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How to Download YouTube Song Android Using Different Tools

download music from youtube on androidListening to music is one go-to entertainment for most people. Music doesn’t just lift off your boredom when you have nothing to do or are on a long journey but also helps you focus. Especially when you are doing your work, chores, or studies, it is always better with good music. The rise to fame of many music streaming sites was inevitable. YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for streaming music and music videos. YouTube is a free video and music-sharing platform that allows ordinary and famous users to post their content and music. This is why the choices and possibilities when listening to YouTube are endless. However, the downside is that streaming with YouTube requires an internet connection. So, if you want to keep listening to your favorite YouTube music even without the Internet, the best solution is to use a YouTube music downloader app for Android. Here are some of the ways you can download YouTube content.

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The Best Way to Download YouTube Music on Android

Download Speed: Super fast downloads in less than a minute per song.

Price: Monthly subscription is $12.95 only.

Download music from YouTube on Android is made very easy by the third-party downloader, AceThinker Video Keeper. Users will only have to copy the URL of the video or music they want, and then the tool will download it by only pasting the link. Moreover, the tool also offers very high quality aside from convenience. Downloading music using AceThinker Video Keeper will produce lossless quality on the audio to give crisp and clean sounds. There are also no intrusive advertisements on the application interface, especially when using the premium version. Additionally, users can download both audio and video formats and both songs and music or lyric video from YouTube. The downloads are also playable even if the Android phone is locked or the YouTube app is not open.

Step 1 Acquire the Downloader

To download YouTube song Android using AceThinker Video Keeper, you have to download the installer first. After downloading, open the installer file and follow the steps given by the installation wizard. Once the installation is finished, launch the application.

acethinker video keeper main interface

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Step 2 Paste the Link or Browse

Next, you can either paste the link of the URL you copied from YouTube on the empty text-field or browse YouTube using the built-in browser. To browse YouTube using the app browser, click the YouTube button below.

choose your site

Step 3 Enter Download Mode

After entering your URL, the result will appear, and you will be shown a preview. Click the download button to enter the download mode. But if you choose to browse YouTube, you can search for music that you like using the search bar. Once you see what you want to download, enter the download mode by clicking the lower right button.

search your video

Step 4 Download Your Music

For the final step, you can either download using your preset or you can customize your download quality and type. If you have a preset already, click the lightning button for instant download. But if you want to adjust the quality and file extension, click the Download button. Your downloads will be visible to you through the Downloading and Downloaded tabs.

saving the video

Other Ways to Download Music From YouTube on Android

Aside from the wonderful tool above, there are many ways to download audio from YouTube Android, and some even work as a YouTube playlist downloader for Android. Continue reading the article if you are also interested in the alternatives.

1. YouTube

Download Speed: About a minute for every song download.

Price: The YouTube Premium subscription is $11.99 per month.

Users can also directly save audio from YouTube Android using the YouTube mobile application. This method is proper when you don’t want to spend more time looking for third-party downloaders online. The quality of downloads is also assured, especially if you use YouTube Premium. However, the downside is that the downloads can only be played through the application. You also can’t play the songs and music videos you downloaded if the Android phone is closed or locked, even if you are running YouTube in the background. You can also only download in video formats if you are downloading using the YouTube mobile application.


  • First, open the YouTube mobile application on your Android phone. Next, you will search for the music you want to download using the search bar above. Scroll from the results and tap the music that you are after.
  • After redirecting to the music you want, you can tap the download button to save the video from YouTube.
  • A popup will appear; choose your desired quality from the selection. The download speed and size of the download will rely on the quality. After selecting the quality, tap the download button again.

download using YouTube


Download Speed: More than a minute per download.

Price: The tool is free but contains ads.

Another way to download YouTube music MP3 Android is by using the online tool The downloader is a web-based audio downloader that converts video links from supported sites into MP3 files and downloads them. Users can also type the title of the song or the artist they want, and MP3Juices will gather all matches from different websites that it supports, so users can find what they want faster. Before downloading, users can also play a preview of the song from the website to check if they have the right music. Although the downloader is with ads, the website is safe and malware free.


  • On your Android phone’s browser, visit the MP3Juices website. This is where you will paste the URL of the YouTube music that you want to convert and download.
  • Open YouTube in a different window tab or the YouTube mobile application. Then, browse for the music you want to save on your Android and copy its URL.
  • Go back to the MP3Juices website and paste the YouTube music URL. Tap the download button to start locating and converting the video. Tap the download button again to start downloading the MP3 file.

mp3juice download music


Download Speed: Downloads take 1-2 minutes per song.

Price: Free, but the ads can be intrusive.

The final solution to download YouTube songs to MP3 Android involves using Similar to MP3Juices, this online tool works on all browsers, even Android. It can download MP3 songs from different websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram. Moreover, the tool can convert YouTube Music into MP3, M4A, and AAC formats, with either 320 kbps, 256 kbps, or 128 kbps audio quality. The downloader also allows users to edit, crop, and rename the file they had converted and downloaded as an audio file. However, since the website is free, the layout and interface are not as appealing as the other tools mentioned. The advertisements can also appear in awkward places, and users may mistakenly click them.


  • First, open your mobile phone’s browser, then go to the Listenvid website.
  • Using the YouTube mobile app or browser version, search what music you want to convert and download. After finding what you want, copy the URL to help the tool locate your YouTube video.
  • Finally, paste the URL at the Listenvid website, then tap the convert button. Your YouTube music video will be converted into MP3 and is now ready for download.

download youtube to mp3 in 128kbps with listenvid

Technical Terms Defined

What is Lossless Quality?

When you say lossless quality, it refers to a digital audio file with the same sample rate as a CD audio file (16-bit/44.1kHz). Lossless quality is one of the highest audio resolutions that most streaming services can offer.

What is a Third-party Downloader?

A third-party downloader is a tool that is not directly affiliated with the streaming website you use but will help you download its contents. An example is AceThinker Video Keeper which can download YouTube song download app for Android.

Comparison Chart

Downloader Shareability of Downloads Supported Download Type Size
AceThinker Video Keeper Sharing is allowed between devices Audio and video 110 MB
YouTube Sharing is not allowed Video only 255 MB Sharing between devices is allowed Audio only None, web-based Allows sharing between devices Audio and video None, web-based
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