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The Best Music Downloader For Android List and Review

music downloader apps for androidMusic plays a significant part in our daily entertainment. Music can be the answer whenever we need to pass the time, focus on studying or working, or just be bored during a trip. Especially now that it is more accessible and more convenient to play with the help of our smartphones. The portable devices are now equipped with a speaker and a media player to allow them to play music. Moreover, many streaming sites, paid or free, allow users to access a vast library of songs online. But what if there’s no stable Internet connection? How can users still maximize the accessible music players of smartphones? They can download the songs instead so they can play them even if they are offline. There are many free music download app for Android, but here are some of the best downloaders users can use.

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The Best Music Downloader for Android Users

User Group: Users who want the most extensive collection of supported music websites and platforms.
Supported Bitrate: 128kbps, 192kbps, and 320kbps.

The best music download app for Android is distinctive from the others in that it has over 1000 websites supported. AceThinker Music Keeper for Android can download music and videos from those thousand websites. It can also save in different audio formats if you want to download music, such as MP3 and M4A. AceThinker Music Keeper is free to download and use, but the free version’s features are limited, and there are a few ads. But if users purchase the premium version of the tool, they can enjoy uninterrupted and unlimited HD music downloads. Music downloaded with this tool is produced with clean and crisp audio with lossless quality. It is also 100% safe to use as the developers work hard to protect the users and the tool from malicious viruses.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Launch the Downloader

After installing the application on your Android phone, tap the logo of Music Keeper on your screen to launch the application. You can tap and enter a keyword or URL at the main interface’s search bar. Or you can download music from the sites below by tapping on them.

video keeper for android interface

Step 2 Select from the Music List

Once you enter the keyword, the URL, or choose a website, you will see a list of results for what to download. If the music you want to download is among the listed results, tap on the thumbnail. The step will then bring you to the selected music.

select the music

Step 3 Hit the Download Button

In this step, you are already at the page of the music you selected. You can play and preview the song first before downloading it. If you want to download the music, enter the Download mode by tapping the green download button at the bottom.

tap the download button

Step 4 Choose the Quality and Finish the Download

Finally, you can choose the quality and format of the download. Tap on the radio buttons below to customize your file before downloading. After finalizing the format and quality, tap the Start Download button to begin downloading. The download will finish in a while and it can now be played offline.

complete the download

5 Other Music Downloaders for Android

Aside from using AceThinker Music Keeper for Android as the best music downloader for Android, there are also alternatives. Below are some music downloaders from Spotify to MP3 Android, and other music streaming platforms.

1. YouTube Music

User Group: Perfect for users who enjoy downloading songs from YouTube.
Supported Bitrate: 256kbps.

YouTube Music is a music player developed by Google as the counterpart of YouTube, focusing more on music instead of videos. The tool YouTube Music is the one that replaced former Google Play Music last December 2020. With an Internet connection, users can play music from the database of YouTube and access its extensive music library. However, there is also an option for users to download YouTube songs to play them on YouTube Music offline. However, using the tool as a music downloader for Android will not produce shareable and transferable audio files. The users can only play the downloads using the YouTube Music application. But the unique feature of this downloader is that it is pre-installed on most Android phones, so no extra download is necessary.

youtube music

2. Spotify

User Group: Best fit for users who enjoy the features of Spotify.
Supported Bitrate: 96kbps, 160kbps, 320kbps, and 1411kbps.

Another one of the music downloader apps for Android is Spotify. Although the application is originally an audio streaming website, it can also download music and play them offline. However, Spotify download is a premium feature. But if users already have a premium Spotify, it is a great music downloader for Android. Aside from downloading music, users can also download podcasts from the application that they can play offline. What’s distinct about Spotify is that it has a bountiful collection of international songs users can download. However, downloaded music using Spotify is only playable through the application and cannot be shared with other devices.

spotfy for android

3. Snaptube

User Group: The best fit for users that can’t download in one sitting.
Supported Bitrate: 256kbps.

Another free music download for Android is the Snaptube application. The tool can download music on Android for free and even download videos. The downloader is unique because users can pause the downloads for a long time without affecting the audio file quality. Snaptube also has a For You and Trending section that helps users pick the music they might want to download. Same with AceThinker Music Keeper, Snaptube downloads are also shareable to other devices and playable with other media players. The Android application of Snaptube also has a built-in browser that lets users browse for the music they want to download on their phones.

android snaptube


User Group: Best for users that like comparing the same song from different sources.
Supported Bitrate: 256kbps.

The following downloader can be viewed using an Android browser even though it isn't an Android application. The browser-based service page allows users to download free music to Android devices. Users can download the track as an MP3 by simply pasting the URL of the desired SoundCloud song into the website's search field. Additionally, users can type the song's keywords, in which case will provide hits from many websites, including Youtube, SoundCloud, and other sites. Due to the reasons mentioned earlier, it is recommended to utilize MP3Juicess to compare several sources and get the music in its maximum possible quality.



User Group: Best for users that like streaming songs from different sources.
Supported Bitrate: 256kbps.

The last option for free music download app for Android smartphone is to use Similar to MP3Juices, this online tool works across all browsers, which include Android. From a range of websites, such as SoundCloud, Dailymotion, and Vimeo, it can save MP3 music. With sound quality ranging from 128 to 320 kbps, the application can convert Youtube songs to AAC, MP3, and M4A audio files. Because it is free to use, the site's style and design are less appealing than the first downloaders mentioned. Additionally, the placement of the advertisements could be uncomfortable, increasing the risk of user error. However, it is the most excellent solution for individuals seeking a free music downloader on Android with an editor.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best free music player?
There are a lot of free music players offline, however, most Android devices are equipped with a default music player already. Most of the time, using the default music player is the best choice, since safety of the application is guaranteed.
2. How do you put music on your Android phone?
There are many options to put music on your Android phone and play it offline. You can choose to download the songs on your phone directly, copy them from a USB extension, or from a PC through a USB cable.

Comparison Chart

Downloaders Size Price Download Speed
AceThinker Music Keeper 110 MB 110 MB Fastest download
YouTube Music 35 MB $9.99 per month Faster download
Spotify 108 MB $9.99 per month Faster download
Snaptube 40 MB Free with ads Fast download None Free with ads Fast download None Free with ads Slow download
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