Where Are Contact Stored On Android?

feature where are contacts stored on android Phone contact is essential data on your mobile phone. Without this data, you cannot immediately contact your family, friends, and other people you need to text or call using your phone. Contact contains the phone number and other contact details. With that, you can quickly dial the person you need to contact with the help of your phone contact. If you are wondering where are contacts stored on Android, you may check the below solution for you to access your contacts on your device.

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3 Solutions to Find Where Are Contacts Stored On Android?

Solution 1: Where are Contacts Stored on Android Phone Contact Application?

Do you know where are my contacts stored on my Android phone? If you want to access your contacts on your Android device, you simply go to your Phone Contact application. You will see this app on the Android application menu. But why are contacts very important on your phone? Because contact not just contains the name and number of a person, it may also contain other details of contacts like email address, home address, and image. With the help of the contact details, you don't have to input the number of the person every time you need to call.

where are contacts stored on android phone contact application

Solution 2: How to Check Where Your Contacts Are Saved on Android Storage?

Do you know how to check where contacts are stored on Android? If not, we are here to discuss where the actual storage of your contacts is on your Android storage. If you are familiar with Android storage, this storage has optimized and organized file storage for a device. The Android storage has organized folders and data for each Android application. If you want to check where your Phone Contacts on your Android, you need to access the database of the Default contact application on your Android. You will see this database on your Phone storage >> Android folder >> Data folder >> com.apps.contact. On the last folder, you will see two folders on your window. Kindly open the File folder to check your Phone Contact on it.

check where your contacts are saved on android storage

Solution 3: How to Recover Deleted Contacts on your Android device?

Main feature: It allows users to extract data from dead iPhone, do backup and restore, and get deleted files on Android devices.
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Now you know where are the contacts stored in Android device, have you ever wondered if it's possible to recover deleted contacts on your smartphone ? To recover your deleted contact, you will need a powerful tool to bring back lost contact effectively. The AceThinker Android Data Recovery tool allows you to scan deleted data on your device and retrieve them effortlessly. With this software, you can efficiently recover your deleted contact. You can use it for other purposes, such as extracting data from a dead phone. For more info on how to recover your deleted phone contact, follow the guides beneath.

Step 1 Get the Contact Recovery

To acquire the file installer of AceThinker Android Data Recovery, kindly click the download button above to save the installer package of the device. Once the package is downloaded, you need to run the installer to start the installation process. You may launch the software to divert you to its interface when the installation is done.

download and install

Step 2 Tap Android Data Recovery

While the tool is open on your computer after installation, connect your Android phone to the computer. You can perform the process by using your device's lightning wire or cable charger. Once done, your device will scan your Android phone. Select the Android Data Recovery option from the list of functions on the tool’s main interface.

select android data recovery

Step 3 Select Contact Data

A new page will appear once Android Data Recovery is selected. A list of file types will be shown on your computer screen. Since we are recovering contacts for Android, select the Contacts icon from the list. Tap the Next button to confirm your choices.

select contact data

Step 4 Data Preview

After clicking the Next button, the app will scan the Android device and look for the deleted data. Once the scanning process is done, you will see the scanned deleted contact on your screen. You can preview deleted contacts on your screen and select the contact you want to retrieve.

data preview

Step 5 Recover your deleted contact

After checking and selecting the contact, you may click the Recover button of the tool. Once you’ve clicked the Recover button, the tool will recover your deleted contact. You will notice that after the process, the tool will automatically save the deleted data on your computer, kindly check the download file to see if the retrieved contact is in the file folder.

recover your deleted contact


Where is contact information stored on Android? We need to consider some of the people that are not well technically knowledgeable about using mobile devices. With that, we are here to give you some solutions to this problem “where are my phone contacts stored” to access your contact quickly on your Android device. Also, you may check the AceThinker Android Data Recovery to retrieve deleted text messages and more. It is efficient and easy to use, which is why it is recommended for those people who have a problem recovering deleted data on their Android devices.

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