources, they are usually in the form of an APK.

Comparison Chart

Downloader Size Platform/s Download Quality
AceThinker Video Keeper 110 MB Android, Windows, and Mac High Definition quality
Vidmate 25 MB Android Great quality
Snaptube 40 MB Android Great quality
Videoder 50 MB Windows and Android High Definition quality
Downloader Size Platform/s Download Quality
InsTube 10 MB Android, Windows, and Mac Great quality
KeepVid 50 MB Windows, Android, and Web-based Average quality for free version, HD for premium
NewPipe 10 MB Android Average quality
SnapSave None, Website-based Browser of any platform Great Quality
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