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The Best Solutions to Download Video From YouTube on Android

download youtube videos on androidWatching movies and video clips is an excellent way to pass the time. It is even the favorite form of entertainment by most people. Fortunately, this recreation which is meant only for indoors, such as at the cinema or home with a television, is now portable. With the advancement of mobile technology and the emergence of streaming platforms, watching videos has become more accessible. Now, mobile phones can play multimedia videos both online and offline. Streaming videos online is much better since you can access more video selections uploaded on the Internet. YouTube is a famous and known online video-sharing platform with one of the most extensive collections. However, watching offline does have its advantages, especially when you have no internet connection or it is unstable. In this scenario, it is better to save YouTube videos on Android so you can watch them without an Internet connection.

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The Best Tool for Downloading YouTube Videos on Android

Download Types: Video and Audio format.

Size: 110 MB.

The first tool that can download YouTube videos on Android is AceThinker Video Keeper. It is the most convenient tool because, aside from the tool having a built-in YouTube browser, it can download through a URL. The quality of downloads made through AceThinker Video Keeper is also remarkable since it can support up to 4K definition. Nevertheless, users can still download with a lower quality if they choose to. Downloading in different formats, such as MP4, MP3, 3GP, and FLV, is also possible. Moreover, the downloaded videos using the tool can be shared between devices and can be played in any media player that supports the file extension. Below are the steps to download YouTube videos using AceThinker Video Keeper.

Step 1 Download the Tool

Before you can download MP4 from YouTube Android using this method, you must download the tool first. Click the download button below with the compatible version for Android devices. After downloading, open the installer and install AceThinker Video Keeper.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

acethinker video keeper for android main interface

Step 2 Browse or Paste the URL

Since AceThinker Video Keeper has a built-in browser, you can browse for the video you want to download by clicking on the YouTube button below. But if you already have the URL of the video, just paste it on the URL bar.

Step 3 Go to Download Mode

After pasting the URL, you will see the preview of your video and the download button at the lower right. If you chose to browse using the in-app browser, type the keyword for your video at the search bar above. Once you find your video, you will see the download button below, click it to start the download mode.

Step 4 Download Your YouTube Video

Finally, you can instantly download your YouTube video by clicking the lightning button. It will download the video in the preset settings that you have. But if you want to customize the quality and resolution, click on the Download button instead.

AceThinker Video Keeper

Download videos from over 1000+ streaming websites.

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Alternative Solutions to Download YouTube Videos

Aside from using AceThinker Video Keeper, there are still other methods you can download videos and music from YouTube on Android. Here are some of the tools that are as effective as the first application.

1. YouTube Premium

Download Types: Video only.

Size: 255 MB.

If you want or need to download video from YouTube on Android, it is also possible with the YouTube mobile application. You can download the videos for free, but the quality and resolution are limited. Users must unlock the feature by subscribing to YouTube Premium to download YouTube videos with the highest quality possible. The advantage of downloading the YouTube app is that the video sizes are minimized and won’t take up much space. However, videos downloaded through the app can only be played via YouTube’s media player and can’t be shared between devices.


  • In your mobile Android device, open the YouTube application. You can browse for the video you want to download or you can search it using the search bar. Scroll from the video selections, then tap the video you want.
  • The application will take you to the video page. There are a lot of options to manage the video you are watching and among the buttons is a download button. Tap the download button.
  • After tapping the download button, a popup with the quality selection will appear. Aside from the quality, the download speed and download size will also be affected by the selection. Tap on the download button again to start the downloading process.

download using YouTube


Download Types: Can only download in video formats.

Size: None, web-based.

If you want to download or save YouTube videos on your Android browser instead of using an Application, it is also possible. You can use as a YouTube downloader android to save your YouTube videos offline. It is a free service website, so users must expect that the interface can have annoying ads and popups. But despite the advertisements, the website is 100% free from malicious malware, and the downloaded videos are safe to play. Users can only download YouTube videos into MP4 and WEBM formats using the site, but the maximum resolution quality is 720p. Below are the simple steps to download your YouTube videos using


  • Using your Android phone’s browser, visit and launch the website. Open a new tab for YouTube or use the YouTube mobile application.
  • Browse for the video you want to download on the YouTube browser or application, then copy the URL of what you want to download.
  • Paste the URL you copied to the website and tap on the download button. The URL will be processed, and a new download button and a preview will appear below, tap it to start the download.

savefrom to download instagram videos

3. VidMate

Download Types: Can download both Audio and Video files.

Size: 25 MB.

Another YouTube downloader app for Android is available in the form of Vidmate. Because VidMate is a free app that mainly relies on donations and adverts to run its server, it is an excellent tool for budget-tight users. You can download videos from streaming sites, including Vimeo, Dailymotion, and YouTube. VidMate doesn't tolerate the download of pirated or unlawful videos to maintain the security of its app and websites and prevent server bans. You will still have access to a vast library of movies in various languages that you may download. One drawback is that VidMate is unavailable to download on Google Play Store. Because of this, you must download and install it using an APK or another third-party installer.


  • First, launch the VidMate application on your Android mobile device to browse the selections of videos and streaming platforms.
  • Tap on the YouTube button to open its video selection and browser. You can search the title of the video you want using the search bar to locate it faster.
  • You can see a download button beside the results, tap on the download buttons to start downloading YouTube videos using VidMate.

vidmate main interface

4. InsTube

Download Types: Supports downloading audio and video.

Size: 10 MB.

Instube is another perfect app for free download video from YouTube Android. Despite only supporting 100 websites at this time, the tool for downloading makes up for this withits outstanding speed. The program allows you to save MP4 and MP3 files to your Android-powered devices. Users who want to download and keep their multimedia files private from others should use this tool. InsTube has a built-in locker feature that can protect the downloads with a password. Furthermore, a hundred websites the tool currently supports are not the only ones it will support. Users can recommend websites for developers to consider by bookmarking with InsTube's site resource bookmark. Finally, users can play the downloaded videos on VidMate's media player or third-party players.


  • For the first step, open your Android device and launch the InsTube application.
  • Tap on the YouTube logo to open the YouTube browser on InsTube. You can now browse the video to download using the YouTube browser of InsTube.
  • Choose your YouTube video, then tap on the download button to save your video offline.

instube main interface

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download YouTube videos to my phone?
Yes, you can download videos to your Android phone. You can either do this by downloading the video directly on the app, but it has many restrictions. The better option is to download the video file using a third-party downloader.

Is it illegal to download videos from YouTube?
No, YouTube filters out illegal videos uploaded in their websites, so all videos you can download from the platform are legal and have no copyright issues. However, how you use the downloaded videos are subject to fair use, and you can’t redistribute it as your own.

Comparison Chart

Tools Price Download Speed Supported Platform
AceThinker Video Keeper $12.95 One to five minutes Android, Windows, and Mac
YouTube Premium $11.99 Around five minutes Downloads are supported on Android only Free but with popup and ads Five to ten minutes Android, Windows, Mac, and Browsers
VidMate Free but with ads Around five minutes Android
InsTube Free but ads are present Five to ten minutes Android, Windows, and Mac
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