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How to Retrieve Deleted Photos From Android With Easy Steps

recover deleted photo from androidPhotographs are one of the most important souvenirs for most people. Photos capture a moment in their frames and help people recall the important events frozen inside the photos. Perhaps capturing and storing pictures is one of the greatest innovations done to our mobile phones. It has become easier, faster, and more accessible to take a photo and carry important pictures since they are stored digitally. However, there are times when digital storage is not that reliable. Viruses, glitches, or other accidents may cause mobile phones to lose data. When that happens, losing the photographs or getting them deleted is also possible. So, here are some solutions to restore deleted photos Android. Never worry about losing essential photographs again with these great solutions.

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How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android with Backups

1. Recover From Recently Deleted Album

Most Android phones use their own Photos app as the default photo viewer application. Because of that, it is given permission to access your local storage, including your videos and photos. Photos will have a Recently Deleted album feature as the standard setting. The deleted photos are automatically transferred here, which can be restored within 30 days. After 30 days, the image will get automatically deleted from the album. You can use this feature as a solution for how to retrieve deleted photos from Android.


  • First, open the Photos application on your Android phone to launch the photo viewer.
  • Next, tap the Albums tab and look for the Recently Deleted album. The album is usually located at the bottom, and you can scroll down to the bottom to find it faster.
  • Finally, you can browse the Recently Deleted album to recover deleted photo from Android. Tap on the photos you want to recover, then tap on the Restore button.

recover photo using recently deleted feature

2. Recover Photos from Google Photos

Another application that can be set as a default photo viewer is Google Photos. It is an application developed by Google as a photo-sharing and photo storage tool. However, the application doesn’t need to be set as the default application for photo-viewing to create a backup of your deleted photos. The tool can save your photos in the Cloud if it has permission to access your local storage and create sync backups. It is an excellent tool for Android photo recovery if your Android gallery has been wiped.


  • On your Android device, open and launch the Google Photos application by tapping on the logo from the application drawer.
  • After opening the application, tap on the Library tab, then select the Trash button to see all your deleted photos.
  • Finally, you can tap on the three dots below each deleted photo that you want to restore. Tap on the Save button for deleted photo recovery Android.

recover photos using google photos

3. Retrieve the Lost Photos From Dropbox

Aside from the backups created by the photo-viewing application, it is also possible to delete photo recovery using Dropbox. Dropbox is a service Cloud application that automatically backs up your data if it has permission. If you are a Dropbox user, you can recover your deleted photos from the Cloud. However, this solution only applies if the backup is enabled on your Dropbox. But this is useful since it is a separate application from photo viewers. It can still recover permanently deleted photos from your gallery. As long as there is a copy of the photo in Dropbox’s backup, you can recover them even after 30 days, or they are deleted from the Recently Deleted album.


  • The first step for how to recover permanently deleted photos from Android is to launch the Dropbox application. Tap the Dropbox logo from the application drawer.
  • As a default, the uploaded image backups are in the Camera Uploads folder. Navigate to the folder by tapping on that tab.
  • Finally, select the photos you want to recover, then tap More or the three dots to select Save to Device.

retrieve the photos using dropbox

4. Restore the Deleted Photos From Google Drive

Finally, if you are not a Dropbox user, there is a more popular service Cloud that you can use. How to recover photos from Android can also be solved with Google Drive. If you are signed in to your Google account and auto backup is turned on in Google Drive, there is a big chance that your photos are copied to the drive. If they are accidentally deleted or wiped from the Gallery due to a bug, you can download the copies from the drive.


  • First, open the Drive application on your Android device by tapping the logo of Google Drive.
  • Next for how to recover photos in Android using Google Drive, select the Google Drive folder containing your photo backups.
  • Finally, tap on the three dots below the photo you want to restore, then tap the Download button to save the copy.

recover deleted photo from google drive

The Best Tool to Recover Deleted Photos on Android

Salient Features: The tool can recover lost data from Androids, including photos, messages, and contacts.

Edge Over Above Solutions: It can recover deleted photos even without a backup and also retrieve permanently deleted photos.

AceThinker Android Data Recovery is a powerful tool that can recover almost every piece of data from an Android phone. It can recover data from local storage, SIM card, SD card, and even storage extensions. The tool can recover deleted photos from any Android model as long as they are on version 4.0 and above. Recovering photos using AceThinker Android Data Recovery also requires no root for the Android device. The absence of rooting the device to recover the deleted photos ensures a safe process for how to get back deleted photos on Android. Below are the simple steps of using the application to restore deleted photos on Android.

Step 1 Download and Install the Software

For the first step of how to recover deleted photos from Android gallery using the AceThinker tool, download the application first. After downloading, you can launch the installer and follow the instructions to install the Android Data Recovery tool. Next, put your mouse cursor above the Android Data Recover button, then left-click to enter the mode. The mode will allow you to safely recover deleted data from your Android phones and tablets, including deleted photos.

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download and install the application

Step 2 Connect the Android Device

After entering the Android Data Recovery mode, connect your Android device to the computer using a USB cable. Wait for the application to recognize and scan your device for recoverable data. After a while, you will see the deleted data you can recover from the device.

connect your device to the application

Step 3 Recover the Photos

Finally, you can select the deleted photos that you want to restore from the selection. Tick the checkboxes below the images you want to retrieve, then click the Recover button after marking all the photos you want to restore.

recover deleted photos

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do permanently deleted photos go?
Unfortunately, permanently deleted photos don’t go anywhere, and they are permanently gone. However, some applications can read the imprints left by these photos and know where to find deleted photos on Android. It will be impossible to recover and find them without the help of these applications.
Can we restore deleted photos from File Manager?
Yes, you can restore deleted photos from the File Manager. However, how to restore deleted pictures on Android using the File Manager is only possible if the Recycle Bin is turned on on your File Manager.
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