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The Top 10 Best Music Visualizer for Android Review

music visualizer androidFor Android users who enjoy listening to music without an internet connection, downloading MP3 songs is their best option. With an MP3 extension, songs are compressed into smaller file sizes than MP4 and other multimedia extensions. You can also play MP3 files in media players even if the phone is locked, unlike video files that get paused if you lock your phone. However, MP3 files don’t have any visuals when you play them. If you are bored and desire to stimulate your eyes, aside from your ears, you have nothing to watch. Unless you use a music visualizer Android to create visuals for your MP3 files when they are playing. Using a music visualizer, you can enjoy those fun waves and other graphic effects whenever you are playing your music. Learn more about them as you continue with these music visualizers for Android review.

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The Top 10 Best Music Visualizers for Android

Before discussing the best music visualizer app Android, you have to download the MP3 songs you will use for the visualizers. If you don’t have an MP3, these music downloaders can help you acquire the songs you want. Click here to learn more about them. Or you can use the download button below to get the best Android Music Downloader.

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Free Download Secure Download

1. AudioVision Music Player

Distinctive Feature: Can customize the visualization of music depending on the genre.

Price: The app is free.

The first tool in the list of the best music visualizer for Android is AudioVision Music Player. Aside from being a music player, the tool allows you to play and customize visuals on your downloaded songs. It offers six various visual skins that are still customizable, so it is the best for users who want a lot of options. Some parts you can fine-tune are the Color settings, Sensitivity, and Width of the Bar and Border. You can also create screensavers with the application that will work with the song playing on your background processes. Finally, the tool is accessible since you can manage the playback from the lock screen, the notification bar, and a home widget.

audiovision as a music visualizer

2. Avee Music Player Pro

Distinctive Feature: The tool creates seamless transitions of the songs.

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

Avee Music Player Pro is another tool that works as a media player and an Android sound visualizer. The tool uses the downloaded songs in your local storage and SD card if you give it the necessary permissions. It will then add the songs to its media player library and allows you to play them with visuals. Avee Music Player Pro can export audiovisuals in HD quality. So, you can also share the visuals and songs you created aside from enjoying them with the player. This tool fits users who want to show their creative visualization of songs on video-sharing platforms.

android music visualization with avee

3. Spectrum

Distinctive Feature: The tool also creates visuals for microphone inputs.

Price: Free but with in-app purchases of $0.99 to $10.99.

Another sound visualizer Android is Spectrum - Music Visualizer. It can generate visual effects from your music library, music app, or even microphone input. This is the best tool for users who likes recording themselves and adding visuals to their records. There are a lot of visuals to choose from, more than 15, but not all of them are available for the free version. Aside from that, the music visualizer contains ads. But, you can remove them and unlock additional visuals by buying the premium version. The tool also has a built-in media player where you can play your songs with visuals but needs permission to access your local storage. Below are samples of visuals offered by Spectrum.

spectrum sample visuals

4. Music Visualizer

Distinctive Feature: Can provide visualizations for other players.

Price: The app is free.

The next audio visualizer Android, Music Visualizer, is the best tool for user groups that still prefer to use their favorite media player. The feature is possible with the Snoop mode or Live Wallpaper mode of the tool. Music Visualizer can provide visuals and react to the sounds playing on other media players even without playing it on the tool. Users can also control the visualizer using gestures for faster accessibility. Some samples of gestures are doing a double tap for Play/Pause, but it is also customizable. There are 11 types of renders that you can use as visuals, and there is an option to randomize them for a more interesting effect.

music visualizer sample render

5. Alien Worlds

Distinctive Feature: Has access to different radio channels.

Price: Free download with in-app purchases of $4.49 per item.

Another music visualizer Android is Alien Worlds. The application prides itself on its out-of-this-world visuals that will take you to your alien world. It also allows users to change the speed of the visuals using a plus (+) and minus (-) button. There are over 100 renders you can choose from that are customizable with the settings. However, not all of the renders are for free, and you have to purchase them. Moreover, aside from playing the songs in your music library, you can also play songs from the radio channels accessible through the app. This music visualizer works best for users who like exploring new music of different genres through the radio.

sample alien worlds render

6. Trance 5D

Distinctive Feature: Has an AirPlay feature.

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

The following music visualizer, Trance 5D, lives up to its name since it also has a radio that plays Trance music. This is the best tool for Trance music fans since it has over thirty radio channels that play that genre. Aside from that, it offers 22 music visual themes designed to play perfectly on Android, iOS, and even televisions. Because of the AirPlay feature of Trance 5D, the app can be connected to TVs while the phone undergoes a battery-saving mode. However, some of these functions are only available on the premium version of the application.

trance 5d sample render

7. Beatfind

Distinctive Feature: Can recognize new music with its ACR Cloud technology.

Price: Free application.

Beatfind is another sound visualizer Android. However, it also works like the Shazam music recognition application. Aside from allowing you to play visuals along with your music, you can discover new songs after hearing them for the first time. After Beatfind recognizes music through your phone’s microphone, it can analyze and provide data about the song. All the while synchronizing it with visuals. The visualization provided by Beatfind can also be recorded or saved so you can share them on Social Media, like Facebook and WhatsApp. This is the best tool for users who likes identifying new songs they hear and sharing them with their friends.

beatfind music visualizer

8. Trapp

Distinctive Feature: Allows you to create new renders using shapes, colors, and particles.

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

Trapp is an Android sound visualizer that initially works only on iOS. However, some developers have made an Android application for this visualizer, but it is not available on Google Play Store yet. Installing the application through an APK is worth it since the application lets you create your visuals. The tool is also perfect for users who enjoy banging with the bass of songs since this tool has many Bass synced effects. The visualizer can also be used with Spotify, but you must give it the required permission.

trapp music visualizer interface

9. ProjectM

Distinctive Feature: The visuals are interactive to touch.

Price: Free, but ads are removable for $2.99.

Another best music visualizer for Android is ProjectM. It has the most advanced and smoothest graphics since it reacts to sound and touch. Since the Android version of the application doesn’t have a built-in music player, it visualizes any sound playing on your phone instead. If there are no sounds to visualize playing, it will react to sounds from your microphone. Aside from working with other media players, ProjectM lets users create Live Wallpapers with visualization presets. The tool is the best for users who want an immersive experience due to the reactivity of the visuals provided by this great application.

the interface of projectm

10. Spectrolizer

Distinctive Feature: The app can produce 3D visuals.

Price: Free with $1.99 to $7.49 in-app purchases.

Last but not least best music visualizer app Android is Spectrolizer. The music visualizer offers multiple layouts with various color presets, which are editable to your liking. Spectrolizer has multiple view modes, such as Normal, Kaleidoscope, Sensors & VR, and 3D. Inarguably, the tool is the best for users who want different viewing modes with their visualizers. Moreover, if you listen with a Bluetooth headset or speaker, you can adjust the visualization delay to sync it with the delay of the output devices. Moreover, with the tool's Spectrum Analyzer, it can clearly present the different sounds of the instruments in its beautiful visuals.

spectrolizer music visualization

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a music visualizer on Android?
To make a music visual on Android, you have to download a music visualizer application first. However, if the music visualizer does not support other media streaming apps, it is best to have MP3 songs downloaded on your local storage.
Is there a Spotify visualizer?
Some Spotify songs already have built-in visuals in the form of short clips playing on the loop while the song is playing. However, if you prefer different kinds of visuals, you can use music visualizers that support Spotify, such as Trapp.

Comparison Chart

Music Visualizers Size Android Compatibility Supported Platform/s
AudioVision Music Player 2 MB base app Android 4.0.3 and later Android Only
Avee Music Player Pro 11 MB base app Android 4.1 and up Android Only
Spectrum 56 MB base app Android 9 and up Android and iOS
Music Visualizer 8 MB base app Android 6.0 and later Android Only
Alien Worlds 40 MB base app Android 5.0 and up Android and iOS
Music Visualizers Size Android Compatibility Supported Platform/s
Trance 5D 21 MB base app Android 5.0 and up Android, iOS, and Smart and Normal TVs
Beatfind 6 MB base app Android 4.4 and later Android Only
Trapp 84 MB base app Android 4.4 and later iOS and Android
ProjectM 13 MB base app Android 6.0 and up Android and iOS
Spectrolizer 9 MB base app Android 4.4 and up Android Only


There are a lot of music visualizers for Android that you can choose from. However, not all of them support the visualization of songs playing through online audio streaming services. That is why it is still better to download the songs to your music library with the help of tools such as this Spotify to MP3 android downloader.

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