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How to Retrieve Deleted Message on Messenger Android?

feature recover deleted messenger messages android Messenger is the most used digital communication application nowadays because it is part of the Facebook application, which is why it's the most popular among other messaging applications. It is used for daily communication because of the flexible accessibility of the application. It is compatible with any OS on mobile devices, and you can also access it on different browsers on your computer. With that, many people are using this as their primary messaging application. This application might contain important messages, so you need to keep these messages safe in unwanted scenarios. However, if your messages are in your Messenger, you can use the methods to recover your Messenger messages.

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Recover Deleted Messenger Messages using AceThinker Android Data Recovery

Distinctive function: Recovers any deleted data on your Android device. Also, it also can extract data from a dead phone.

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Deleted messages on your Messenger application can be annoying. That’s why other people are searching for ways to retrieve deleted messages on Messenger in Android. To recover your deleted messages efficiently, you can use the AceThinker Android Data Recovery. This recovery tool is effective for retrieving any data on your Android. With this tool's help, you can recover your messages on your Messenger application effortlessly. You can follow the steps below for further information on how to use this software.

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Step 1 Download and install

You can go to the AceThinker Android Data Recovery webpage to download the software. On its interface, you will see a “Free Download” button at the upper part of the webpage. Click it to start the download of the installer. Once the installer is downloaded, run it and proceed to the installation process. You may now launch the software after the installation.

acethinker android data recovery download and install

Step 2 Click the Android Data Recovery

You’ll see different features on the software's interface. Since you want to recover messages on your Messenger application, you must click the Android data recovery mode. In this mode, you will be able to recover any deleted data on your device.

acethinker android data recovery click the android data recovery

Step 3 Choose data type

Once you are in the Android data recovery mode, you’ll be asked to select a data type. To recover your deleted Messenger messages, you need to select the “Messages attachment” data type and click the “Next ” button. This data type is linked to your messaging application, which is Messenger.

acethinker android data recovery choose data type

Step 4 Recover your data

After hitting the “Next” button at the last process, the software will scan for the device's storage. It will show you a list of data you can recover on your device. Select the messages you want to recover on your Messenger and click the “Recover” button that you will see on the lower part of the software. After that, the deleted messages will automatically recover on your Messenger.

acethinker android data recovery recover your data

Check Archive Conversation

Messenger is the most popular messaging application people use nowadays. That’s why the messenger application updated its appearance to be a familiar interface for everyone who wants to use this application. Even with this friendly interface of Messenger, other people don't know that there is a feature that is built into this app. The Archive conversation is a filter of message conversation of other people you chat with once on your Messenger. If you are missing a message on your Messenger, you can check this filter on your messenger application.


  • First, turn on your Android device and look for the Messenger application. Once you have found it, click it to launch the application.
  • On the application interface, you’ll see an "image icon” at the top left corner. Click it to open the option list of Messenger.
  • Lastly, after clicking the icon, you will be redirected to another phase of the application. In this phase, you’ll see a different option, and you will notice first the “Archived chats” option. Click it, and you will see the missing chat on your Messenger application.

how to retrieve deleted message on messenger android check archive conversation

Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages with your Computer

There are many ways you can retrieve your deleted messages on your Messenger application. If you are wondering how to recover deleted Facebook messages Android, please remain in this section and continue reading. If you accidentally deleted your message on your Messenger, you can recover it by connecting your device to your computer. Android has an organized file on its “File manager” that you can access in its storage. It has different folders that contain a database of device applications. You can access your Messenger cache containing some of your application's recently deleted data.


  • First, you need to connect the phone and computer using a data cable. Then the computer will automatically scan the storage of the connected device.
  • After connecting, the computer will set out a notification that your device is now connected to the computer. You will see this notification at the bottom right part of your screen. Click this notification to open the storage file of the phone.
  • Lastly, to access your deleted messages, you need to click the following folder. “Phone storage>> Android >> data >> Messenger application database >> cache” on the cache folder, you will see the remaining data that contains recently deleted messages on your Messenger application.

how to retrieve deleted messages on messenger in android retrieve deleted facebook messages with your computer

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Messenger on Phone using the File Manager?

Android is known as one of the most popular operating systems on devices. One of the factors that Android has gained popularity is that it has an organized file folder on each piece of data on the device and a database for application data. These files are accessible on the “File Manager” of your device. It gives accessible data on every file on your device. With this accessibility on your files, you can check and find remaining recently deleted data on your application database. Suppose you want to know how to retrieve deleted messages on Messenger Android using the File manager. In that case, you can do the following steps on the guideline.


  • Open your phone and look for your File Manager application. Once you find the file manager click it to launch it.
  • On File Manager’s interface, you will see a bunch of folders. Look for the Android folder and tap it to open the folder.
  • On the Android folder, you’ll see another list of folders. Click the “Data” folder to open it. This folder contains databases of the application. Once you are inside the data folder, look for the application folder of the Messenger application.

how to recover deleted messages on messenger on phone using the file manager

How to recover Deleted Facebook Messages on Android?

As mentioned before, Messenger is part of the features of Facebook. The function of Messenger for Facebook is that it is the messaging section of Facebook. That is why Messenger plays a big role because it gives the foundation of communication for Facebook. For that reason, Facebook created an option for its messaging app. It prioritizes the safeness of the messages on your Messenger. In case you encounter a deletion of messages, you may still recover it by using the “Download Information” on the Facebook setting. To access this setting, you may continue to read the steps below:

  • For how to recover deleted messages on Facebook Android, you need to open Facebook on your browser using a computer so you can manage to download your deleted messages easily.
  • Once you’ve accessed and opened your Facebook, click the “downsided triangle” icon button on the top right part of the Facebook interface, then this button will set out a list of options.
  • Click the option setting to redirect you to the Facebook setting. At the Facebook setting, you will see another set of options. Click the “Your Facebook Information” option to proceed to the next step of recovering your deleted message.
  • Lastly, on the Facebook Information, you’ll be able to select what will see different sections of data you can view and download of data information on your Facebook account; since you want to recover your deleted message on Messenger, you can choose “Download your information” to download some of the deleted messages on your Facebook. With these simple steps, you will learn how to retrieve a deleted message from Facebook.

how to recover deleted facebook messages on android

FAQs Recover Deleted Messenger Messages Android

What is Messenger?
It is an application compatible with any device and most operating systems. Messenger is an instant messaging application under Facebook. It is made to be a free mobile messaging app used to chat with each other and send video and audio to a particular person or a group chat.
What causes a message on Messenger to disappear?
If you are a Messenger user, you probably know that this application is an end-to-end point communication app that exchanges messages between two people. The most common of disappearing messages is that you might delete a message or the person who sent you a message deletes its sent message on your end. That causes the messages to disappear on your Messenger. In any case, you also experienced disappearing voicemails on your device, you can check this out for the best solution
What is the best Messenger message recovery tool?
If you are looking for the best recovery tool to retrieve your deleted message on your Messenger. In that case, you can use the AceThinker Android Data Recover. It has advanced technology that can recover faster than you expected so that you can manage to recover your deleted messages on your Messenger application with simple steps and in a fast process.


Recovering deleted messages sounds impossible to do. But with the help of these effective ways of messages to recover on your Messenger, you are able to make data recovery on your own. Among the methods above, the most recommended way to recover your deleted message is using the “AceThinker Data Recovery.” It doesn't require technically knowledgeable to operate this software, and it only takes a few steps to recover your deleted data. With that, you don't need to worry about losing another message on Messenger because you can now do it on your own.

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