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Reviews of the Best Way to Listen to Podcasts on Android

best podcast apps for androidWith the development of technology, tuning in to the radio to listen to podcasts has become obsolete. Now, podcasts are more accessible and convenient to listen to using online streaming services. The Internet provides an extensive medium for people who wants to start their podcasts and people who want to listen to them. With an internet connection, a computer or mobile device, and the right app, you can listen to billions of podcasts worldwide. From true crimes to horror, love advice to comedy, and educational to astronomical, you can discover countless genres and topics from different podcast stations. However, what is the best way to listen to podcasts? The answers vary from person to person, so here’s a review of the best podcast apps that users can choose from.

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Best Podcast Apps for Android

Here are the best podcast apps you can use to stream online podcasts using your Android devices. But if you are looking for a way to download podcasts instead and play them offline, you can check these
free music and podcast download app for Android. Included in the list is AceThinker Music Keeper, the best podcast downloader.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

1. Spotify

Advantageous Feature: Aside from podcasts, you can listen to millions of songs and podcasts.

Price: Free / $9.99 monthly for the premium.

What best way to listen to podcasts on Android than using the platform's most popular audio streaming service today? Spotify offers its users millions of audio they can listen to, including podcasts worldwide. The application provides an extensive collection of podcasts with various genres. It also suggests users podcasts they may like based on the algorithm of what they’ve been listening to. Moreover, the podcasts provided by Spotify retain their episodes even after the podcast airing ends, so users can listen to them anytime they want. Users can also listen to the previous episodes of podcasts they recently discovered. The best users that will enjoy this streaming platform are those who like listening to music and podcasts, as the app has it all.

spotify interface

2. Castbox

Advantageous Feature: It lets you track your listening time for better time management.

Price: Free / $0.99 monthly for the premium.

Another of the best podcast apps for Android is Castbox. With Castbox, you can play free podcasts and subscribe to them, but the free version limits the number of subscriptions you can make. Aside from podcasts, the application also offers audiobooks and FM radios. Some of the prominent podcasts in Castbox are News & Politics, Music-related, Games & Hobbies, Sports, Technology, Business, and Meditation podcasts. The Meditation and Sleep With Me featured podcasts are one of the best selling points of the application. Users who are having trouble sleeping and want to listen to these podcasts will find this the best app for them. Finally, the application also allows importing of your favorite podcasts downloaded from other sites or streaming services.

castbox home

3. DoggCatcher

Advantageous Feature: Has a home screen widget for easy control.

Price: $2.99 one-time purchase.

Included in the best free podcast app for Android is DoggCatcher Podcast Player. Aside from playing podcasts in the application, DoggCatcher also supports Chromecast and Android Auto support. Users can easily subscribe to new podcasts, and there is an auto download and cleanup of the podcast file. There is also an automated podcast categorization of the saved podcasts, and the audio playlists are highly customizable. These features make DoggCatcher the best podcast manager for Android, aside from being a player. Users that need their podcast automatically managed best fit this application. Finally, the podcast application remembers the play position of your podcasts if you stop listening in the middle of the episode.

doggcatcher podcasts

4. Google Podcasts

Advantageous Feature: Google Search and Google Assistant will help users discover new podcasts easily.

Price: Free.

Google Podcast is another best place for podcasts Android. Users can play the latest episodes of their favorite shows and explore new podcasts in Google’s free database. Google can also suggest recommended podcasts for users based on their searches and listening activity. Since the application is from Google, users can browse and search podcasts with ease. This will be the perfect application for users who wants accurate search results for their podcasts. Despite being free, Google Podcast’s database contains popular and trending shows in News, Comedy, Business, Education, Technology, Arts, and more. Finally, users can queue up episodes for seamless listening and easily track their downloads, subscriptions, and history.

google podcast recommendations

5. Pocket Casts

Advantageous Feature: Most effective trim silence feature.

Price: Free / $0.99 for a monthly premium.

Pocket Casts is the fifth on the list of the best app to listen to podcasts on Android. The podcast listening application automatically builds a playback queue for users from new episodes of their favorite shows. The podcasts can also be played at variable speeds between 0.5 to 3x the average speed. Moreover, Pocket Casts features a volume boost function, which increases the volume of the voices while decreasing the background noise. This is perfect for users who want to focus on the voice of the podcast host and are easily distracted by the background music or noises. Another exciting feature of the application is its sleep timer. The podcast will automatically pause and turn off the phone after a set time.

pocket casts dashboard

6. Podbean

Advantageous Feature: The app has a built-in podcast studio and audio recorder.

Price: Free.

The following most popular Android podcast app is Podbean. It is a podcast app because it is not just a player but also allows users to create their podcasts. This is the best application for users who love listening to podcasts and creating them all the same. Podbean lets users subscribe to millions of channels and podcasts with different topics. Podbean also has free audiobooks of bestsellers and classic books. The podcast app also has an intelligent speed manager, which removes silent parts on a podcast for shorter playback without distorting the episodes. Finally, Podbean can download limited free podcasts and supports batch downloads of your favorite episodes.

podbean following podcasts

7. Podcast Addict

Advantageous Feature: Can automatically set alarms for new episodes of your favorite podcasts.

Price: Free / $0.99 per month for the premium.

Podcast Addict is included in the best place to get podcasts on Android. The application contains 100M+ podcast episodes that users can easily browse with the search feature. Users can also browse by category and by podcast networks. Another unique feature of the application is that it can run even when a downloaded file is playing in the background. If you prefer to listen to music while listening to a podcast on the same device, this is the best podcast app for you. Podcast Addict also has built-in audio effects like playback speed, skip silence, volume boost, and mono playback.

podcast addict selection

8. Podcast Go

Advantageous Feature: Also stimulates the listener’s eyes with the calculating color palette feature for different podcasts.

Price: Free.

The last podcast player for Android is Podcast Go. As the name implies, it allows users to play their favorite podcasts on their mobile devices on the go! Users can either stream the episodes online or play the pre-downloaded episodes offline. The application is Chromecast-ready for a better playing experience. There are over 800,000 podcast episodes you can explore from Podcast Go. There are categories like music, comedy, news, education, games, and many more. Podcast Go also provides different app theme users can choose from, which makes the application fit for users who likes to customize the theme of their players.

podcast go

Frequently Asked Questions

What Android app has most podcasts?
The Android application that has the most podcast channels and episodes is Spotify. It is followed by Castbox podcast application and the Pocket Casts application.
The Android application that has the most podcast channels and episodes is Spotify. It is followed by Castbox podcast application and the Pocket Casts application.
The top 5 most listened to podcasts in the U.S. for the quarter two of 2022 are The Joe Rogan Experience, Crime Junkie, The Daily, This American Life, and My Favorite Murder.

Comparison Chart

Podcast Apps In-app Purchases Advertisements Downloading
Spotify Not Available Free version only Available in premium
Castbox Available Free version only Available
DoggCatcher Not Available None Available
Google Podcasts Available None Available
Podcast Apps In-app Purchases Advertisements Downloading
Pocket Casts Available Free version only Premium feature
Podbean Available Contains Ads Available
Podcast Addict Available Free version only Available in premium
Podcast Go Available Contains Ads Available
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