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How to Retrieve Deleted Contacts from Phone Memory?

feature retrieve deleted contacts from phone memory Contacts are the most valuable data that your mobile phone contains. This data has the contact details of the person you’ve saved on your phone. These contact details contain the person's contact number, name, email address, and other data the contact needs. But what if your contact suddenly disappears from your phone? What would you do if anything like this occurred to you? In that case, we need to discuss different effective ways to recover deleted contacts from phone memory. You can use these alternative ways to recover your deleted contact and install powerful software to recover permanently deleted contact on your Android device.

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4 Efficient Way to Retrieve Deleted Contacts from Phone Memory

1. AceThinker Android Data Recovery

Distinctive feature: It is an effective solution for recovering completely erased data from your Android device. It can also recover data from a damaged device and process backup files.
Compatible with:
Windows: Windows 11,10,8.1,8,7,XP,Vista
Mac: Mac OS X 10.7 and above

Did you experience a sudden deletion of contact on your phone? And you need a backup file for these deleted contacts. This is the most recommended way to save and retrieve your deleted contact on your Android device. The AceThinker Android Data Recovery software is an advanced Android data recovery tool that can help you to recover permanently deleted data from your device. It can also be used to retrieve all of your data from a broken device. If you are interested in using this app, you can follow the user guide on how to recover deleted contacts from android phone memory without backup or root using this software.

Step 1 Download and Install

To effectively recover your deleted contact without backup or root, you need the help of AceThinker Android Data Recovery software. To download it, you need to click the download button above to download the installer package. Once you have the installer, you must launch it and install the software. After installation, you may launch the software to access its interface.

download and install

Step 2 Click Android Data Recovery

Once you’ve opened the software, you need to link your Android and PC using a charging cable. Once connected, you need to click the Android Data Recovery mode. This mode will allow you to scan and recover your deleted contacts on your device.

click android data recovery

Step 3 Choose Data Type

Inside the Android Data Recovery mode, you will see a set of data types on your screen. Since you need to recover your contact, click the Contact data on your screen. Once you are done choosing your data, you may now click the Next button to proceed to the last step of recovering your deleted contact.

choose data type

Step 4 Recover your Contact

Lastly, on how to retrieve deleted contacts from phone memory, after clicking the Next button, you will redirect to the last part of the recovery process. On your screen, you will see a list of contacts you can recover from your Android device. Kindly choose the contact you need to restore and press the Recover button to get your deleted contact from the software.

recover your contact

2. Local backup

Losing contact on your Android device is a problem you may encounter while using your mobile phone. If you want to secure your essential data, especially your contact, you can use the option on your Android device, which is the Local Backup file. This option allows you to store your important file in a backup folder on the cloud storage of the Android. With the help of this backup file, you can secure your contacts and keep them safe from deletion. You can follow the steps below to learn how to restore deleted contacts from phone memory using the local backup file.

  • To access your Local backup file, you need to open your Android phone. Go to your application menu and find your Phone setting. Once you’ve found it, tap its icon to launch the phone setting.
  • On the phone setting, you can swipe down on your screen and look for the Backup option. Once you’ve found it, tap the Backup option to redirect you to its main setting. On the Backup option, you will see another option list. Click the Restore data to retrieve your contact from the backup file.
  • Inside the Restore data option, you will notice your backup files. Select the backup file that contains your backup contacts. After selecting, you will be redirected to your backup file. On your backup file, kindly select the Contact data to retrieve your deleted phone contact from your backup file.

local backup

3. Google Contact

If you are a user of Google Contact, you probably know that this application is one of the best third-party apps for your contact. This application has an option similar to your computer's recycle bin. If you recently deleted a contact on this application, you can retrieve it immediately by opening the bin folder and selecting the contact you want to retrieve. With this application, you will avoid some scenarios, like accidentally deleting contact on your Android device. You can read the following steps for more information on recovering contacts saved in the phone memory.

  • Google Contact is a third-party application for Android devices. To install it, you can go to your Play Store and type Google Contact on the search on the search bar. Once you’ve found the app on the result, kindly click and install it.
  • Once you’ve installed the app, you can now launch it on your Android device to redirect you to its interface. On the application you will notice your contacts on the app's interface. Click the Fix & manage option below the software to see more options for this tool.
  • Once you are in the Fix & manage filter, you will see a list of options on your screen. To see the recently deleted contact, you may click the Bin folder. Inside this folder, you can retrieve all of the contacts; it is similar to the recycle bin of Windows.

google contact

4. Samsung Cloud

Samsung is one of the most popular brands among the other Android brands. If you are a Samsung phone user, you can use the Samsung Cloud drive to make your backup file for your contact. Samsung Cloud is an option that can keep your contacts safe from any unwanted scenario, like the sudden deletion of data from your phone. It is a similar concept to local backup. The Samsung Cloud is an option that allows you to do a backup process from your Samsung account. After the backup process, your backup data will remain on your Samsung account.

  • To access this option, you need to open your Samsung device. You can go to your application menu and find the Phone Setting. Once you’ve found the gear icon, you may tap it to open the Phone setting.
  • In your phone setting, you need to click the Samsung account option. This will redirect you to the Samsung account setting. After tapping the Samsung account, you will see another list of options on your screen.
  • You need to open the Samsung Cloud option on your screen on the options list. Then after tapping the Samsung cloud, you will be diverted to another option. Tap the Restore data inside the Samsung cloud option to restore your contact from your Samsung cloud backup.

samsung cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best software to use for recovering deleted contact?
Deleted contact sounds impossible to recover because the default contact application has no recycle bin for deleted contact. If you are looking for software to recover deleted contacts from android phone memory, the AceThinker Android Data Recovery is the most recommended software for your problem. This tool can recover any permanently deleted data on your Android device. To use this app, you need to:

  • Install the application first
  • After the installation, you need to connect your Android and the PC, then operate the tool.
  • Click the Android Data Recovery mode, then select the data type contact.
  • Lastly, the thing you only need to do is to click the “Recover” button to recover your deleted contacts.
2. Is there a recycle bin for deleted contact?
The default application of contact has no recycle bin. So if you accidentally delete a contact, you might permanently lose it for good. But there is a third-party application that has a recycle bin for your deleted contact. Google Contact wants to provide a convenient way to keep your contact safe from any incident that may happen.
3. How can you find permanently deleted contact?
If you want to see some permanently deleted contact from your Android device, you can use the AceThinker Android Recovery software. This tool also can deeply scan your device to find deleted files from your Android device. The process of finding your deleted contact is similar to how to recover contacts saved in phone memory.


This article shows that you are able to retrieve your deleted contact on your Android device. But if you don't have a backup file for your deleted contact, the AceThinker Android Data Recovery software is the most recommended tool to solve your problem. It also has the ability to recover deleted photos, messages, and other types of data on your Android device.

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