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How to Recover Data from Dead Android Phone?

feature recover data from dead android phone Smartphones have a lot of features that are useful for your daily activity. They are mainly used for communication, photography, browsing through the internet, and other common use for smartphones. It contains many pieces of information and files that are very important to you. That's why a smartphone is an important thing you need for your daily routine. With that said, if your phone has been damaged and cannot open anymore, this will be a significant problem for you. Because of that, your files and other data will be stuck on your dead phone. If you want to recover these files, you can use the solutions below to retrieve the important data on your dead phone.

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Android Dead Phone Data Recovery from SD Card

Nowadays, some of the most important data is on our smartphones. Then if you have a used dead phone, you may have some data and files that are essential for you. Would you like to recover data from a dead phone? If that dead phone uses an SD card as the primary storage, your files and data on this dead Android phone are probably safe. Because an SD card is an external storage, it is not built-in storage for the phone. To recover files from a dead android phone with the help of an SD card, you need to follow the steps below to retrieve your important data and files.

  1. The first thing you will do to recovering data from a dead phone is to remove the SD card. You will see the SD card slot at the side or behind the Android phone's battery.
  2. After removing the SD card from the dead phone, you can use an SD card adaptor. This adaptor will help you to insert your SD card on your PC. Also, you can use another smartphone to insert your SD card into it, but it is more applicable to recover your file on a PC because it has more storage space, and you retrieve it more quickly than another phone.
  3. After you insert your SD card from the PC, you can now start to recover your file from it. You need to open windows file explorer and find the drive that contains the SD card's files.
  4. Lastly, after you access your SD card file, you can select the files you want to recover from the SD card. If you are planning to recover all the files on the SD card, you can press the "ALT+A" to select the files that the SD card contains and then copy.

recovering data from a dead phone android dead data recovery from sd card

Recover Data From a New Phone using Samsung Cloud

Samsung phones are the most popular Android phone brands in the market of smartphones. That's why Samsung built a lot of features in their Android smartphone to give a good service for the user that buys their product. One of the useful features that Samsung built into this phone is the Samsung Cloud. If you are regularly using this feature, we can assure you that your files are safe from any disaster that might happen to your phone. The Samsung Cloud is a Backup&restore system that allows you to back up your files into the Samsung Cloud Drive. This drive is where the Samsung server holds your backup file. This means if your Samsung phone that you are using suddenly breaks, you can just buy a new Samsung phone and log in to your Samsung account on it. If you are wondering how you can restore data from dead phone using the Samsung Cloud, you can follow the steps below.

  1. If you have your new Samsung phone in your hand, you can log in to your Samsung account. After you log in to your account, you can now access the Samsung Cloud feature. From that feature, you will see two options which are Backup and Restore.
  2. Since you want to perform data recovery dead phone from the last phone you have, you must click the Restore data option. From that option, you will see a bunch of data from your Samsung account that you've backed up from the broken phone.
  3. Then after clicking the Restore data option, you will be redirected to the next phase. This next phase is the selection of the data you want to recover. To recover all of your data, kindly select all of the data types on the Restore option so you can restore all the data from your dead phone.
  4. Finally, after you select all of the data you want to retrieve, you can now click the "Restore" button below the data types. This button will trigger the system restore option to restore the backup files from the dead phone to your new Samsung phone. Remember to keep your files from your Samsung account, make sure to remember your account and make a regular backup.

recover data from dead android phone recover data from a new phone using samsung cloud

Dead Phone Data Recovery Using Google Drive

Android phones are popular because of their compatibility with many applications, especially Google applications. We can expect that many Android users are using Google Drive. This application is used for storing and uploading important files via the internet. Also, you can use it to set a backup file for files that you want to secure from any unwanted disaster that might happen to your Android phone. If you have a dead phone that used this Google Drive to back up its file, probably its files are safe and can be retrieved on the other device. You must remember your Google account to recover those files from your dead phone. You can continue to read the steps below to explain further how to recover files from dead phone.

  1. The first step to making data recovery from dead phone is to access Google Drive. You can access it using your Android phone and your PC. You need to go to its website to open Google Drive.
  2. Once you've entered the Google Drive, you can now click on the "Backup" option at the upper right part of the web page. From that, you will see a list of previous backups on your dead phone. Look for the backup file that you've performed using your previous dead phone.
  3. Click for the backup file that you want to recover from Google Drive. Once you've clicked it, the web page will set a window where you can see some details about the backup file.
  4. After selecting the specific backup file, you want to recover from the dead phone; you may start the download process. Wait for the download to be finished and save your backup file from your PC.

recover data from dead phone dead phone data recovery using google drive

Recover Data Dead Phone Using AceThinker Data Recovery

A smartphone is one of the important things you need to bring to your work, school, and other activities you need to do. It contains every application and data you need to use daily, which becomes an essential tool for you. Recovering data from a dead phone sounds impossible to us. But this impossible problem has a solution for it to become possible. By using the AceThinker Android Data Recovery, you can extract data from a broken and dead phone quickly. It is compatible with any Android phone available in the market as long as it runs on Android 4.0. It also has some features you can use to recover and perform a backup&restore on your Android device. To extract your data from your dead phone, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Download and Install the Software

To download and install the software, access the AceThinker Android Data Recovery webpage and click the "Download" button that matches your operating system. After downloading and installing the software, you may now launch the software.

acethinker android data recovery download and install the software

Step 2 Enter the Broken Data Extraction

To start, connect your dead phone on the PC using a data cable. At the software interface, kindly click on "Broken Android Data Extraction" so you can perform a dead mobile phone data recovery on this software. After entering "Broken Android Data Extraction" mode, you may now begin to make data recovery from a dead phone process.

acethinker android data recovery enter the broken data extraction

Step 3 Select phone condition

The software will let you choose the condition of your phone. Since you cannot operate your phone, you must click the "Start" button on the right side option. Please read the information on the software's options for your data recovery.

acethinker android data recovery select phone condition

Step 4 Select your Device Information

Then after selecting the option of data extraction, you will be redirected to the next phase of the software. In this phase, you will select the model of your phone. Choose and confirm your device information on the options list of the software, and click the "Confirm" button.

acethinker android data recovery select your device information

Step 5 Extract and Save the Recovered Data

Once you've clicked the "Confirm" button from the device information option, the software will pop up an instruction on the software interface. Click the "Start" button if you are ready, and the screen will show a countdown for the step to be followed. Make sure to follow the steps on the screen before the countdown expires. After that, the software will automatically extract data from your dead phone. If you want a method to recover your photos instead, click here.

acethinker android data recovery extract and save the recovered data

FAQs About Recover Data from Dead Android Phone

1. What causes a dead phone?
There are a lot of reasons that cause a dead phone. The most common reason is that the phone has been critically damaged on its hardware, a drained battery, or software failure. These are most of the common issues that cause a dead phone.
2. What is the best tool to recover your data from a dead phone?
If you are wondering how you can recover data from a dead phone, you can use our software so you can manage to recover all of the data you want to recover from your broken phone. You just need to:

  • Install the application
  • Connect your dead phone to your PC
  • Operate the software
  • Then save the recovered data from your dead phone on your PC
3. Can I recover my contacts on my dead phone using the SIM card?
Yes, you can recover your contact from your SIM card. The SIM card has mini storage for your contact on your mobile phone, so it is possible to recover your contacts on your SIM card. To recover your contacts, you just need to insert your SIM card into another phone, so it can scan the contact on the SIM card.
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