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The Best Free Ringtone App for Android Smartphones

best ringtone app for androidMessaging and calling have become more convenient due to the innovations in our smartphones and the Internet. It doesn't matter where the users are located. As long as they have a smartphone with a load balance, communicating will be no problem. Moreover, it is not one-way. Whenever someone wants to reach you, they can call or message you, too, if they have your phone's contact info. Your Android phone will also alert you if someone wants to call or message you. These alerts come in different sounds and vibrations, and you can also customize them. For the best results in customizing your ringtones, you can use these best ringtone app for Android.

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The Best Ringtone Apps for Android

You can easily change your ringtones with the help of a free MP3 downloader for Android like AceThinker Video Keeper and change it on Settings. But if you want to download ringtone applications, here are some of the best available applications.

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Free Download Secure Download

1. Zedge

Distinctive Feature: The tool also has an extra feature that allows adding stickers on wallpaper.

Size: 36 MB.

The first free ringtone app for Android is Zedge Wallpapers and Ringtones application. The application offers millions of free ringtones, wallpapers, video backgrounds, and alarm notification sounds. Zedge allows you to customize your phone display and ringtone depending on your moods. This ringtone application also provides ringtones for different festivals and occasions. The best users that fit the application are those who want to customize their ringtones depending on the occasion. Finally, users of Zedge can set individual contact ringtones and notifications. They can set a specific ringtone for their families and friends for easier identification of who’s calling or messaging.

zedge ringtones

2. MTP

Distinctive Feature: Users can also download games, aside from the ringtones, through the application.

Size: 10 MB.

MTP - Ringtones and Wallpapers is also a great app to download ringtones for Android. The ringtone application updates awesome mobile ringtones, wallpapers, and games daily. This is the best fit for users who want extra content, such as games from the ringtone application. MyTinyPhone, or MTP, has a massive catalog of ringtones, and users can listen to them before downloading them for free. Moreover, other users can also share their ringtones in the application for other users to download. Finally, users of the application can add their voice recordings as a ringtone by using the application.

mtp ringtones

3. Audiko

Distinctive Feature: You can also choose ringtones from the Top 100 music charts.

Size: 15 MB.

Another way to download free music ringtones for Android is through Audiko Ringtones and Notifications. Audiko’s database contains nearly 2,000,000 fresh and awesome mobile tracks and ringtones. Moreover, the database is updated daily so users can be sure that they can enjoy free new content daily. Users who keep track of the Top 100 music charts and want to use them as ringtones will surely enjoy this ringtone app. What’s more, the Audiko ringtone application has an MP3 cutter and editor so that users can edit their ringtones. It supports reading MP3, MP4, and WAV. Users can import those types of files on the application and make ringtones from the imported app.

audiko interface

4. Music Ringtones

Distinctive Feature: It has different movie OSTs as ringtones.

Size: 15 MB.

The Music Ringtones application, as the name implies, is also a free Android ringtone app. The application provides free sought-after best ringtones, and the contents are updated regularly. Music Ringtones can customize your ringtone by selecting a theme that fits your mood, such as funny, calm, and sad ringtones. Moreover, the application can also remix different ringtones and notification sounds. This ringtone application is perfect for users who like remixing different audio to create their ringtones. The free ringtone app also supports setting a specific ringtone for different users in your contact.

music ringtones interface

5. Peaksel Ringtones

Distinctive Feature: The ringtone application categorizes the ringtones for easy browsing.

Size: 20 MB.

Do you want more applications to download ringtones for my phone? Peaksel Ringtones is another free best ringtone application for Android that you can download. The application has an extensive collection of popular ringtones you can use for your Android phone. Users who like to be trendy will be perfect for this ringtone app as the database is always up to the trend. Moreover, the application has categories like hip-hop, rap, dance, animals, and Bollywood for users to enjoy. Aside from those categories, there are also mood styles, such as funky, crazy, and funny ringtones and notification sounds.

peaksel ringtone set up

6. Z Ringtones

Distinctive Feature: Widest collection of holiday ringtones.

Size: 15 MB.

Z Ringtones application is another application in the best ringtone app for Android list. The application is completely free and all ringtones are available without in-app purchases. This is the best ringtone application for all time, especially at Christmas as the tool has a lot of ringtones for the Christmas season. Z Ringtones is the best application for users who enjoys changing their ringtones depending on the holidays. The ringtone application contains many ringtones in different genres, such as Alternative, Blues, Classical, Comedy, Dance, and Country. Moreover, these ringtones are easy to use and browse due to the search bar function of the application.

z ringtones selection

7.Mobile Ringtones

Distinctive Feature: Features different default ringtones from different Android brands.

Size: 10 MB.

Mobile Ringtones application is another ringtone app that can download ringtones for Android for free. The application provides different ringtones in various categories such as Nokia Ringtones, Android Ringtones, and Apple Ringtones. If users want to prank or mess with their friends by using ringtones from another brand, this tool is best for them. Moreover, the ringtone application has a browsing history feature, so if you want to come back to a ringtone you heard from the app but can’t remember the name, you can do so using the history feature.

mobiles ringtones selection

8. Phone Ringtones

Distinctive Feature: Features the loudest ringtones and notification sounds.

Size: 25 MB.

The eighth free ringtone app for Android is the Phone Ringtones application. Phone Ringtones provide users with the top collection of cool and classic ringtones. Aside from the classic ringtones, they also update their database with new and popular notification sounds and ringtones. For users who are receiving a lot of messages and want to change them with great notification sounds, this is the application for them. Why? This application contains the most extensive collection of SMS sounds and alerts users can choose from compared to the other ringtone applications.

phone ringtones interface

9. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

Distinctive Feature: Has tools to edit your ringtones.

Size: 20 MB.

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker is not just an application to download ringtones for Android but it can also be used to create your own ringtones. There is a feature to trim music, merge audio files, mix, and equalize the audio. Moreover, the tool has fade-in and fade-out effects you can add to your ringtones. The ringtone supports reading MP3, WAV, OGG, M4A, FLAC, and ACC files. You can edit them freely with the ringtone maker and produce the best quality ringtones based on your taste and preferences. The best user group that fits the ringtone application are users that can and want to edit different audio files to be their ringtones.

mp3 cutter and ringtone maker set as ringtone

10. MobCup Ringtones and Wallpapers

Distinctive Feature: Search by keyword is possible on its wide database.

Size: 30 MB.

The last free ringtone Android application is MobCup Ringtones and Wallpapers application. Users can download thousands of high-quality Ringtones, Notification Sounds, and Alarm Sounds. The application also has a popular tab wherein their best ringtones are sorted based on the number of downloads and amount of times they were listened to. The popular section makes it the best fit for users who want to know the most downloaded ringtone in an application and use them too. Finally, the application is lightweight with a simple UI, providing a fast performance for Android users.

mobcup search by keyword

Comparison Chart

Ringtone Apps Android Version In-app Purchases Sound Quality
Zedge Android 5.0 and up $.60 to $300 Excellent
MTP Android 4.4 and up None Good
Audiko Android 4.1 and up $.50 to $8 Excellent
Music Ringtones Android 4.4 and up None Great
Peaksel Ringtones Android 5.0 and up $.99 to $3 Excellent
Ringtone Apps Android Version In-app Purchases Sound Quality
Z Ringtones Android 4.4 and up None Great
Mobiles Ringtones Android 4.1 and up None Good
Phone Ringtones Android 6.0 and up None Good
MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker Android 4.3 and up $3.50 Great
MobCup Ringtones and Wallpapers Android 5.0 and up None Excellent


There are a lot of options to download ringtones for your Android phones. The top 10 ringtone applications in the list above are all great and working. However, if you want to avoid downloading extra applications just for downloading ringtones, you can use a downloader instead to download the music directly. An example is AceThinker Video Keeper for Android which is a free music download app for Android.

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