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How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages on Android Easily

recover snapchat messages androidOne of the most popular or known messaging and photo-sharing apps available online is Snapchat. Many users are fascinated by the security provided by Snapchat for its users. There are options to encrypt their messages and photos or to make them expire for added privacy. Aside from that, Snapchat also offers various photo filters to make a posting, sharing, or sending photos on messages more fun. However, there are times when Snapchat or the Android phone is experiencing system glitches or bugs, which can unintentionally cause data loss or deletion of the conversations. When this unfortunately occurs, it can be a lot of trouble to recover the lost conversations from Snapchat. So, to save the users some trouble, here are possible solutions users can use to recover Snapchat messages Android.

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Using the Best Professional Tool for Snapchat Recovery

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A practical solution that can restore almost all of the data out of an Android smartphone is AceThinker Android Data Recovery. It can retrieve information from internal memory, SIM cards, Storage devices, or even memory expansions. As long as the Smartphone model runs version 4.0 or higher, the application can retrieve deleted messages on Snapchat from any Android model. Additionally, no rooting of the Android smartphone is necessary when recovering messages utilizing AceThinker Android Data Recovery. A secure method for recovering deleted Snapchat messages on Android is guaranteed by the lack of a need to root the phone. How to recover deleted Snapchat messages on Android using AceThinker Android Data Recovery is explained below.

Step 1 Install the Recovery Tool

First, you have to install AceThinker Android Data Recovery to help you how to retrieve deleted Snapchat messages on Android. Click on the download button below to acquire the package, then open it once the download is done. You can now install the application by following the set-up wizard.

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Step 2 Enter the Android Data Recovery Mode

The next step for how to retrieve disappeared messages on Snapchat is to point the mouse at the Android Data Recovery button. Then, left-click on the mouse to enter the Android Data Recovery Mode. You can restore all data in that mode, including Snapchat messages.

Step 3 Connect the Android Phone

After entering the Android Data Recovery Mode, the third step for how to see deleted Snapchat messages is by connecting the Android to your computer via a USB cable. The application will scan your device and the data that can be recovered from the storage.

Step 4 Recover the Snapchat Messages

For the final step of how to see deleted Snapchat messages, you will select the data you want to recover. Ensure that you also check the Messages or Snapchat Messages category for the tool to recover that data. Finally, hit next and wait for the recovery process to finish.

check the data you want to recover

Other Methods to Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages Android

Yes, AceThinker Android Data Recovery can recover any data. Whether it be to recover your Snapchat messages or to recover deleted photo from Android. But some users might prefer not to use the third-party tool. So here are some alternative solutions that others can do.

1. Submit a Request to Snapchat via the My Data Option

The first alternative solution how to recover deleted Snapchat messages is by using the My Data option on your Snapchat profile. You can submit a request to Snapchat to restore your old and deleted conversations that you want to see again. However, this solution may take some time, especially if the request is at the end of a long queue. Here are the simple steps when recovering deleted Snapchat messages on Android with this method.


  • Open your Snapchat application, then tap on your profile icon to open it. Go into the profile Settings to access the options you can do for your profile and account data.
  • After opening the Profile Settings, swipe down to look for the My Data option. Tap on the My Data button after you find it.
  • Finally, enter your Snapchat username and password as a confirmation, then tap on the Submit Request button. The action will send your request to Snapchat to recover your deleted Snapchat messages.

use my data option to submit a request to snapchat

2. Recover the Snapchat Messages via Third-Party File Managers

Another alternative solution you can take how to recover Snapchat messages is using File Managers that can read file extensions not shown to your default file explorers. The Snapchat app will store the deleted and unsaved messages on your Android’s memory. But the deleted messages are saved with a file extension of .nomedia so that the other apps will disregard them. You can, however, see these files using appropriate File Managers that can see the file. Finally, note that you will need to jailbreak or root your Android phone to perform this method.


  • Look for a suitable File Manager that can read the .nomedia files and install it on your Android phone. Some examples are Astro File Manager and File Expert.
  • Open the File Manager application you downloaded and explore the files for Snapchat on your local storage. Look for the files with an extension of .nomedia.
  • Finally, while still using the installed File Manager, rename the files with .nomedia extension and remove the .nomedia on the file names. Now, you have performed how to find deleted messages on Snapchat and recover your deleted messages.

find files with nomedia extension and remove the extension

3. Recover the Snapchat Messages from the Cache

The final method you can do requires a computer. You will connect your Android phone to your desktop computer to access the cache files of Snapchat and look for deleted messages. Since everything you do on your phone applications is saved on the file memory, you can still recover some messages from the cache folder of Snapchat. But to see them, you will need to access them via a computer. The steps on how to recover deleted messages on Snapchat using the Cache folder are described below.


  • Connect your Android phone to your personal computer by using a USB cable. You may need to use a micro-USB or type-C cable, depending on your mobile phone.
  • After the computer recognizes and scans your Android phone, launch File Explorer and select the connected Android. Open the data folder, then look for the folder.
  • Finally, open the cache files and retrieve the messages by clicking on them, then click the Recover button that will appear. That’s how to see cleared conversations on Snapchat using the Cache folder.

recover the messages from the cache folder

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recover deleted Snapchat messages?
Yes, you can recover deleted Snapchat messages directly through the application. However, using the Snapchat app will take about two to three days, depending on the queue. But if you want instant message recovery, there are other methods you can perform, such as using AceThinker Android Data Recovery.
How long does Snapchat keep your data?
When it comes to messages, Snapchat keeps your data for up to 30 days after you delete them. You can still recover the Snapchat messages using the My Data method within 30 days. But after that, the best solution you can do is to use the third-party recovery tool.
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