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The Best Applications as SoundCloud MP3 Downloader Android

soundcloud downloader androidOne of the widespread online audio distribution and streaming platforms is SoundCloud. It offers free and paid membership and is available for desktop, mobile, and Xbox devices. SoundCloud’s influence also helped many artists rise to fame. Billie Eilish, Marshmello, Lorde, and Post Malone are some artists who used SoundCloud as their music’s launching pad. The feature of SoundCloud that allows users to share or upload songs to the website is a win-win-win situation for SoundCloud, the listeners, and the aspiring artists. However, the only downside is users need an internet connection to stream SoundCloud’s content. What if users want to listen to the songs offline or have a stable internet connection? They can download them instead, using the SoundCloud downloader app Android to listen to them offline.

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The Best SoundCloud Downloader Online

Distinctive Feature: Can download in under a minute per song.

Price: $12.95 monthly license.

First on the list of SoundCloud Downloader Android is AceThinker Video Keeper for Android. Although the tool's name is Video Keeper, it can also download in multiple audio formats such as MP3 and M4A. AceThinker Video Keeper also supports downloading SoundCloud songs into 128k, 192k, and 320k high-resolution quality. Moreover, aside from SoundCloud, the tool can download from other 1000+ sites, making it the downloader that supports most websites. AceThinker Video Keeper is the best downloader for users who want a crisp and clean audio download without losing quality. Also, even if the users are using the free version of the downloader, there are no intrusive advertisements on the interface. The downloader is also 100% free from destructive viruses and malware.

Step 1 Install the Android Downloader

To begin downloading SoundCloud songs on your Android device, tap the download button below to download the installer. After downloading, open the file and then install it on your device. Finally, launch the downloader to the main interface after the installation.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

acethinker video keeper for android main interface

Step 2 Enter the URL or Browse SoundCloud

For the next step, you can either enter the URL of the SoundCloud song in the empty bar or use the in-app browser to browse. Once you see the SoundCloud song that you want, tap it. Wait for the download button to light up, then tap it to enter the downloading mode.

acethinker video keeper download button

Step 3 Start the Download

For the final step of download SoundCloud songs Android, you will choose the download quality. A popup containing radio buttons with quality descriptions will appear on the screen. Choose your preferred quality by tapping on the radio buttons. After customizing the download quality, tap the download button to start downloading the song. After about a minute, your download will be completed.

download soundcloud songs

Other SoundCloud Downloaders for Android

Aside from AceThinker Video Keeper for Android, which can download SoundCloud and Spotify to MP3 Android, there are other tools you can use. If you are interested in the alternatives, feel free to scroll down and read about them.

1. SoundLoader

Distinctive Feature: This can back up your downloaded songs.

Price: Free with ads.

SoundLoader MP3 Downloader is a SoundCloud downloader APK. Although the tool is not affiliated with SoundCloud, it can download songs from the website using the URL. However, the tool can only download in MP3 format, but the quality of the downloads is not compromised. The downloader can still download from 128 to 320 kbps audio quality. Moreover, even if the downloader contains ads, there are no obnoxious video ads that take forever to skip. SoundLoader downloader also ignored censorship or geolocation restrictions, so users can download SoundCloud songs even if they are unavailable in their location. This is the best tool for users who want to listen to songs unavailable in their countries’ SoundCloud database.

soundloader soundcloud downloader

2. SoundHound

Distinctive Feature: Has a song recognition feature.

Price: Free with in-app purchases and ads.

Another SoundCloud music downloader APK is SoundHound. It is a music discovery tool and the most known for its ‘What’s That Song?’ feature. However, the tool can also download songs that are available on SoundCloud. With SoundHound, users don’t have to copy the URL from the SoundCloud website. They only need to touch the orange button on SoundHound’s main interface, then play the song on SoundCloud. SoundHound will then recognize the song and download it on your Android phones, either in OGG or MP3 format. This is the best downloader for users who can’t remember or don’t know the song title they want.

soundhound main interface

3. CloudPlayer

Distinctive Feature: Can play songs directly from your cloud folders.

Price: $4.99 for a lifetime premium version.

The CloudPlayer application is also an exciting SoundCloud MP3 downloader Android. It is a music player that lets you play music no matter where it is stored. You can play music from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and even SoundCloud. There is also an option to download or save the music from them so users can play the songs even offline. CloudPlayer can download SoundCloud songs in lossless formats such as ALAC and FLAC. It can also download 24-bit audio files for better sound quality with high fidelity. This is inarguably the best option for users who stores their music in different storages, including their downloaded SoundCloud songs.

cloudplayer music downloader


Distinctive Feature: Shows results of the same song from other websites.

Price: Free but with ads.

The following tool is not an Android application but can be accessed through an Android browser. is a browser-based service website that can download SoundCloud songs to Android for free. Users only have to paste the URL of the SoundCloud song they want on the website’s search bar, and they can download the file as an MP3. Users also have the option to type the keywords for the song they want, and will show results from different websites, including SoundCloud. This is why it is best to use MP3Juicess if users want to compare different sources and download the highest quality version of the song.

mp3juices downloader


Distinctive Feature: Supports editing, cropping, and renaming of the converted files before download.

Price: Free with many ads.

Utilizing is the final method for downloading SoundCloud music to an Android device in MP3 format. This online program, like MP3Juices, is compatible with all browsers, including Android. It can download MP3 music from a variety of websites, including SoundCloud, Vimeo, and YouTube. The program can also convert SoundCloud music into AAC, MP3, and M4A audio formats with audio quality of 128 to 320 kbps. However, the site's design and layout are not as enticing as those of the first tools mentioned because it is free to use. Additionally, the adverts could be awkwardly placed, and consumers might accidentally click them. But it is the best tool for users who want a free SoundCloud downloader with an editor.

listenvid online downloader

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to download songs from SoundCloud?
No, it is not illegal to download songs from SoundCloud, as long as users don’t use the downloaded songs that violate fair use. The download will be illegal if the purpose is piracy and not personal consumption of the audio.
How do I convert SoundCloud to MP4?
Since SoundCloud songs don’t have a video embedded, you can only download them in MP3 format. But if you want to convert them to MP4, you can use music visualizer Android to put visualizations on your songs and save them as MP4.

Comparison Chart

SoundCloud Downloader Size Supported Outputs Supported Platforms
AceThinker Video 110 MB MP3, M4A, and MP4 Windows, Mac, and Android
SoundLoader 50 MB MP3 only Android Only
SoundHound 75 MB MP3 and OGG Windows and Android
SoundCloud Downloader Size Supported Outputs Supported Platforms
CloudPlayer 60 MB MP3, M4A, and OGG Android None MP3 only for SoundCloud Any platform with browser None MP3, AAC, and M4A Any platform with browser
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