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Different Ways on How to Get Photos from Broken Phone?

feature recover photos from broken screen android Some of our photographs are the most important thing you need to keep on your device. It gives a glimpse of your past and other memorable moments of your life. That's why mobile phones offer a great innovative feature. Nowadays, new phones have high-end cameras that can capture good-quality images. With that said, you can capture moments you want to keep on your phone. But what if this phone encounters a problem like a broken screen, freeze screen, and other glitches that you cannot operate your phone properly? This will be a massive problem because you cannot access your photos on a frozen screen on your Android phone. If you are interested in how to recover photos from phone with broken screen or frozen screen, you may use the methods below.

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How to Get Pictures Off Phone with Broken Screen

Distinctive feature: This software is a powerful tool for Android data recovery process. It also has a feature where you can extract data from a broken phone.

Compatible Operating System: VISTA, Windows XP, Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11, and Mac OS X 10.7 and above

A broken screen is a significant problem you may encounter on using a touchscreen phone. You cannot operate your phone because the screen and sensor of the phone are damaged. If you want to access and extract your images from your broken phone, you can use the most reliable software in terms of data extraction. The AceThinker Android Data Recovery is software that you can use to extract data on a broken device. Also it has a different mode installed in this software that can recover deleted data on your Android phone. If you want to get your pictures on your broken phone, you just need to install this software on your computer and connect it to your Android device, and you can manage to extract your photos on it. It also has a feature that you can use to recover deleted photos on your Android device. In that case, you can also use this for recovery data purposes.

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Step 1 Install and download

First, to perform on how to get photos from broken phone you need to install the AceThinker Android Data Recovery. Click the download button before this step, depending on the operating system, to start the downloading of the installer. Once the installer is downloaded, you may start the procedure of installing and launch the software once the installation is finished.

acethinker android data recovery install and download

Step 2 Click the Broken Android Data Extraction

To extract your photos on a broken screen phone, you need to choose “Broken Android Data Extraction” mode. This feature allows you to extract data even if you are not operating your Android device. Place your cursor on the Broken Android Data Extraction feature to proceed to the next step.

acethinker android data recovery click the broken android data extraction

Step 3 Select the phone situation

After selecting the Broken Android Data Extraction mode, the software will let you select your phone’s technical situation. Since you have a broken screen, you must click the left-side “Start” button. This will redirect you to another phase of the software.

acethinker android data recovery select the phone situation

Step 4 Select Device Information

After selecting the phone’s situation, you will redirect to another phase of the software. This is where you will be asked for the device details of your Android phone. Just select the device name and model on the options list of the software and click the “Confirm” button once you are done.

acethinker android data recovery select device information

Step 5 Follow the steps and extract your photos

After the long process, you will be asked to follow the steps that you will see on the software’s interface. If you are ready, tap the “Start” button to begin the process on the screen. The following steps will give you a countdown, so you must observe every step carefully. Once the process is done, the software automatically extracts your files and photos from your broken phone.

acethinker android data recovery follow the steps and extract your photos

AceThinker Android Data Recovery

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Connect your Android Phone and PC to Access your Files

You cannot operate your Android phone with a broken screen. This problem is the number one concern of the touchscreen device; once the screen is damaged, you may not be able to operate your phone because of the frozen screen. So how can you access some of the important photos in your gallery in this kind of situation? If you want to access your photos on your broken phone, you can use this alternative method. You just need to connect your phone and your computer. It is one of the effective ways to access your files on a broken-screen phone. Using a data cable, you can use it to connect the two devices, which are the Android phone and your computer.

  • If you have your personal computer at home you can do this with a simple process. You need to grab your data cable and your broken screen phone.
  • Using a data cable, connect your Android phone to the computer. After connecting, wait until the computer reads your phone's internal storage. The computer will indicate a notification on your screen once it accesses the phone storage.
  • If your computer didn't notify you, kindly check the file manager on your computer to see if your phone is connected. Once you’ve seen the phone storage, tap and click your phone storage to access your photos.

how to get photos from broken phone connect your android phone and pc

Recover your photos on a broken screen phone using Google Drive

Google Drive is a reliable cloud storage you can use nowadays. You will receive 15 GB of storage for your personal use. If you are familiar with data backup, this is a good option for your data to keep them safe from any unwanted situation to protect your data. If you regularly back up your essential data, like your photos, on your Android phone, recovering your files will be fine. Suppose you encounter a problem on your device, like a broken screen; you can quickly recover your photos from this broken phone. If you are interested in how to get pictures off Samsung phone with broken screen, kindly follow the steps below. For this method, you can use your computer to restore your backup data on your Google Drive.

  • On your computer, you need to open any browser you are using. Once you’ve opened your browser, tap the search bar and type “Google Drive” to access the google drive webpage.
  • Once you access the Google Drive webpage, you will notice a “Backups” button at the upper right part of your screen. Click it to access your backup files.
  • After you access your backup files, you can select the backup files from the list you want to restore from your Google Drive.

how to get photos off a broken phone recover using google drive

Recover Pictures from Broken Screen Android using OTG cable and a Mouse

Android is one of the most advanced and innovative operating systems used on every device nowadays. It has many features that are built into this operating system. One of these features is the OTG option. This feature allows you to connect a mouse on your phone and operate it using the attached device; however, it needs another thing to connect to your device: the OTG cable. With that, you can operate your Android phone even if you have a frozen screen. Also, if you have essential photos but can’t access them because of the broken screen, you can connect a mouse to a phone using OTG. Then operate your phone using the mouse, browse for the file manager on your phone and access your photos. From that, you can now send your important photos to another device to recover your important images.

  • To access your files on a broken or frozen screen phone using a mouse, you need the OTG cable so that you can connect your mouse to the phone. First, connect the mouse to the OTG cable. Then you may now connect the OTG cable to your Android device.
  • Once the mouse is connected to the phone, you will notice a mouse cursor on the phone's screen. Please move your mouse similarly to how you use it on your computer. Operate your phone using the mouse and browse for the phone's file manager.
  • If you find the photos you want to recover, you may send them to another device so you can fully recover important images from your broken phone.

recover picture from broken screen android using otg cable and a mouse

FAQs About Recover Photos from Broken Screen Android:

What is the best software to recover photos from broken screen phones?
There are a lot of available software to retrieve your file from a broken screen phone. Still, the best software you can use is AceThinker Android Data Recovery. It is a powerful software that has different features. You can also use this to recover and delete data on your android device and also to extract data from a broken Android screen.
What causes a frozen screen?
The common reason why you experience a frozen screen is because of hardware damage, but some issues that others experience is that even if there is no hardware damage, they encounter screen freeze. With this kind of issue, it might be the viruses or some technical error in the software of the phone that causes a frozen screen.
How can I open my phone with a broken screen?
With the help of an OTG cable and a mouse, you can use your phone even if your screen is not working and is broken. To make this possible, you need to connect your OTG cable and mouse, and then you may now connect your OTG cable to your phone.


Nowadays mobile phones are made with a touch screen display. With this kind of material, phones are most likely fragile now. To keep them safe, we usually buy a phone casing and screen protector to keep the screen safe from harm. But in some scenarios, we cannot prevent the screen from breaking because it is a fragile object. Because of the broken screen, you may be unable to get your essential data out of your phone. In this situation, you can use the methods above to access and extract your important data on your broken phone. If you are wondering how to retrieve your deleted photos on your Android device, kindly check this page.

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